NCC - 75001

Captain Santiago Vela

Name Santiago Vela

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Unit Award of Merit - Bronze

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Santiago is Caucasian with blue eyes and a trimmed beard. He keeps himself toned and fit and takes pride in his appearance. His uniform is always perfectly pressed and his hair is kept short in military style.


Spouse Clara Vela (Deceased)
Children Francisco Vela (Deceased)
Father Commander Francisco Domingo Vela (Retired)
Mother Valentina Vela
Brother(s) Gabriel Vela
Sister(s) Isabella Vela

Personality & Traits

General Overview Santiago is extremely charismatic and when he enters a room everyone stops to notice him. He has a very familial attitude to those that serve with him and is a confident leader. Santiago tends to open up to people easily, which in turn garnishes their trust, however he trusts too easily and is sometimes taken advantage of. He is very easy going and can often be seen with a smile on his face even through the most stressful of times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Santiago’s strengths come from his quick thinking and problem solving skills. He has been in a few tight spots in his career and his quick actions have always seen him through. He is a strong and confident leader and is known by his fellow crew to be fair and impartial.
Santiago’s main weaknesses come from trusting others too easily. He truly sees the best in everyone and his kind-hearted nature has made him prey to the wicked on many an occasion. Luckily, he’s been surrounded by good people that have been a constant support to his actions and his career.
Ambitions Throughout most of his life Santiago wanted only one thing, to be like his father, a decorated Starfleet Officer in his own right. After his time in the academy, Santiago had one ambition, to serve and explore. As his career progressed he has had a number of pitfalls, but each obstacle or tragedy made him stronger as he always faced the challenge head on.
Hobbies & Interests As a tactical officer Santiago has always been intrigued with military strategy. He has become an expert on military history where forces that were outmatched and outnumbered came out victorious through the use of brilliant planning. You will often find him in a holodeck reliving some old battle with a sword or axe in his hand. Santiago practices all sorts of swordsmanship and collects weapons of historical significance. He often plays through classic games of chess, go, and 3D chess and loves to use his analytical mind.

Santiago in the Holodeck fighting as a musketeer

Santiago in the Holodeck Medieval Knight

Personal History Santiago was born aboard the New Orleans class, USS Paul Revere, as the middle child of Lieutenant Commander Francisco Vela, the Chief Engineer, and Valentina Vela a civilian biologist. When Santiago was 3 years old, Valentina gave birth to her last child Isabella. When raising multiple children on a Starfleet starship became too much of a challenge for her, Francisco put in for a transfer and moved the family back to his hometown of Barcelona. He began working at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard in ship design and Valentina became Chief Biologist at Universitat de Barcelona.

Growing up Santiago had severe middle child syndrome. Gabriel, his older brother, followed in his mother’s footsteps by delving into the sciences with all of his mother’s fervor. Isabella, his younger sister, began playing with technology very early by taking apart all her toys and putting them back together to see how they worked like their father. With nothing really in common with his parents this left Santiago seeking attention and he began acting out. His parents were called to his school on more than one occasion for some prank he was pulling. His quick wit made him popular amongst the kids at school and he was infamous for pulling pranks.

While Santiago acted out for attention his actions were never ill intentioned. In fact, most of his pranks were used to outsmart bullies or at the expense of someone who abused their power. Once, when Santiago was fifteen years old, he was challenged by a leader of a bully gang to a school yard fight after class. He snuck into the locker room during gym and placed nanites on the bully’s pants that were programed to dissolve the material 2 minutes after the fight started. After school, the bully showed up with three friends to beat up Santiago and he was quickly found a laughing stock standing in his underpants. The teacher that caught him in that instance, Anthony Perno, discovered the story behind what happened and instead of calling Santiago’s parents had other plans.

Mr. Perno was a history teacher at Santiago’s school and had been following the boys pranks and decided to channel Santiago’s analytical mind and planning. He began by teaching Santiago chess and by explaining its military significance. Perno showed Santiago how the game has impacted history for over a thousand years. Santiago fell in love with history, especially when it came to military history. His relationship with Perno gave him the attention he craved and his antics seemed less important. Santiago became a model student graduating in the top 5 percent of his class.

Santiago Learned to play all versions of chess from Mr. Perno

In the meantime, Santiago’s father got promoted to Commander and became one of the leads in the design team for the Nova Class, USS Equinox. Gabriel had left to Medical School in London and Isabella graduated early and got a scholarship to MIT. With both of his siblings out of the house, Santiago got his chance to get close to his parents. After talking to his father about his career in Starfleet, he found that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Starfleet officer . Santiago applied for Starfleet Academy and much to the chagrin of his mother, was accepted.

Before being accepted to the academy Santiago wanted to join starfleet to earn the respect of his father, but once arriving Santiago fell in love with the concepts and principles of the Federation for himself. His obsession with military history and tactics made him an excellent candidate to become a Tactical Officer. Santiago wanted to be the best Starfleet officer in the fleet when he graduated and he worked hard to that end.

