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Welcome to the USS Fearless

The year is 2394, the Dominion War has been over for almost 20 years. In the wake of the war Cardassia is left in ruins after a a new treaty is signed Cardassia demilitarizes and converts there military in to the Cardassian Defense Force. The Federation has accepted responsibility for the safety of the Cardassian Sector. Enter the USS Fearless a brand new Defiant Class Starship assigned to patrol and defend the Cardassian Sector, based out of a rebuilt Empok Nor in the Trivas System.

Join our crew and be apart of an intriguing new story centered around the politics and adventure of an Old Power trying to regain their Old Glory. Will Cardassia become a new Military Power or will they maintain Diplomatic Ties with their neighbors and new allies. The USS Fearless is a member of Obsidain Fleet and part of the Task Force 47: The Avengers.

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless
TG47-D Defenders
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» October Awards

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 12:58am by Commander Hadir Prenar in General News

Greetings Crew of the USS Fearless:

There quite a few awards for the month of October to give out. But, before we get to them I wanted to say thanks to all of you. Thank you for your awesome writing, and lets keep it up. It has been a great month of character exploration. I look forward to getting to the mission, which is in the very beginning stages.

So now with no further ado I give you the October Awards...

Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers
Crew's Choice Award - "It is said give me a ship and a star to steer her by. If that is the case the Lhaes is the star that the Fearless steered by this past month. We have been slow with posts and she has constantly looked for openings and offered to write when someone wanted to write. She took to being the XOs foil without the slightest of issues. Definitely deserves this award..."
-Cmndr Hadir Prenar-

"I like the Romulan and he seems to get on well with my character."
-Lt Hermia O'Rourke-

Ensign Zavior Blackthorne
Executive Officer's Award of Merit - "Zavior approached me to join the Fearless about a month ago, as someone who is brand new to simming. In that month he has jumped in with both feet and has become a great addition to this ship. I look forward to what he has in store for us. So it is my honor to grant him this award. Keep up the good work."

Ensign Zavior Blackthorne
Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award - "Since Zavior joined us he has jumped into the sim head first. Especially as someone who is new to simming. I know that simming can be daunting to someone who has never done it before. He has taken to it like a duck to water. Keeping up with his tags, and getting involved on our discord channel. I look forward to seeing bigger and better things from him. Keep up the good work Ensign."

Commander Hadir Prenar
Whoopi Goldberg Diversity Ribbon - "For his portrayal of the Cardassian outcast who has made a home for himself in the Federation, but still wants the best for his own people."

Commander Hadir Prenar
Captain's Personal Merit Award - "Our XO had kept the ship moving while I've been extremely busy with Hurricanes and the aftermath. It is for this reason that it is my pleasure to award Captain's Personal Merit. I look forward to a long favorable relationship with our XO Mr. Prenar."

Congratulations to the winners and let us all keep up the good work. Until next month... Let's kick it up a notch...

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless

» Saved Mission Post List

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2017 @ 9:48am by Captain Santiago Vela in Sim Announcement

Good Morning Folks,

As I've mentioned a few times now we will be going back to a Saved Mission Post List. What does this mean and why? What this means is posts will go up once a week as opposed to at will. Why is this needed. If we post or posts in order once a week it will be easier to keep track of the story and force the story to progress. We have been stalled for quite a bit and I'd like to close this mission so we can move on to bigger and better things.

That being said this is how it works. As you start a post it goes on the list. When you are done with the post indicate it on the list by putting (Done) next to it and even click post, but nothing will go up until Sunday at 9:00 PM EST. If anyone has any questions feel free to send them my way. I am hoping to start a new mission for the Fearless on the 10th of April Mission Date and then we may have a time skip.

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless

» Cross Simming What's That?

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 1:52am by Commander Hadir Prenar in Out of Character

Hey everyone for those that do not know, I was given my own ship the USS Pioneer. My ship joins Task Group 47C under the command of Santiago Vela. Hadir will remain on the Fearless, I have a different character running the Pioneer.

I bring this up because Captain Vela and I have been talking about the idea of a community of sims. A place where a character on the Pioneer could joint post with a character on the Fearless. In order to achieve this goal I have added the crew manifest from this ship onto the Pioneer's website.

If anyone here would like please let me know, and I can create an account for you on the Pioneer site. I would then make your Fearless character the active character on that account, and joint posts away. This would also work for any and all NPCs that you control on Empok Nor. If you do not want an account on my site and one of my players wants to jp with you I will let you know via private message.

Hadir Prenar

» Sim Family Grows

Posted on Tue Oct 24th, 2017 @ 8:48am by Commander Hadir Prenar in General News

Recently Obsidian Fleet has granted me my own command the USS Pioneer, After speaking with Captain Vela and Captain Malcom Llwyedd of the USS Firebird I have decided to base the Pioneer out of Empok Nor.

