NCC - 75001


Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless

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The USS Fearless is ready to launch and meet her new crew. Tasked as a patrol ship to the Cardassian Sector will such a small ship be able to handle such a large mission? Only time will tell.

Episode 2 - Resurgence

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The Crew of the Fearless has finally begun there mission Inside the Cardassian Sector. To ensure the safety of the Cardassian Union Captain Santiago Vela and his crew are ready to use their training and resources aboard one of the toughest little ships in the Fleet the Defiant Class, USS Fearless.

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Episode 0 - USS Fearless Shakedown

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Every new ship coming out of a ship yard needs a good shakedown to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and to ensure everything is working properly. The USS Fearless is finally ready to leave the ship yard.

Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes

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The crew of the USS Fearless arrive aboard their new base of operations in the Cardassian Sector, Empok Nor. As they settle in and meet the inhabitants of the station, they begin to discover what there standing mission entails. New allies are met, and old foes resurface. The actions of one of Starfleets smallest ships may hold the balance as to what happens in the Sector

Episode 2 - Building Hostilities

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The Fearless is finally on the move. Patrolling the Cardassian Sector when they stumble upon something they've never seen before. It appears someone is massing a small fleet in the heart of the Cardassian Sector.