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August Awards

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 2:11am by Commander Hadir Prenar
Edited on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 2:21am

Hey all...

There are four awards to present for August. The Captain has authorized me to present two of them as he is cleaning up from Hurricane Irma. When the Captain returns to the web he will present the award for Crew Choice and for Catain's Merit.

Here are the two that I get to award...

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyrion Faye
Non-Player Character Award - As you are aware this award is granted to a player who has created an NPC that adds realism and dimension to our sim. I am pleased to award the Non-Player Character Award to Tyrion Faye, for their portrayal of Cadet Wintrow Paragon. The concept of Paragon is an interesting one. The teacher student relationship developing between Hollister and Paragon is funny and at time poignant. I look forward to seeing how the relationship and everything else involving Paragon pans out. He reminds me of a troubled version of Wesley Crusher. I believe that Paragon exemplifies the meaning behind this award and truly earned it. Congratulations Tyrion and keep up the good work...

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyrion Faye -
Executive Officer Merit Award - Tyrion is the most deserved for the very first presentation of this award. He is always willing to help both in character and out of character. Tyrion keeps the spirit of community alive by engaging on the discord channel, especially when there are lulls in the conversation. Offering up any and all of their NPCs for joint posts when someone just needs something to write. It is for these reasons and a lot more that it is my honor to present the first Executive Officer Merit Award to Tyrion Faye.


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