NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flynn

Name Jonas Flynn

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 171 lbs.
Hair Color naturally brown, dyed blonde
Eye Color light brown
Physical Description Jonas has warm eyes and a boyish grin that enhance an effortlessly charming demeanor. Extremely fit, initially from the physical demands of his youth aboard a cargo vessel and maintained by the fitness requirements of Starfleet, he carries himself with confidence and moves with natural ease. Whether in uniform or casual dress, he is always approachable and creates a kind yet professional impression.


Father Brandon Flynn
Mother Marlena Flynn
Sister(s) Elizabeth Flynn

Personality & Traits

General Overview A kind and compassionate man, Jonas wants nothing more than to be of use to his ship and her crew. He is extroverted but not self-centered; in fact, he is rather selfless when it comes to his time and his safety. He joined Starfleet out of a desire to serve others, and as a counselor he sort of sees himself as a 'people engineer', there to ensure that the most vital components of a starship are functioning properly.

He thrives on new experiences and on interacting with other individuals and cultures. He clearly speaks his mind but can do so tactfully, and is able to examine all sides of an argument or an issue. This ability to appreciate multiple points of view sometimes leads him into the role of 'devil's advocate', but it also allows him to understand other perspectives and to work backwards in the pursuit of common ground.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jonas’ greatest strength is excellent interpersonal skills, which are enhanced by his outgoing and sincere personality. He can quickly build bonds of friendship and trust, and is deeply interested in the lives and activities of others. He has a deep interest in other cultures which has led to learning as much about as many as he can. In fact, interacting with many of these cultures while living aboard the Deirdre allowed for this knowledge to be applied directly. He believes life is to be experienced, and this lends itself to boldness in both self-expression and communication. There is a genuine warmth that fosters his connection to his patients, and an originality that drives him to both modify and pursue new methods of treatment. This approach has been maintained in his interactions with crew as an executive officer.

Given his emotional capacity, Jonas can be quite sensitive in regards to criticism or rejection. A strained relationship with his father has fostered this, as well as a tendency to be conflict-averse when dealing with personal matters. Though he can relate strongly to colleagues and clients, he has had difficulty with romantic relationships and has grown estranged from his own family. Jonas also has a strong desire to excel that can sometimes lead him to take on more than he can handle.
Ambitions Jonas did not have any long term plans other than serving as a counselor for as long as he was competent, perhaps switching to the diplomatic corps down the road, but that has changed due to switching career tracks. While a ship of his own would know be considered a long term goal, he is content to grow into his new role as executive officer.

His deepest hope, one he has considered an impossibility, is that he might one day begin a family of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Theater, reading, and the pursuit of new experiences

Personal History Jonas was born into the family trading business aboard his parent's cargo ship, the SS Deirdre in 2355. As he grew he learned more about their ship, their work, and their expectation that he find his place among the crew and settle into a hard but fulfilling life of hauling freight and the occasional passenger.

In reality, Jonas had a hard time fitting in. He worked hard and helped were he could, but he didn't have the aptitude for engineering and an almost disastrous flying lesson when he was 13 led to a standing order he never be permitted access to the helm. He found some use beyond the mundane chores by assisting the ship's medic when needed, learning some basic first aid but really coming into his own by simply chatting with patients, keeping them calm and keeping them company. He was well liked by the crew, who appreciated his efforts to help but who also enjoyed his cheerful disposition and the hospitality he tried to show all aboard.

This particular skill set lead him to becoming the ship's unofficial ambassador, a position that took on actual responsibility as time passed. He spent all of his free time learning as much as he could about the universe around him, in particular any group or government they might be dealing with directly. In time he became the public face of the Deirdre, the official go-between of his father and their clients. His skill with others smoothed over any difficulties and cemented long term business arrangements, and he began to at least receive some grudging respect from his father since he was largely responsible for keeping the family's profit margin high. This was no mean feat considering their frequent dealings with Ferengi, but aside from mastering their language - including every word for rain - Jonas also made a point to learn the Rules of Acquisition backwards and forwards. This surprised many a DaiMon but also fostered a steady a reliable relationship with the Ferengi Alliance.

