NCC - 75001


Fleet Rules

As a member of Obsidian Fleet all Fleet Rules must be followed during character creation and play aboard the USS Fearless. Click here for a list of rules.

Application/Biography Rules

  • Please create a well thought out character. The more detail you include the better chances you have of getting your desired position.

  • Don't forget your Sample Post as it gives the command team a better view of your writing style.

  • For your Service Record section please include only a list of Earth Dates with a brief description of Assignment, Rank and, Summary of the time period. Example:
         Aug 2372 - Dec 2374 Starfleet Academy, Cadet, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Military Science with a Minor in History.

  • All characters are required to use a picture of their character in a Star Trek First Contact Uniform as their main avatar picture. You can find some on Sci-Fi Avatars or can message me for help if you don't find one you like.

Posting Rules and Requirements

  • All Players are required to be in three posts a month, including personal logs, of which posts must at least be every two weeks.

  • To keep chronological order of posts all players will be placed on moderation. Simply to add a sorting code.

  • We will have a Current Mission Post Timeline joint post to help from running into timeline conflicts. Every player is responsible for maintaining said list by adding all posts.

Chain of Command

  • The Commanding Officer (CO) of the ship and his Executive Officer (XO) are responsible for the well being of the ship and every crew member aboard. Although they have an open door policy, issues or concerns should be taken to Department Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs instead of forming a line at the Captain's Ready Room.

  • Department Heads (DH) are responsible for their departments disseminating and executing the orders of the CO and the XO. DHs will also be responsible for creating and managing all NPCs in their departments. NPCs created by players outside of their department must be approved by Department Heads.

  • Players will be limited to 5 Personal Non Player Characters(PNPCS), not counting spouses and children.

Activity Rules

In order to maintain activity and keep the story moving while being considerate to other players, the following rules must be followed:

  • All players are required to log in at least once a week.

  • All players will have 48 hrs to respond to a tag in a joint post.

  • Players that do not complete a post with in two weeks and login to the website once a week. will be considered Absent With Out Leave(AWOL) and will be subject to disciplinary action upto and including being removed from the ship.

  • Any player can be on LOA for a maximum of 1 week. Requesting a LOA is preferred, but command understands that life sometimes makes that impossible. While on LOA you position is guaranteed a board the ship.

  • After 1 week of absence players will be put on Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) to a maximum of 30 days. While on ELOA your position will not be open to new applications.

  • After 30 days on an ELOA, all characters will be moved to Guest Star Manifest as inactive characters. Position will remain open on the primary manifest of the ship and the player will have to re-apply to join the ship.