NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Sylvina Bara

Name Sylvina Neith Bara

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 9:00pm


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sylvina is naturally tan, but maintains a rather light tone to personal preference. She also maintains a lean athletic build, she enjoys clearing her mind during studies by exercising. She enjoys dance and learning dances of other cultures, some of which can be quite physically demanding. She always keeps a crisp and immaculate appearance, but has no real interest in doing much else to "improve" her appearance.


Father LT Commander Diego Arturo Bara - CSO (Deceased)
Mother Commander Areena Saiza Vizca - CO USS Maat (Deceased)
Other Family Aunt - LT. Commander Rozella Vizca - CMO (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite all of the loss in her past, Sylvina remains a generally optimistic and happy person. A generally private person when it comes to her own life, she enjoys getting to know the people around her and finding ways to make them smile. She loves listening to the stories of their lives and how it's led to the people to where they are now. That is, if you can pull her away from a PaDD or duty. She comes off as shy to most, but she just seems that way because she is quiet. Truth is she rather enjoys almost all company equally to her alone time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sylvinas main strengths are within the science and historical fields. They come from her many years of study, personal intrigue and working along side her parents and aunt. She is a quick learner and when given a task will see it through to completion no matter what. Fairly skilled in combat after a lifetime a of training, her years on Vulcan also allowed for her to expand on her training to include Vulcan techniques.

Personally she sees her main weakness as not opening up or allowing herself to become close to people more than absolutely necessary. It is not because she doesn't trust people, but in fear of losing them once she has grown to care for them. Technically speaking her weakness would be becoming completely engrossed by things when they capture her curiosity, to a point of obsession.
Ambitions Sylvina has always aspired to be just like her father was in his life. Compassionate, easy to talk to, always there when someone needed him, most of all, Chief Science Officer of an amazing ship. Day to day she works on remembering him through her actions, but as she now endeavors to fulfill what would be her final mark, she wonders if with time she'll aspire to be more like her mother.
Hobbies & Interests One her greatest past times is absorbing knowledge. Her major interests are historical events and religious/spiritual beliefs and practices in different cultures. She is known to roam the holodeck to simply observe, dissect and analyze them.

A minor hobby of hers is learning dances and rituals of other cultures. She finds that something as simple as a traditional dance can tell you a lot about a species. It can also be a great workout.

Personal History Sylvina was born aboard the Anubis Class USS Maat to the Executive Officer Areena Saiza Vizca and Chief Medical Officer Diego Arturo Bara. As the only child of the two on a relatively small vessel she was raised by all members of the crew. She learned at young age whom to fear, respect and prank. She was quite the prankster being one of the very few children on board, watching every ones reactions became her primary source of entertainment. Her pranks were generally harmless and she was still a very sweet child.

As her parents rose in status, her mother was given command of the ship, her father becoming the Chief Science Officer, she began to spend more and more time with her aunt Rozella Vizca. Leaving her pranks behind her, Roz taught her to love learning new things. To embrace and seek out the things that made each individual different from the rest. Most importantly, encouraged her studies.

Every member of the ship taught her what ever they had to offer. From the engineers to the tactical officers to the medical officers. She took in combat skills, basic repairs and basic medical procedures. By age 13 she would assist in the medical by regularly, spar routinely and call out minor repairs for engineering in hope to assist in as many as possible.

Once she expressed her goal of joining Starfleet, her parents began taking even more interest in her training. She would spend whatever time they could spare bombarding them with questions and of course attempting to impress them with her knowledge. Of the two her mother was loving , but stern and exceedingly regimented. Most of Sylvinas questions to her mother would be met by resources of where she could find the answer or a query of material she had already studied and why she had not gone over it as well.

Her father was more of a philosopher, questions to him were met with long answers that completely engrossed her and made her think of life in many different ways. She knew what would send him into long winded impassioned monologues, those were her favorite she knew what would send him in to long impassioned monologues. Those she reserved for when he swore he only had but a little time for their lesson that day.

At the age of fifteen during a regular exploratory round, her ship responded to a distress call. After initial contact, further assistance was requested. Believing it was safe Sylvina saw her parents and aunt off to the transporter. There were brief reminders of combat training and expectations of dinner. That was the last time she saw them. A few hours after they arrived there was an attack on their location. The last comm they received was their commanding officer officer giving them the order to break orbit and leave at maximum warp. Upon later investigations they learned that there was rebellion unrest, the arrival of the USS Maat triggered an attack, Her parents knew their ship did not stand a chance against them and also hoped that with the ship leaving they would cease their attack, ultimately they did not. Sylvina lost the three most important people in her life. The most important and loved people of her entire ship.

Being just a few months from eligibility for Starfleet Academy, she invested all of her free time into studying and training. She remained on the ship, the crew assisted her with training and grieving her loved ones. All of the training was a much needed distraction and ultimately paid off when she was accepted into the academy on her first try. It was extremely difficult leaving her ship, the hardest part was being torn their was relief and sadness to be leaving all of those memories behind. For those 8 years of academy her life revolved around studies and training. She excelled in all of her courses and enjoyed Parrises Squares where she befriended all of her team.

As her time came to an end at the academy she did not feel ready to board a ship again and decided to apply with the VAS. She decided that if they did not accept her, she would join a research vessel in hopes of the great differences not reminding her of the ship and crew she still missed dearly. Her acceptance was only a small surprise, she had been doing exceedingly well in the academy and they couldn't turn that away.

Vulcan was everything she hoped it to be. In her free time she explored many of their extreme climates. She made friends with some of her fellow researchers, her Vulcan colleagues agreed to train her in some of their combat techniques. She found it to be incredibly thrilling and a wonderful way to learn more about the Vulcan culture for herself. This opened up her already existing passion for studying new things about other cultures. 2 years in she was offered a position as a medical officer on the Science Vessel Sh'Ira, she decided it was time and joined them. After a year she applied for a Science Officer position and was accepted immediately. When she heard of a Defiant Class getting ready to head to Cardassia she saw not only an opportunity to further her knowledge, but also the potential of moving up to the position she"d been preparing for her whole life up until now...
Service Record 2379 - 2383 - Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Summa Cum Laude, Majors in
Exoarchaeology, Exobiology, Zoology and Xenolinguistics. Minors in Earth History, Botany and Ancient Philosophies.
2383 - 2387 - Starfleet Medical Academy, Ensign, Magna Cum Laude, Specialty Xenobiology
2387 - 2390 - The Vulcan Academy of Science, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Researcher, Neurosciences and Life Forms
2390 - 2391 - Sh'Ira, Vulcan Science Vessel, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Officer
2391 - 2393 - Sh'Ira, Vulcan Science Vessel. Lieutenant, Science Officer
2393 - USS Fearless, Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer