NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Anne Noelle

Name Anne Marie Noelle

Position Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anne Marie- or Amie as she’s called by friends- is a slender woman with a coltish, lean body and a wiry build. Despite seeming frail, she’s strong and fit and has been known to throw a solid punch (usually followed by a lot of apologizing). She’s not what most would call traditionally pretty, though she has been called sweet, and sometimes awkward. Amie has shoulder length dirty blonde hair that tends to curl at the end, dark eyes and pale skin. She has no tattoos, piercings, though she does have a fair peppering of scars from various sports related injuries.


Father Declan Noelle
Mother Brooke Campbell (Estranged)
Sister(s) Isabelle Campbell (half-sister)
Other Family Levi Noelle (Uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview First impressions of Amie usually sum her up as timid, sheepish, unconfident. She’s deemed as having a positive outlook and a willingness to take orders, but beyond that she tends to draw little attention on a professional level due to obvious lack of ambition. The truth is, she’s just terribly polite and quite frankly doesn’t care to impress anyone when she’s there to do her job. She does tend to get quiet as she gets lost in her thoughts trying to problem solve, as well as do as she thinks instead of talking it through and does need to be prodded on occasion to speak what’s rumbling around in her head. Amie tends to be practical rather than fanciful and embarrasses easily.

In high stress times, Amie has proven to have a level head. She doesn’t balk easily or turn away from problems. Rather than raising her voice (unless dire) she has a tendency to get quieter and quieter until those around her lower their volume as well. Amie has been known to gracefully step in and out of lead/support positions within sickbay and does not hesitate to call in specialists. She professes no interest in glory or recognition. Even in crew athletic competitions, she tends to draw the line at healthy competition and be gracious in her losses. Amie professes a great dislike for conflict, but will wade in if need be.

Amie is very close to her father and uncle and whatever respective girlfriends that they’ve managed to drum up. She has no contact with her mother or her new husband and only tends to speak with her half-sister during obligatory holiday calls. She really isn’t one for the dating scene as the intricacies and flirtations are lost on her. In conversations, she tends to be very polite and very straight forward. She says exactly what she means even if it requires an immediate apology for being blunt.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Extremely athletic
+ Handles pressure well
+ Work ethic in spades. If it has to be done, do it. Find a way. Make it happen. Power through.
- Socially awkward
- Amie detests fancy dress of any kind, therefore has anxiety over parties, all that is holy don't ask her to dance. She's embarrassed easily by these points.
- She has a lot of faith in her abilities, but not herself as a person.
Hobbies & Interests Avid reader, outdoors sports of almost any kind, vintage terran movies and music, guitar, competitive beer pong, inventing odd time passer games, boating, fishing, eating (any food not cooked by her father is considered a delicacy and greatly enjoyed), cooking, cards

Personal History By the time that Amie was conceived, her parent’s relationship was already at an end. In a tiny town like Trinity (which boasted a hearty population of 300 the year that she left), that was everybody’s business. Her father, Declan, was both the doctor and veterinarian for about a 40 mile radius. Her mother, Brooke, just wasn’t interested in tying her life down to a small town with small time goals, though even after the divorce, she only ended up a few towns away in Southern Bay in an equally unhappy marriage with another child.

Amie was raised by her father and uncle who took turns trying to somehow make bachelorhood, careers and parenting all work. It did for the most part with the help of neighbors who added in all the pearls of feminine wisdom that neither man could conjure up. Even still, they ended up with a gangly tomboy who was more interested in hockey and chasing the neighbor’s dogs than playing with dolls. That didn’t really change throughout her childhood, which was adventurous to say the least. Between boating and fishing with her uncle or treating pets and wildlife and broken arms or vibrosis with her father, Amie was rarely bored.

Her interest in medicine began early on as she followed at her father’s elbow. She started off as his helper getting bandages or kits at around eight. By sixteen, she was an active assistant and often took triage duties herself. Originally, she’d convinced herself that she was going to be a veterinarian as she has a soft spot for just about any animal, but that changed as she matured to following in her father’s footsteps as a general practitioner. The problem was, the older she got, the more she understood (and hated) her mother’s need to leave Trinity. Nothing changed. Even with moving to Saint John short term for College kept her confined to the same box. And worse- she had to share the campus with her younger sister, who she had little to nothing in common with. She loved her dysfunctional little family and the community- many of who she considered family as well- but she wanted to see more than that little slice of Canada. Adventure a bit more before returning to take over the family business when her father returned (hopefully with her own family in tow). That was how Starfleet came into the picture- because if you were going to think big, why not intergalactic?

She’d always been an exemplary student and she passed the fitness portions with flying colors, so getting into the academy wasn’t the difficult part. San Francisco, and the associated barrage of population, size and culture shock, was the dizzying part. By the time she’d graduated, Amie still insisted that she hadn’t seen the entire city yet. She maintained the fish out of water stage through the first two years, cushioned slightly through finding the various sports offered on campus, the discovery of noodle shops with boba tea and an induction to a love of ‘retro music and movies’ as her roommate called it.

Amie made a few friends during her time at the academy, flitting from group to group with them, though she really didn’t graft to any one cabal. Her studies were her main concern, followed by food and activities in that order. She graduated with merit, then continued on for another two years at Starfleet Medical. Overall, she considered the entire process a learning experience. Good, bad and in-between all wrapped up in a glorious ribbon.

The first ship that she was assigned to was little more than a continuation of the Academy for Amie. The CMO that she was assigned under treated the rest of the staff like they were children. He preached code and rule like a vicar and every patient received his sermons when he ran out of staff to stand still long enough to dictate to. Amie chafed under the treatment, but took it better than some of her coworkers, who found their time in Starfleet prematurely coming to an end under his ministration. She bit her tongue more than she cared to and worked her way through until she could request a transfer in good conscious.

Her next ship was the USS Roanoke, which was a much more laid back sickbay. Though larger than the Apache, the medical staff were a much closer and open bunch. Again, Amie tended to surf the periphery of the group save for a few people and the CMO, whom she generally admired even if he tended to be a bit on the loud and playful. Doctor Frederick Ewing insisted on teasing Amie until she relented and began teasing him back (in her own way with many apologies). Once she did, he told her that she was officially a part of his team and reserved the jokes, banter and pranks for special occasions only. Upon hearing that she was homesick one Christmas, he appeared at her quarters with eggnog and a puppy since she avoided the socials.
Service Record 2372 - 2376: Memorial University, NL, Canada - BS Biological Sciences
2377 - 2380: Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2383: Starfleet Medical - MBS
2384 - 2386: USS Apache, Medical Officer
2387 - 2392: USS Roanoke, Medical Officer
2392 - 2394: USS Roanoke, Asst Chief Medical Officer
2394 - Present: USS Fearless. Chief Medical Officer