NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Kae'el th'Zirnov

Name Kae'el th'Zirnov MD

Position Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 205
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kae'el is a pretty average size Andorian, standing just under six feet one. He wears his two hundred five pounds well. He is not a weight lifter, but it is clear that he takes care of himself. He has a well-defined chest and carries a decent six-pack.

He wears his white hair short and it is almost always under control and well managed. His eyes are a clear shining gold color that reflect the light.

He carries himself well.

When not on duty, he prefers scrubs or Terran casual clothes/


Spouse Riley Acanius (divorced)
Children None
Father Darius ch Erinov, Seth th Nain(deceased)
Mother Elian zh Meister Mellisa sh Amral(deceased)
Brother(s) Ra'eul th Nain
Sister(s) Sairi zh Meister
Other Family Keval ch Erinov, cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Kae'el looks like a typical Andorian, his personality is quite different. Most Andorians are warriors, prone to violence and quick to throw the first punch or worse. Kae'el is a pacifist, or more precisely he doesn't want to resort to violence. He sees the need for self-defence when a ship or an individual is attacked but he doesn't see any circumstances when he is the one picking up the weapon.

He is outgoing and loves to interact with people. He's quick to smile and with a kind word to those he is talking too. He has a gentle bedside manner.

He has a quick wit and thinks well on his feet.

He is pretty much well adjusted with no major issues.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is kind and considerate of others, generally putting them first, most people feel that is a strength. His pacifism, depending on the circumstance can be either positive or negative. He has a ready smile and is easy to get along with. Nonetheless, he sometimes speaks his mind too freely.

Due to his ex-husband cheating on him, he does have some trust issues.
Ambitions On a professional level, he is undecided at this point as to whether he wants to pursue command, or stay completely on the medical track. He thinks he has the personality to do either. Because of his parent's deaths, he is leaning towards medical, but he's not one hundred percent positive.

On the personal side, he would eventually like to find a man he could trust and settle down with.
Hobbies & Interests He likes to meet new people, sketch, play the piano and sing. He's a very good pianist and better than average, though not a spectacular singer. He likes to read, especially real books and likes his holodeck time, especially swashbuckling adventures and romantic getaways.

Personal History Both sets of Kae'el's parents served in the Imperial Guard or were civilians on Andoria. Kae'el was the youngest of three children. His two older siblings both followed in their parent's footsteps and it was just assumed by all concerned, including Kae'el would too.

During his early years, he was shy and reserved, tending to be more of an observer than a participant. During his teen years, he started coming out of his shell. At first, he became something of the class clown, telling jokes and making people laugh.

As he became more confident, he no longer felt the need to be the clown. He started to enjoy just interacting with just about everyone. It was about this time that he realized he preferred boys over girls romantically and physically and had a few brief relationships during his High School years.

When he was seventeen, one set of parents died after a shuttlecraft incident. He was there on the Andorian scout ship, when it happened and watched them die from their catastrophic injuries. He had been debating whether to pursue a career in music, or medicine, and that incident pushed him to the medical side.

His other set of parents were glad for his choosing medicine, but not at his decision to leave and join the Academy. This pushed parent and son away from each other a little further.

While at the Academy, he took mostly pre-med courses along with the core curriculum, but he also took quite a few psychology courses. Not quite enough to be a minor, but close.

During his second year at the Academy, he met Riley Cooper at a mixer. The two had a lot in common, and they soon became friends, then lovers, then when they graduated the Academy, they got married. Both sets of parents, for different reasons, objected, but the boys got hitched anyways.

Riley was a nurse who served at Starfleet headquarters, while Kae'el was pursuing his medical degree. The doctor in training came home unexpectedly one night and found Riley in a compromising position with not one, but two other guys. The two were divorced shortly after that.

After completing his studies, internship, and residency, Kae'el served on board the hospital ship USS Hope before being tapped to serve on the Fearless.
Service Record 2380-2384 Starfleet Academy
2384-2387 Medical School Stanford
2387-2390 Residency/Internship San Francisco Merch Hospital
2390-2393 USS Hope
2393-Present USS Fearless