NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy

Name Lee Able Abernathy

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Mon Oct 9th, 2017 @ 1:18pm


Unit Award of Merit - Bronze

Service Citation 6 MonthsCaptain's Personal Merit

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190
Hair Color Silvering Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He is a tall man. Scarred from his years of service.


Spouse Angela Abernathy
Children Linda Abernathy
Scott Abernathy
Father Able Abernathy (Deceased)
Mother Susan Abernathy
Brother(s) John Abernathy
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is a weathered man. Only in his forties, but he looks older. His years of service and his time as a POW have left their mark.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Courageous
+ Loyal
- Little tolerance for shabbiness
- Snaps at people
- Has started to grow reserved
Ambitions The ambitions that drove him as a younger man have faded. Now his only desire is to see his family safe and happy. He knows that he cannot sit idle, so he works, but the promotions that he receives are not necessary to him, welcome to be sure, but not necessary.
Hobbies & Interests Avid war historian. Most of the books that he reads are about historical conflicts, and the people that fought in those conflicts.

Personal History He was born in Natchez Mississippi to farming parents. He spent most of his life learning to farm and hunt. Good old southern traditions passed down across the ages. He completed high school and was approached by the Starfleet Marines. He joined up and spent a year on routine patrols and small peacekeeping missions. During which he met his wife. She was a medic assigned to his group, who low and behold hailed from Alexandria Louisiana. They took their honeymoon back to their roots and explored the Mississippi banks. He was reassigned to Deep Space 9 and then to the USS Proxima. The Proxima was sent into the Gamma Quadrant, and lost. He spent 10 years as a POW in a Jem'hadar camp. He was rescued by, then Lieutenant, Vela.

After spending a year recovering and reacquainting himself with his wife, and now ten year old daughter Linda, he joined Starfleet Academy. He majored in Tactical and Security and graduated top of his class.

He was then assigned to the USS Bradbury, aboard the Bradbury he started as an Ensign. Even though this was a challenge for him, starting again at the bottom of the ranks, he pushed on and made a name for himself among the crew of the Bradbury.

When he had been aboard the Bradbury for four years the ship was attacked by a rogue Cardassian ship. Even though there was turmoil between Starfleet and Cardassians they weren't explicitly at war, and the captain had presumed peaceful intentions. When a party of Cardassians beamed aboard Lee was assigned to the team that ultimately caught them.

After a brief firefight the Cardassians were defeated. To Lee it had been a small moment. Just doing his job. However, the Captain didn't see it that way. He promoted Lee, and kept looking for ways of advancing him. At this time as well Linda joined Starfleet Academy.

It was shortly after the fight that Angela realized she was pregnant. During the next six years They raised Scott aboard the Bradbury. Linda graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the USS Cook. Then came a call from nowhere.

Santiago Vela had a request to make of him. There was a new ship. The USS Fearless. Vela needed a new Chief of Security.
Service Record 2367 - Joined the Marines
2367 - Basic Training
2368 - 2369 - Assigned to USS Proxima
2370 - LOA for Marriage and Honeymoon
2371 - Entered the Gamma Quadrant aboard the USS Proxima
2371 - 2381 Jem'hadar POW camp
2381 - Rescued from POW camp
2382 - 2386 Starfleet Academy
2386 - 2393 - USS Bradbury
2394 - Transfer to USS Fearless