NCC - 75001
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Let's get Active

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 3:29pm by Captain Santiago Vela

The last few months have been rough for some of us. Due to real life problems we have let the ship stagnate. That being said in an effort to get her moving again. I am allowing all players to create a new character or continue using there current characters. That being said there are quite a few posts in saved status if you would like to keep them going I will need closed or at least moving and told which will stay as part of our story. I want to close the mission by Sunday if possible and we will be starting a new Mission next week. If for some reason you choose not to remain on ship please let me know so I can try and recruit what ever positions will be needed before we start on the new mission. I hope we could get this moving and I hope we do it together.

Commander Santiago
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless


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Category: Sim Announcement