NCC - 75001

Welcome to the USS Fearless

The year is 2394, the Dominion War has been over for almost 20 years. In the wake of the war Cardassia is left in ruins after a a new treaty is signed Cardassia demilitarizes and converts there military in to the Cardassian Defense Force. The Federation has accepted responsibility for the safety of the Cardassian Sector. Enter the USS Fearless a brand new Defiant Class Starship assigned to patrol and defend the Cardassian Sector, based out of a rebuilt Empok Nor in the Trivas System.

Join our crew and be apart of an intriguing new story centered around the politics and adventure of an Old Power trying to regain their Old Glory. Will Cardassia become a new Military Power or will they maintain Diplomatic Ties with their neighbors and new allies. The USS Fearless is a member of Obsidain Fleet and part of the Task Force 47: The Avengers.

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless
TG47-D Defenders
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Latest News Items

» Service Citation

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 6:02am by Commander Hadir Prenar in Sim Announcement

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Captain I have the honor to grant Lt Commander Lee Abernathy with his six month citation. Thank you for simming with us and here is to many more.

» August Awards

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 2:11am by Commander Hadir Prenar in Sim Announcement

Hey all...

There are four awards to present for August. The Captain has authorized me to present two of them as he is cleaning up from Hurricane Irma. When the Captain returns to the web he will present the award for Crew Choice and for Catain's Merit.

Here are the two that I get to award...

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyrion Faye
Non-Player Character Award - As you are aware this award is granted to a player who has created an NPC that adds realism and dimension to our sim. I am pleased to award the Non-Player Character Award to Tyrion Faye, for their portrayal of Cadet Wintrow Paragon. The concept of Paragon is an interesting one. The teacher student relationship developing between Hollister and Paragon is funny and at time poignant. I look forward to seeing how the relationship and everything else involving Paragon pans out. He reminds me of a troubled version of Wesley Crusher. I believe that Paragon exemplifies the meaning behind this award and truly earned it. Congratulations Tyrion and keep up the good work...

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyrion Faye -
Executive Officer Merit Award - Tyrion is the most deserved for the very first presentation of this award. He is always willing to help both in character and out of character. Tyrion keeps the spirit of community alive by engaging on the discord channel, especially when there are lulls in the conversation. Offering up any and all of their NPCs for joint posts when someone just needs something to write. It is for these reasons and a lot more that it is my honor to present the first Executive Officer Merit Award to Tyrion Faye.

» OOC: RPG? Role Playing Questions...

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 7:54pm by Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che in Out of Character

Hi All,

I was wondering about ST sims and sim RPG's in general after recently reading some material by some well known actors.

Mainly a lot of the usual guff about "getting into character" and scripts etc. Though an interesting point was made by Rene Auberjonois and others that, in Science Fiction TV and films, that in his view alien/non-human characters were too often just transferred racial stereotypes or otherwise simply played as humans in costume (in comparison to the same way as dressing up in costume for an historical drama etc).

That got me wondering, as in a ST sim, are we 'acting' as if the Fearless was an extended ST TV franchise and we the characters/actors in it or as a science fiction RPG/sim (I personally hope the latter).

Then as I read back through my own posts I see that I often just write/act as a human person in the loose guise of an alien in the situations/posts rather than actually thinking it through from the POV as an actual non-human (i.e their different possible thought processes, morals, outlooks and overall POV etc). Then I got to thinking how could I improve my non-human characters posts without making them unreadable?

For example I play a few Vulcan characters in other sims (when reading back through some previous posts) I found that they may as well be French or Finnish characters with pointy ears and lacking of sense of humour rather than individuals from a race from a distant star system.

I also understand that, in the Federation, over the centuries of membership there would broadly be a common/collective moral outlook and understanding though this would not erase the individual racial tendencies/beliefs/outlooks and habits etc. of each wildly different alien race. Some races would find it difficult to nigh impossible to work within what they would see as the constraints of the 'human' condition (perhaps they are from a hive culture or close wolfpack-like groups who would pine for their pack-mates or Borg-like with linked minds etc who would find the mental silence too terrible to contemplate!).

