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Tour - Crew Quarter's

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The term quarters refered to accommodations on board spacecraft and space stations. An individual room is called a cabin.

Additional Information

Location Deck 1 and 3
Description Due to the limited space available on board vessels of the Defiant-class, all crew members have to share their quarters with at least one other crewmate during normal times of operation – with the exception of the vessel's commanding officer, who is granted a separate room on Deck 1, which doubled as the captain's ready room. Crew accommodations included twenty-two main cabins and ten contingency cabins, each equipped with a minimum of two bunks. These cabins can be outfitted with as many as six bunks, allowing for a potential total crew of 192. Each cabin is equipped with one replicator port and one standard computer terminal. Overall, crew quarters on board Defiant-class vessels are the most spartan in Starfleet.