Unfortunately any goodwill Jonas had built with his father was lost shortly after he turned seventeen. A new crew member had been hired one, a dashing man named Simon who was only three years older than Jonas. Jonas was instantly smitten, and the flirtatious Simon appeared to share and foster the attraction. They quickly developed a secret romance, which had to be hidden due to his father's strict rules that his children not become involved with any of his crew. It was a rule his sister had broken, and she hadn't been since since running off with a Bajoran pilot two years before. Jonas didn't care, though - perhaps Simon was his chance to escape, too.

The relationship deepened and Jonas realized he had fallen in love, completely enthralled by and devoted to the roguish Simon. For his part, Simon was only pretending, using his relationship with Jonas to gain access to his father's business records and his various economic holdings throughout the quadrant. He was discovered in time before he could complete his schemes, and sent to a Federation penal colony. Jonas was heartbroken, but his father was furious. He felt betrayed by his own son and began to limit his responsibilities and access to the ship.

As the Dominion War broke out, Jonas found himself trapped aboard the Deirdre. War time was no time to try and strike out on one's own, so he stayed quiet and set about the menial work he was permitted. Simon's deceit had sent him into a deep depression, and even if he could have found the means to leave, he would have had nowhere to go, no purpose to pursue.

This lack of direction changed when the Deirdre was one of many ships chartered to transport supplies to Cardassia Prime in the wake of the War. Once there, Jonas was moved not only by the devastation, but by the multitude of uniformed Starfleet officers on the ground, distributing aid and assistance wherever they could. These officers, who had just been engaged in bitter conflict with the Cardassians and who had suffered tremendous losses of their own, were here: sweating, bleeding, and sometimes dying to help those that had until recently been an enemy. This was the life Jonas wanted.

At the age of 22, Jonas had collected his savings, said good-bye to his family, and headed off to Starfleet Academy. His father viewed this as a final betrayal and cut all ties with his son. While painful, Jonas was comforted by the thought of finally finding his own way. He threw himself into studies and social life, and quickly settled on counseling as his career path.

His advisor, Professor Violet Davis, encouraged him to consider pursuing his education to the doctorate level, knowing full well that once Jonas had been placed on assignment he would be hesitant to step back for formal schooling. Jonas agreed and was accepted into the University of Betazed, where he pursued and completed a doctorate in psychology. He allowed himself to become immersed in Betazoid culture, and finally attempted his first serious relationship since Simon. Though it was short lived, it helped heal some old wounds, and the newly minted Dr. Flynn looked forward to his first official assignment.

This proved to be a brief internship aboard the USS Copernicus, where he made such an impression he was assigned as Chief Counselor. This was followed by a stint as head of the counseling staff aboard Starbase 414. Jonas had never really considered serving on a stationary assignment, and the first year and a half where filled with enough excitement he began to reconsider the offer of a long term posting. However, as time went by he began to miss the travel he had grown accustomed to his entire life, and began to look for shipboard postings.

He soon found himself serving aboard the Intrepid Class USS Pilgrim, first as Chief Counselor and then as Second Officer. He began to learn the administrative side of Starfleet Operations, and to his surprise decided he would switch career paths to Command. Leaving to complete a year of training at Command School, the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander returned to the Pilgrim to serve as Executive Officer. Familiarity with the ship and its crew helped him ease into the role, and now that he is a bit more proven, he has sought reassignment. Jonas' request has been honored with a posting to the USS Fearless.
Service Record Aug 2377- May 2381 Starfleet Academy, Counseling
Jun 2381- Jun 2383 University of Betazed (25-27) Doctor of Psychology
Jun 2383- Oct 2384 USS Copernicus, Internship, Lieutenant Junior Grade
Oct 2384- Mar 2386 USS Copernicus, Chief Counselor
Mar 2385- Nov 2388 Starbase 414, Chief Counselor, Lieutenant
Nov 2388- Aug 2390 USS Pilgrim, Chief Counselor, Second Officer
Aug 2390- Jun 2391 Starfleet Academy, Command School
Jun 2391-Feb 2393 USS Pilgrim, Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander
Feb 2393 USS Fearless, Executive Officer