You may ask yourselves what does all this have to do with you. Well, I have added the Fearless, and Empok Nor crew manifests to the Pioneer's website as NPCs. This way we can be one happy mini fleet of sorts. You can joint post using your Empok NPCs or your Fearless PCs with the crew of the Pioneer. Also, in the future joint missions will occur between the ships.

The Pioneer picks up on May 12 2394 and the Fearless will be back at the station by then. So if you are interested feel free to take a look around the Pioneer site. If a joint post interests you let me know and I will get you hooked up.

Thanks for being part of my sim family.

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless


Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 8:28pm by Captain Santiago Vela in Sim Announcement

Good Afternoon Crew,

I've been talking to a few of the crew and I've come to a few decisions and changes coming down the pipe. I know I have been really distant lately but I have just taken the steps necessary to focus on all my characters and the ship as much as possible. That means the story will finally move. That being said here comes the big new changes.

I have made the decision we will be moving to a Steamrunner Class Vessel towards the end of the year or beginning of next year. I have the plot figured out to make sense at least and there will be no reset. There are a few reasons for this change. One is we have more space to develop our departments. Second this is genuinely my favorite canon ship class and I want to see it have some screen time. What I need is a vote on the ship name here are our options.

USS Hyperion
USS Oberon
USS Deimos

Please send me your vote through discord or pm through the site.

The next big change is we are going back to weekly posting using a Saved Mission Post List. For those of you on the Firebird the way posting works over there. For those of you that have been here from the beginning back to how we started. I know this will take adjustment but it will help us pace the story. More to come on this point. Thank you all for bearing through all the inactivity but I'm going to make a commitment to you that I will keep us moving forward as long as you are willing to write with me.

Thank you for your time.

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless

Latest Mission Posts

» Friends?

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Thu Nov 9th, 2017 @ 5:38pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak

One of the problems that Hadir had noticed with service on a small ship is that everyone was pretty much on the same schedule. Due to this the Mess Hall was packed with people as they ate dinner. Hadir noticed an open seat at a table with Lieutenant Commander Yid…

» Not all physicals are a hassle

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke

Hermia sat in her office perusing the medical files of the three officers Commander Prenar had informed her about.

Best to start with the Lieutenant Commander. She thought to herself.

She flexed her feet inside her Starfleet regulation boots. She was so used to her Marine ones, that it hurt…

» No Ordinary People

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Sat Oct 7th, 2017 @ 3:04am by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Meeting with the CO and his now assistant done, and having seen the Vault, Lhaes needed to make sure to meet other members of the senior staff. And he had to start with the XO. This was something he really wasn't looking forward to as the man, according to his…

» Are We Ready?

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 10:03pm by Captain Santiago Vela & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Benford & Commander Hadir Prenar

Captain Santiago Vela was starting to get impatient he had spent most of the last day sitting through meeting aboard Empok Nor getting status updates on the current state of affairs in the Cardassian Sector. He stood at the coffee machine in his office placing freshly ground coffee into it…

» Better late than never

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2017 @ 9:26am by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) Jayden Matashi

Jayden had been assigned by SFI to the Fearless for a couple weeks but she had to finish up her current assignment which was to shadow and monitor an interaction that was taking place on Empok Nor between a Cardassian who was trying to get his hands on some illegal…

Latest Personal Logs

» Deep Within

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 8:26am by Commander Hadir Prenar

Executive Officer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log... Well finally it is the night before we are to leave the station and set forth on our first mission. The Captain has been in meetings all day pertaining to just that. As for me I have been in meetings as well, checking…

» Working arrangements

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che


Sara sat, dog-tired at what she now classified as 'her' desk in the corner of the Fearless' Science Lab - though it still resembled a junk yard at the moment with boxes and equipment pushed to one side, open wall conduits and an even an open entry to a…

» New Beginnings?

Posted on Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 5:47am by Commander Hadir Prenar

Executive Officer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log. Well, it's been one full day of my tenure here on the Fearless and things are looking tenuous at best. There seems to be a good crew assembled here, talented and hard working. I believe that I am up to the task of…

» Unwelcome Changes

Posted on Fri Mar 31st, 2017 @ 11:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak

Chief Engineer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log. Well. I don't even know where to start. There is some serious backstabbing going on somewhere. I don't know the details but I can tell that the captain is getting raked over the lava field on this one."

"The XO is transferring to…

» Transfer to Fearless

Posted on Tue Mar 14th, 2017 @ 7:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy

After all my years on the Bradbury, I have finally decided to take a new posting. Angela and I talked it over at length, and have finally made the decision. Thomas got in touch with me a few weeks ago. Said that the Fearless needed a Tactical Chief. It will…