While Santiago was at the academy he met William “Billy” Franklin, a cadet in his class who excelled in most subjects and was also very quick witted and strategy oriented. They became fast friends who pushed the other to be the best. Santiago and Billy played many a game of chess together and Billy’s skill rivaled his own. Billy is who taught Santiago how to play go and for their last two years at the academy, they were inseparable.

Upon graduating and being commissioned an Ensign, Santiago was given his first assignment aboard the Miranda Class, USS Fort Knox as a tactical officer. While on ship he met Clara Edwards, a warrant officer's daughter. The two hit it off and after a year they were engaged to be married. A month after his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Santiago married Clara and they decided to start a family. His friend Billy Franklin made it to his wedding from his assignment aboard the USS Kissimmee, an Excelsior Class ship stationed near Bajor, to help them integrate into the federation. During the wedding, Santiago realized how much he missed his friend Billy, and after talking to Clara he put in a transfer to come aboard the USS Kissimmee.

USS Fort Knox

Upon returning from their honeymoon on Risa, Santiago's transfer had been approved around the same time he found out Clara was pregnant. Santiago moved the budding family aboard the Kissimmee and Clara bore him a son. Santiago named his son Francisco in honor of his father who had just retired from Starfleet.

Billy served as a tactical officer on the Kissimmee and together he and Santiago made an amazing team. Whenever the ship was in danger, the two of them planned some of the best strategies the Kissimmee had ever seen and even developed new combat maneuvers. Around the time the two friends were to gain promotion to Lieutenant, the position for Assistant Chief Tactical Officer became open and they both wanted it. Santiago and Billy were very competitive, but because of their friendship they agreed they would support each other no matter what the outcome. Billy who had been on the ship longer was given the post as they both received their promotions.

Uss Kissimee

Santiago congratulated his friend on his new position and right after he was called into to see the Captain. When he walked into the Captain’s ready room he was greeted not only by the Captain, but by the XO, the Chief Tactical Officer, and Chief Intelligence Officer. They explained to him why he hadn’t been chosen for the Asst CTO position was that they required someone to lead a mission into the Gamma Quadrant and Santiago's sound tactical mind was exactly what they needed.

Starfleet Intelligence got word that the crew USS Proxima, a ship that had been sent into the Gamma Quadrant before the start of the dominion war was still alive and being held as prisoners on the other side of the wormhole. Santiagos mission was to find any remaining crew and determine the condition of any starfleet technology from the Proxima.

Before leaving the Kissimmee he heard rumors from one of the crewman aboard that Billy had cheated him out of the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer position by changing some of his reports claiming more credit for himself. Leaving behind Clara with Francisco who was now four year old, Santiago boarded the Steamrunner Class, USS Dublin and headed for the wormhole. The ship was led by the newly assigned, Commander David Patterson, and with a small crew they set off to discover what happened to the crew of the USS Proxima. Once on the other side of the wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant the ship cloaked and travelled straight to the coordinates Starfleet Intelligence provided. At the end of the Dominion War a power struggle was created between different factions as the power vacuum created by changes in the Dominion.

Travelling to a planet far from the wormhole the ship found a settlement that was still being run by Jem’Hadar, as if the war hadn’t ended. It appeared the crew of the Proxima was on the planet and they were being held as prisoners. Santiago and a team of ten Starfleet crew and Marines beamed down and found that not only the crew of the Proxima were still alive but the Vorta running the Jem’Hadar had killed himself after discovering the end of the war. The vorta deleted the communication equipment that held the report and destroyed the Jem’Hadar’s ship by flying it into the sun . The Alpha Jem’Hadar was running the show without the news and was holding the prisoners in hopes that the founders would give him guidance. Using the Vorta command codes they had a supply of Ketracel-white for at least five more years on the settlement.

Santiago went into the settlement and convinced the Alpha to speak with him alone. Upon meeting with the Alpha he explained the war was over. The Alpha did not believe him and was about to put him in a cell with the crew of the Proxima when Santiago challenged him to one on one combat. If Santiago won he wanted the crew of the Proxima and if he lost he would submit to the Alpha all of the information he had regarding the current position of the war. The Alpha accepted the challenge knowing full well that he would win. Due to Santiago's many years of studying swordsmanship, he excelled at using finesse to match stronger enemies. He knew this was a gamble but thought this was the only chance to limit the casualties of his crew. If Santiago won, the mission would be a success, but he knew that if he lost the mission would be a failure. The rest of his crew was ordered to abandon the mission if he didn’t return in 48 hours.

