NCC - 75001

Lieutenant JG Kylie Rivers

Name Kylie Rivers

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Unit Award of Merit - Bronze

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kylie has straight black hair she keeps in a tight ponytail. She keeps in decent shape and strives to maintain a clean crisp appearance.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Morgan
Mother Charlotte
Brother(s) Samuel and Justin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kylie is a quiet individual. She prefers to observe and study her surroundings. Once she gets to know someone or is comfortable she will be friendly and less guarded. She is very perceptive and can come across as if she is judging all the time. In a sense she is as she constantly looks for strengths and weaknesses in all situations and people. Her analytical mind loves strategy and tactics and seems to apply that in any and all situations, trying to "win" as often as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Percpetive
+ Determined
+ Competitive
- Reserved
- Slow to act at times
- Inexperienced
Ambitions She enjoys strategy and tactics. She would love to move up through the ranks to guide whole fleets of ships. She knows she needs more real life experience to do that.
Hobbies & Interests Any and all strategy games
Battle simulations on the holodeck

Personal History Kylie's parents were civilian scientists and she traveled with them from station to station throughout the galaxy. The first time she was on Earth was when she was admitted to Starfleet academy. Her older brothers were very competitive and she always tried to keep up with them. As she was younger and smaller than them, she constantly looked for advantages, weaknesses anything that could help equalize things for her. She was always the underdog with them. This caused her to always strive to do better and use her intellect to outsmart them and gain the advantage. She learned to revel at being the underdog. It always made the win that much sweeter.

Her two brothers enlisted in Starfleet and both became marines. She on the other hand applied to the academy and there she excelled in her studies. She knew she wanted to go into tactics at an early stage of her education. There were many that tried to dissuade her from pursuing the Security and Tactical path. While her grades were good, they feared that she didn’t have what it took to be a security officer, due to her petite figure and lack of strong athletics. Kylie ignored all the nay saying and took on the challenge. She realized she had to up her game physically or they would never pay attention to her while contining to excel at her studies and was top of her class in all tactics and strategy classes.

The university wasn’t kind to Kylie as she seemed to never fit in with those that were following her path. They always expected something different from her and she wasn’t socially skilled enough to get people to like her despite that. Her senior year was one of the roughest times of her life. While her classmates continually resented her, as she beat them in almost every tactical scenario, in the field, she could never get anyone to listen to her ideas. She never really made any friends due to that, and they never followed her. It was hard for her to lose those battles, even though she had winning strategies, simply because the others wouldn't follow her. At the final days of her senior year, one of the professors was pushed into a tactical simulation game with her by the students. She hadn’t lost a game, yet. Even the professor felt like he needed to knock her down a peg or two. It became obvious to everyone that she was letting the professor gain the advantage. It was like she was throwing the game. But for her, she was just trying to make it a challenge. In the end she came back and crushed him. It was very humiliating for the professor and many of her peers did not look kindly on her for it. Looking back on that, she realized it was a mistake to humiliate the professor like that.

Kylie's first assignment out of Starfleet was assigned as the Brig officer on the USS Comanche. She took the assignment as punishment, for the humiliation of her professor. Kylie felt she belong on the bridge working tactics, not on a Security detail watching a mostly empty brig. She took the time to improve her physical prowess and became a pretty, decent shot. Kylie familiarized herself with the all of systems on the ship and did her best to beceome a member of the team aboard the Comanche. It was obvious, though, that her position did not fit well with her. While the professor was the one that put her in this position, he wasn’t the captain of the ship. The captain knew that she didn’t belong there and after six months the captain sent her back to Starfleet to continue her education.

She returned to Starfleet and obtained her two doctorates in Psychology and Interstellar Warfare. She was still not able to make many friends, but she had grown in her ability to at least be friendly. Kylie excelled in her studies and was knowledgeable on almost every great commander and battle in the last few centuries. She learned numerous languages, and at least read them. As a doctoral candidate her professors encouraged her to excel, to go beyond what they could teach her. She did and her doctoral thesis on the Dominion War was passed around by many an Admiral. Her analysis was harsh and brilliant, and it is believed if she had presented it at the start of the war the Breen would have had no chance to join the Dominion. While they passed her, they informed her they would not be publishing her thesis as it would ruffle too many feathers needlessly. This angered Kylie and drove her from academia, she requested to be assigned to a star ship. Many were sad to see her go, but they granted her request.

Her next assignment was with the USS Brilliant as the tactical officer. This was a much better fit for her. She spent a year as tactical officer and earned her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade very quickly. Her assignment to the Brilliant was supposed to be for four years, but Kylie received a new assignment to the Defiant Class USS Fearless as it's Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Service Record Born 2367
2384-2387: Starfleet Academy
2388-2389: USS Comanche – Brig Officer
2389-2392: PHD in Psychology and Interstellar Warfare
2393-2394: USS Brilliant – Tactical Officer
2394-Current: USS Fearless – Assistant Chief Security and Tactical