NCC - 75001

Ensign Harrison Hester

Name Harrison George Hester

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign


  • 4 Mission Posts

Last Post

Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 8:37pm


Unit Award of Merit - Bronze

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short hair, muscular build, carries himself in an open noon aggressive posture


Spouse Jewel (deceased)
Children None
Father Nick Hester
Mother Holly Hester
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jasper Hester three years older)
Other Family Distant relatives Harrison had never met but spoken to over communicators.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Harrison is a lost soul searching for new meaning in his life through star fleet after the death of his wife. He is overly sociable and desperate to find comfort and camaraderie.
Strengths & Weaknesses Harrison possesses a quick wit and a talent for deductive reasoning. At his last post he was commended for his skill handling internal incidents.

He is inexperienced and wants to please his fellow crew to a fault often letting himself be taken advantage of.
Ambitions Harrison hopes to find a new sense of belonging and purpose through Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Harrison enjoys logic puzzles and detective stories in his spare time. He also loves to their a party.

Personal History Harrison G Hester was born on star base 495 the second child of Holly and Nick Hester. Harrison spent most of his youth with his mother who was in charge of childhood education for the star base. When not tutoring the other children he could be found spying on the exotic travelers with his sister.

Unable to find a passion to pursue, Harrison researched federation colonies, planet side occupations and interstellar economics. Nothing ever held his attention long. He also couldn't bear to leave star base 495.

In 2380 he accepted a position in the star base's cargo bay assisting civilian transports with re supply and repairs.

In 2383 star fleet assigned a group of scientists to star base 495 to study sub space species communications. Among them was Jewel Manifore. It didn't take long before Harrison and Jewel were spending all of their off time together. They were married within the year.

The Hesters became the social staples of star base 495. Hosting many parties and festivals catering to the variety of species who traveled through star base 495. Many of Harrison's long time friends began to leave the star base for bright be frontiers and opportunities. Harrison threw going away parties for each one.

In 2385 tragedy struck as a mysterious illness ravaged the star base, killing many including Jewel. Star fleet layer identified a sub space beacon which had inadvertently attracted a gaseous life form which manifested itself virulently among bipeds.

Harrison was shaken to the core losing his beloved wife. Even star base 495 had become a haunted place. Hoping for a greater purpose or at least a distraction Harrison applied to star fleet in 2386.

Harrison was unsuited for many of the positions star fleet had to offer and was in danger of falling out. Luckily a Vulcan named t'lamis chodron saw potential in him mentoring him through his grief. She recognized an innate logical mind with a talent for deductive reasoning steering his studies to security.

In 2390 Harrison graduated star fleet and received an assignment to the USS Ticonderoga. There he met Hasir Prenar and soon considered him a close friend though he suspected the feeling wasn't mutual.

Harrison spent several unremarkable years serving as an ensign aboard the Ticonderoga. His only commendations were for outstanding performance performing ship board investigations. After an unfortunate misunderstanding with an Andorian delegation Harrison's superior recommended he transfer to another sector fearing Harrison may become the target of an Andorian death pact.

After searching through star fleet personnel requests and recent transfers Harrison discovered his old friend Hadir was aboard the USS Fearless.

Service Record 2359-2380 born and raised on star base 495
2380-2386 civilian re supply and logistics star base 495 cargo bay
2386-2390 star fleet academy
2390 assigned to USS Ticonderoga
2394 transfer to uss fearless