NCC - 75001

Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che

Name Sara Jane O'Donnel-Che

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian/Bajoran
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sara is a tall, athletically built woman with her mixed background obvious to the casual observer with her less pronounced Cardassian neck ridges and Bajoran characteristics. Her skin is dark and tanned and more human/Bajoran and she wears the Bajoran ear-ring style jewellery though she has no Religious beliefs.

Her features are long and elfin with dark eyes beneath heavy brows and a broad expansive mouth. She wears her hair long, usually braided, and coiled baout her left shoulder.



Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown
(her cat "china")

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sara is a strong, level headed person. Intelligent and quick though with a sharp and, at times, volcanic temper she tries to keep in check. She is not afraid to speak her mind and, therefore, wouldn't be good in the diplomatic corp.

She has a high IQ/intelligence quota and was seen as a child-genius/prodegy when she was found in the camps on Bajor. Often years ahead of children her age.

She has always been a loner and self-dependent (she learnt the tough way being a mixed race orphan in the camps following the Cardassian occupation - [See Bio]).
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Intelligent, witty and well-read.
Physically fit and keeps in good shape.
Self-dependent and tough.
Near eidectic memory.

Outspoken and undiplomatic.
A loner and, by others, not seen as a "team player".
Can hold a grudge.
Ambitions tbc
Hobbies & Interests Plays the piano.
Reads a lot (both technical and fiction)

Personal History Sara's birth is a mystery as she was born and, then lost or abandoned, in the Camps during the harsh period of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. There she learnt to live by her wits and survive and, form an early age, she knew she was different from the other children. Understanding ideas and concepts more adult than the scantily available school texts.

Sara was 'discovered' by a SF doctor, Dr Hanna O'Donnel-Che, touring the camps following the edn of the Cardassian occupation when she about eight who was impressed by her quick wit and obvious intelligence. Though, unlike others of the 'dust' [a slang term for the numerous unclaimed childen of the occupation] she did not want DNA and code tests to discover who her parents were.

Soon Dr O'Donnel realised that Sara's inteligence was above par and that she was a child-prodigy reading everything put before her with an excellent near eidectic memory. She emigrated to Earth with Hanna O'Donnel whoi, later, publicly adopted Sara (though they were never truly that close).

Due to her intelligence and that Sara was, obviosuly, a gifted child she quickly worked her way through the schooling she missed on Bajor and, by the age of thirteen, was in College studying Field Dynamics and Astrophysics.

She later applied to the Academy and was accepted at the exceptionally young age of 16. Here she continued to study being something of a biomath in several fields of science.

[Hisotry continued..]

Sara had/has always found it hard to fit in, that feeling of a loner and an outsider ever since her earliest memories of the Camp on Bajor. She had wondered why other children wouldn’t play with her and why the majority of the Bajoran adults in the “resettlement centre” treated either with contempt or pity. Even, at times, hostility.

It was only later that she learnt, because of her dual racial heritage, it was an open reminder of what Bajorans and Bajor had had to suffer under the heel of Cardassian suppression and occupation… and, it seemed, she (and the few other children like her) were like an open wound. Something to be forgotten and pushed aside.

Even when the mind doctor, Hana O’Donnel, had transferred her to Earth she found that she didn’t fit in. What others called her ‘special gift’ or as a ‘special child’ just drove a wedge between her and other children until she was sent to Switzerland and then College. She often felt like a freak, doubly so, because of her dual racial backgrounds, and that she was in classes and tutorials with people several years older than her…
Sara developed early, perhaps too early, as she got bad habits from fraternizing with the older students who (perhaps reluctantly) came to realise she had a fine mind and a quick, and open sense of humour as well as an ability to ‘blend’ with the background (a necessity in the Camps). She then moved from NY to MIT following what her guardian and others thought to be an inappropriate relationship with her tutoring mentor (he was 23 and she was 17).

Following this Sara threw herself into her studies and work often choosing diverse subjects and courses to keep her interest (she specialised in advanced theory in propulsion and the meta-complex science behind warp and theoretical transwarp ability). She was also involved in an R&D group looking at the scientific possibilities of an artificially created worm-hole and its (theoretical) practical uses. She followed this R&D work with her first few postings at Copernicus Yards on Luna and, to this day, is invited to various scientific symposiums and think tanks regarding her early work.

She had few hobbies from science and technical reading. She finally decided on classical piano having dabbled with various instruments and other hobbies and, as such, threw herself in with her usual 110% concentration until she could play at near professional level.
Over the years she has a few casual relationships though, to herself, she has yet to experience ‘true love’ as described in romantic novels and holographic programs…

Despite various adventures, promotions and satisfying achievements Sara had thought life was quite dull until she found herself transferred to the Marine Support Vessel, USS Valley Forge. The Valley Forge was part of a joint expedition into the Typhon Expanse and she was brought on board to assist the Engineering Department with their propulsion systems which had been recently upgraded.
The Valley Forge, having some propulsion problems, was left behind at Starbase 98 where Sara remained to assist with both scientific and theoretical problem-solving of the drive systems. It was here that a badly damaged Borg vessel, a sphere, emerged from warp and proceeded to attack SB98. Despite the problems with the VF's drive system, as the only major ship available, the Valley Forge set up a defensive stance along with SB98’s fighter wing and an assortment of other vessels who volunteered to assist in the defence.
During the following battle, which the VF was winning, having successfully managed to send several units of Marines onto the Borg Sphere, the Borg self-destructed their own vessel rather than let it be taken en’prise. The following detonation also critically damaged the Valley Forge and Sara was one of the few survivors who were set adrift in a ship’s boat as the VF succumbed to her wounds and exploded with the remaining compliment either dying or, at the dying seconds, transporting to SB98.

Following this ‘excitement’ Sara decided that having a dull life as a science officer was not so bad after all…

Service Record School/College/Academy (as advanced gifted/student starting age 8)
1 Year Pre-school and home tutoring (NYC, Earth)
2 Years of Grade/Finishing School for Gifted Children (Berne, Switzerland)
2.5 Years College (1 year London, 1.5 Years New York)
2 Years MIT (Undergrad)
1.5 Years MIT (Graduate at Lincoln Lab).
2 Years SF Academy (specialising in Propulsion Theory, Engineering and Advanced Sciences)

Starfleet/Post Academy Career
2 Years Advanced Science Training/Advanced Propulsion Systems Theorist (Copernicus Yards, Luna)
1 Year as Systems Specialist (R&D), Copernicus Yards, Luna.
2 Years Science Officer/Propulsion Specialist. USS Apollo (Medical Research Vessel).
2 Years Science Officer USS Ganymede (Galaxy Class)
4 Years as Science Officer/2nd Asst. Chief Science Officer Starbase 313, Guernica System.
2 Years Assistant Chief Science Starbase 313, Guernica System.
2.5 Years Chief Science Officer USS Valley Forge. (Marine Support Vessel destroyed by the Borg in the Typhon Expanse)

Transferred to the USS Fearless.