Without making too much of it I would like to know your opinions (i.e as to the acting/role playing of other races in the sim etc).

Thanks for reading.

» Welcome

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 10:19pm by Commander Hadir Prenar in General News

Everyone please welcome Ensign Harrison Hester. He will be a new Security Officer. Lee it looks your department is growing. Please welcome him and offer joint posts if you would like.

» Awards Revamp

Posted on Sun Aug 20th, 2017 @ 9:54pm by Captain Santiago Vela in Sim Announcement

Good Evening Crew,

The Fleet has simplified a lot of Awards and since we had a fresh start with this mission I have gone ahead and updated all of them. Please check them out and start thinking about nominations for the month of August. The Awards are listed in order from highest to lowest so you may have to scroll down to see the Sim Level Awards.

Also it is my pleasure to present a new award.

Executive Officer Merit Award

This award will be awarded by the XO to the crewmember he feels worthy.

For a full list of current awards click here.

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless

Latest Mission Posts

» Lower Decks

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 5:30am by Commander Hadir Prenar & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Benford

Hadir was tired, but he had a bounce in his step after his dinner with Ingrid. After all the meetings of the day he felt glad that he was not a Captain as of yet.

When he arrived he saw Master Chief Benford sitting and sipping a cup of coffee.…

» Hearts and Brains Are Nothing Without Intelligence

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 5:05pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye

When Hadir had made an inquiry of the computer as to the whereabouts of Lieutenant JG Faye the computer's curt response had been that he was aboard the Fearless. Hadir had taken that to mean that he was in the Vault which the computer was programmed not to tell him.…

» Fearless Exploration

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 5:14pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che

Hadir walked into the Science labs and found Sara hunched over a scanner. Well that was a good sign he thought to himself.

"Lieutenant, how fares you this day? We are due to launch in the morning and I am just making the rounds making sure that we are all…

» The Fearless Has A Heartbeat

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 2:19pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak

Now it had come time for the report that Hadir was dreading. Remember professionalism he told himself as he stepped through the doors into Main Engineering. The engine room had definitely been cleaned up since last Hadir had come there. However, it was still chaos, at least Hadir thought it…

» Hammer & Nail

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 8:17am by Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister & Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon

The thruster was required to be activated if they were going to be able to get continuous accurate information about it's status. Since the hatch to the assembly was open and it was on, thruster control had climbed in temperature to nearly 95 degrees Celsius. Since Ingrid and Wintrow had…

Latest Personal Logs

» Deep Within

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 8:26am by Commander Hadir Prenar

Executive Officer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log... Well finally it is the night before we are to leave the station and set forth on our first mission. The Captain has been in meetings all day pertaining to just that. As for me I have been in meetings as well, checking…

» Working arrangements

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che


Sara sat, dog-tired at what she now classified as 'her' desk in the corner of the Fearless' Science Lab - though it still resembled a junk yard at the moment with boxes and equipment pushed to one side, open wall conduits and an even an open entry to a…

» New Beginnings?

Posted on Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 5:47am by Commander Hadir Prenar

Executive Officer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log. Well, it's been one full day of my tenure here on the Fearless and things are looking tenuous at best. There seems to be a good crew assembled here, talented and hard working. I believe that I am up to the task of…

» Unwelcome Changes

Posted on Fri Mar 31st, 2017 @ 11:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak

Chief Engineer's Personal Log

"Computer begin log. Well. I don't even know where to start. There is some serious backstabbing going on somewhere. I don't know the details but I can tell that the captain is getting raked over the lava field on this one."

"The XO is transferring to…

» Transfer to Fearless

Posted on Tue Mar 14th, 2017 @ 7:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy

After all my years on the Bradbury, I have finally decided to take a new posting. Angela and I talked it over at length, and have finally made the decision. Thomas got in touch with me a few weeks ago. Said that the Fearless needed a Tactical Chief. It will…