NCC - 75001

Command Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Benford

Name Thomas Benford

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Command Master Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 62

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short and stocky Thomas looks like a pitbull roaming the corridors. He always has a stern look on his face that speaks volumes of the life he's led. Thomas' uniform is the example of how a Starfleet Non-Commissioned Officer should look. Pressed and well kept but not so over pressed or starched you can see creases.


Spouse Martha (Deceased)
Children none
Father Robert (Deceased)
Mother Gerturde Smith Benford (Desceased)
Brother(s) William - Administrator Middleton Academy, Biloxi, Mississippi, Earth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thomas Benford is a man that has had a rough life. Throughout it all his one priority has been the men serving around him. Thomas' goals are simple this late in the game. Make sure everyone around him is as prepared as they can be for anything that comes there way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thomas' strengths are in his leadership and care for the men and women who serve around him. His selflessness means he's often seen on the ship even in the late hours of the night making sure his crew has everything they need to get through there shifts.
Thomas' weakness are plain just like him. He lacks tact and isn't scared to speak his mind and his biggest pet peeve is those not pulling there weight.
Ambitions As it is late in his career Thomas doesn't have a lot of ambitions when it comes to his career. He came out of retirement to come aboard the USS Fearless and if doing this more for Commander Vela than for himself. Thomas used to dream of a position like this one, but now that he's attained it he often dreams of a small house back home in Biloxi and the cool breeze on a summer day on the porch.
Hobbies & Interests Thomas's hobbies include fishing and hunting. Back in the woods of Mississippi, growing all the men in his family his Grandfather his Father and his Brother would take him into the wilderness with little but old rifles and some homemade knifes. Thomas learned the art of knife making as a child and still practices when he can find a forge.

Personal History Command Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Benford has had a long and distinguished career since he enlisted in Starfleet. He was aboard the USS Proxima, a Nebula-Class Ship, on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant in 2372 when the ship was destroyed and half of the crew was taken prisoner by the Jem'Hadar. Thomas was the Senior NCO amongst the prisoners and they were held for almost 9 years when a young Lieutenant Santiago Vela arrived with a small crew of men to save him.

During those 8 years, Thomas did everything in his power to keep hope alive amongst his crew. He kept Starfleet protocol in place long after his Officers conviction had failed them. Thomas held kept the remaining crew together and alive and kept their morale up. When Vela showed up and challenge the Jem'Hadar Alpha to single combat he had been chosen to attend him and watch the fight and he carried a badly beaten Santiago to the shuttle team that got them off the planet.

After returning from the Gamma Quadrant, Thomas decided he wasn't done with Starfleet and served as a Drill Instructor at Starfleet Basic Training Camp Pike. Thomas kept in regular communication with Vela and after six years received a promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer and began training for Starfleet Special Operations Group. After a four years he decided his time was up and he retired.

He was relaxing at home in Mississippi when he received a message from Santiago Vela. Santiago had gotten his own command and needed someone to keep the enlisted crew members of his ship in tip top shape. Thomas thought about denying the officer, but only for a second. As he replicated a new uniform with new rank he boarded a shuttle for Bajor Sector to meet a new crew and help lead a new boat.
Service Record Jun 2349 - Sep 2349 Starfleet Basic Training, Crewman Recruit
Sep 2349 - May 2350 Ops, Logistics A School, Crewman Apprentice
May 2350 - Nov 2350 USS Neil Tyson deGrasse, Ops Crewman - Crewman
Nov 2350 - Dec 2352 USS Neil Tyson deGrasse, Ops Crewman - Petty Officer Third Class
Dec 2352 - Mar 2354 USS Sleepy Hollow, Ops Crewman - Petty Officer Second Class
Mar 2354 - Jun 2358 USS Sleepy Hollow, Quartermaster - Petty Officer First Class
Jun 2358 - Dec 2364 USS Lancelot, Quartermaster - Chief Petty Officer
Dec 2364 - Mar 2372 USS Proxima - Quartermaster - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Mar 2372 - Jun 2380 Prisoner of War, Gamma Quadrant
Dec 2380 - Aug 2386 Camp Pike, Drill Instructor - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Aug 2386- Jun 2390 - Special Operation Training Center, Chief Instructor, - Master Chief Petty Officer