Jem'Hadar Alpha

When the fight started Santiago adopted a mixture of Japanese Kenjutsu and Viking Berserker style in his combat. Waiting and deflecting blows from the stronger Jem’Hadar and using the momentum to deliver massive blows and damage. It was tough fight and Santiago was severely injured but in the end he successfully defeated the Alpha severing his right hand and placing the Kar'takin to his throat. As he freed the crew of the Proxima and limped to meet with the crew sent of the Dublin sent with him on his mission the Alpha asked him again about the war. Santiago explained the war was over he never lied, if he was defeated he would have brought him a copy of the Treaty of Bajor spelling out the end of the conflict. Hearing this the Alpha and the remaining Jem’Hadar prepared for and committed suicide.

When Santiago returned to the Kissimmee he was still injured and he was transferred to the sickbay. Everyone was on edge onboard as Santiago kept asking for Clara. All he could think about was how upset she’d be when she saw how injured he was. After about six hours on board the Captain entered the room and asked everyone else to leave the sickbay. After commending Santiago on a successful mission, he had some bad news for him. While he was gone the ship was attacked by the Breen. They lost some crew and among the damages his quarters were destroyed. Among the losses William Franklin, his Wife Clara and his Son.

With his life completely crumbling around him, Santiago took a leave of absence and returned home to Barcelona. While still recovering from the fight with the Jem’Hadar, Santiago stayed home and his brother and sister visited him as his mother and father nursed him back to health. For a while it was unclear whether or not he would return to Starfleet, but one day his old teacher Anthony Perno visited and gave him a copy of Musashi's ‘Book of Five Rings’ and Tsunetomo’s ‘Hagakure’. Reading those books reminded him why he joined Starfleet. If he was born in another time he would be a military leader leading men on the field of battle.

Santiago healed recouped and after three weeks, put his uniform back on requesting to be accepted back to duty. After arriving back on the Kissimmee, Santiago was offered the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer position that was vacant do to the loss of his friend, but instead he requested a transfer. He couldn’t bear to live with the memories aboard the ship and his new quarters felt empty without his family in them. He got transferred to a ship he had already been on the USS Dublin. The captain of the ship, Commander David Patterson, needed a new Chief Tactical Officer and he remembered what Santiago did for his crew. Santiago had already warmed up to his crew and was welcomed with open arms aboard by the crew.

USS Dublin

While aboard the Dublin he fell into his work, singularly focused on his job. Fulfilling his role as someone far more experienced than him. After three years on ship he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the role of Second officer aboard the ship. His natural charisma made him a natural in command roles and his crew always saw him as a fair and impartial leader when he was in charge. Getting a taste for the captain’s chair Santiago decided to transfer into Command and was transferred aboard the Sabre Class, USS Nodachi as the new XO and promoted to Commander. Santiago was a perfect fit for his new role. His tactical insight was always heeded by the captain of the ship, who came from a science background. The Captain was even known to participate in Santiago’s reliving of classic battles on the holodeck. The crew of the ship had become a family to him in the six years he served on the ship, but the time had come for Santiago to claim his own command, his own captain’s chair. He was tapped on the shoulder to take the reins of a brand new ship ready for it’s shakedown. The Defiant Class, USS Fearless was to be his proving grounds.

USS Nodachi

Service Record Aug 2370 - Dec 2374 Starfleet Academy, Cadet, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Military Science with a Minor in History.
Jan 2375 - Mar 2376 USS Fort Knox, Ensign, Tactical Officer, as an ensign Santiago showed his command a promising start to his career.
Mar 2376 - Aug 2379 USS Fort Knox, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Tactical Officer, shortly after his promotion Santiago applied for a transfer.
Sep 2379 - Dec 2380 USS Kissimmee, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Tactical Officer, as a vital member of the tactical team aboard Santiago was responsible for creating strategies and developed new combat maneuvers.
Jan 2381 - Jul 2381 USS Kissimmee, Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, Santiago was attached to the USS Dublin as a field Tactical Officer on mission in the Gamma Quadrant, He received a Purple Heart and the Federation Medal of Valor for his work in the field.
Jul 2381 - Mar 2382 EXTENDED LEAVE OF ABSENCE - after the loss of his family Santiago took a Leave of absence in Barcelona, Earth
Apr 2382 - Jun 2384 USS Dublin, Lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer, Santiago made it back aboard the Dublin and served as a tactical officer with twice his experience.
Jun 2384 - Sep 2387 USS Dublin, Lieutenant Commander, Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer, with the promotion to his new rank came new responsibilities. Santiago developed his love for command and his ambition to sit on the Captain’s chair
Nov 2387 - Mar 2394 USS Nodachi, Commander, Executive Officer, Santiago’s tactical expertise made him useful and his attitude made him welcome. Loved by his Captain and crew alike.
Mar 2394 - USS Fearless, Captain, Commanding Officer of the ship, Santiago’s new challenge and proving ground. He is eager to get on board and begin filling his new ship with what will be his new family.

USS Fearless