NCC - 75001

Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) Jayden Matashi

Name Jayden Matashi

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2)


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 169lbs
Hair Color red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jayden was blessed with an almost unnatural beauty. She is slightly above average height and a very above average voluptuousness. Her hair is fire red, wavy, and long that goes down to her shoulder blades. She tends to keep it down but on occasion she will put it in a ponytail if she expects to be very active to get it out of the way. She has never had a problem getting attention from men and women. She plays into it being very flirtatious and flaunting her given Beauty


Father Keru Matashi, Deceased 2374
Mother Lwobanna Matashi, Deceased 2374
Brother(s) Kanyou Matshi - 49 years of age. Command, retired. Ambassador
Sister(s) Jacqueline Tam née Matashi - 53 years of age. Daughter of the 9th house and planetary council representative.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dependable, loyal and level-headed are apt terms to describe the redhead. However, so are aloof, stubborn and traditional with the emotional range of a teaspoon are also likely to come from the mouths of others, although the last is physiologically impossible and a cultural specialist would dispute her attachment to tradition. Jayden does not desire attention or recognition but pursues her goals for her own personal reasons and a desire to protect. Her aloofness, atypical of her species, is due to the mental walls she had to put up to save her sanity from her chosen job, as her telepathic abilities force her to experience not just her own horrors and nightmares in combat but those of everyone close to her. Nevertheless, she takes subtle pride in her accomplishments and those of her subordinates, whom she genuinely cares for. Often this results in physical manifestations of feeling, showing rather than telling those around her how she feels, paradoxically causing her close friends to describe her as “cuddly” or a “persistent invader of personal space"
Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart
+Close Quarters Combat
+Starfleet Weaponry

-Sometimes hard on crew members
-Not a fan of having to visit the counselor or Med bay
-Not strong in Medical matters
-Not strong in Scientific matters
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, working out to stay in shape, meditation,cooking, reading, music, expanding her knowledge of starship systems.

Personal History Jayden’s early life was unremarkable. The youngest of the siblings, born more than a decade after the middle child, she effectively had an aunt and uncle as opposed to older siblings. She was also completely free to pursue whatever she wanted with two older siblings to fill the rolls required of tradition. She was an athletic child, though with her parents, she was also academically competent, especially in history. Before the Dominion War, she was attached to Betazed’s civilian defence forces, working on keeping its antiquated planetary defence systems up and running. With war with the Dominion looking progressively more inevitable, she pushed for updates and improvements, generally to no effect. However, a decision was made to upgrade the old duotronic computers to an isolinear standard causing her to be offworld on Binar when the Dominion invaded.

She managed to learn her parents were missing and presumed dead, her family estate burning and her sister imprisoned. She felt a need to do something to fight back, but was convinced by Kanyou that attempting to return to Betazed would be suicidal. Instead she enlisted in Starfleet. Exactly what she was up to for the rest of the war is blacked out in her file and she declines to explain, though it was after this that those around her noted her personality started changing.

After the war, she left Starfleet and returned to Betazed for two years, both to heal the scars she suffered and those of her world. During that time, Kanyou introduced her to Amos, whom Jayden was initially less than fond of. However, the two eventually became close as Jayden began to pick up on the depth of emotion between the human and her brother. A year after they met, Jayden was ultimately happy to see the two joined.

After healing herself and her mind, she returned to Starfleet in 2377, re-enlisting. After training, she was she was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd class and began her first assignment in 2381. Her early career was unspectacular, and she was reprimanded twice for inappropriate behaviour while interacting with Cardassians.

In 2384 she was reassigned after she learned that Amos had been killed in a Breen raid. It was thought that Jayden, already disposed towards animosity with Dominion members, needed to be assigned well away from that theatre, less anything else unfortunate happen.

Away from the borders of the people she so hated, her career improved. Always a competent soldier, she also began to show herself finally as a competent leader and Infiltration specialist. As 2387 dawned, tensions with the Breen, tense for years, began to show signs of boiling over again and Jayden was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and transferred to the USS Scorpio in hopes that intervening years had given her the control to do the job that needed doing.

After three years on the Scorpio serving as Infiltration Specialist, Jayden was accepted in Warrent Officer Candidate School. In 2392 she graduated with the rank Warrent Officer and reassigned to the USS Scorpio. After the death of the Chief Intelligence officer Jayden was promoted to Chief Warrent Officer 2nd grade and made acting Chief of Intelligence.

Once the Scorpio wrapped up their mission Jayden was reassigned to the USS Fearless as Infiltration Specialist.
Service Record 2374 to January 2376: Black file. Attached to "Special Investigations Unit."

2377: Re-enlisted and attended AIT training specialty in Intelligence.

2381: Petty Officer 2nd class Assigned to USS Shiva as Intelligence liason.

April 2382: Reprimanded for a bar fight with a Cardassian on Deep Space 9.

June 2383: Reprimanded and sentenced to 10 days in the brig for injuries to a Cardassian military officer.

February 2384: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st class and reassigned to USS Elvis Costello on the Klingon border as Infiltration specialist.

2387: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned to USS Scorpio as Infiltration specialist.

2390: Attended Warrent Officer Candidate School

2392: Promoted Warrent Officer and transferred back to USS Scorpio as Infiltration specialist.

2393: Promoted to Chief Warrent Officer 2nd grade and named acting Chief of Intelligence of USS Scorpio

2394: Reassigned to USS Fearless as Infiltration Specialist