NCC - 75001
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Stardate 70862.9

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 12:48am by Petty Officer 3rd Class Aurangzeb Ameen

"Crewman Aurangzeb Ameen's Personal Log, Stardate 70862.9;

"It's the eve of the
Fearless's departure from Deep Space 9; although we've not yet been told what our first mission will entail, I've heard rumors we're destined for the Cardassian sector and will complete our shakedown maneuvers while en-route.

"I've met many of the crew since reporting on board nearly five days ago. For the most part, they've been welcoming and I've had the opportunity to befriend a few... or, at least, revel in the budding of a hopeful friendship.

"First, there's Miriam Harrington--or Miri as I've come to call her--a fellow crewman from the engineering department. She and I developed a good rapport in our brief time serving together; I greatly admire her sharp intellect, having witnessed it firsthand during our investigation of the anomalous power fluctuations plaguing random systems throughout the ship. Although timid in the beginning, Miri was the first to speak out and bring attention to the discovery of the power fluctuations. I greatly respect her ability to overcome this inhibition, if only momentarily, and look forward to working closely with her in the future.

"Next is Sara Park, a warrant officer within the flight control department. Although our time together was brief, I found her demure and withdrawn personality oddly magnetizing, if ever there were such a contradiction. I invited her to join me for dinner and a board game; although she tentatively accepted the invitation, I hope she'll hold to the commitment as I'd genuinely enjoy getting to know her better. Which reminds me, computer, please set a reminder to message Sara and firm up a day and time when we're both free.

"Finally, there's Kae, or Doctor Kae'el th'Zirnov, the
Fearless's chief medical officer. There's something charming about Kae, a quality or characteristic that's fascinating and entices me to get to know him better. He's a rather cheeky fellow with a sharp wit and perverse sense of humor; perhaps it's his tenacity that's most compelling. We're still learning about one another and figuring out how we both fit into the composition of this incredibly unique and diverse crew. Regardless, I have the feeling he and I will be spending more time with one another in the near future.

"Yid Seeyak and Larza Corrine, the chief engineer and assistant chief engineer, respectively, have organized and provided the department direction in a very short period of time. All that we've been able to accomplish in these last few days is a direct result of their positive energy and encouraging style of leadership. I believe I'll enjoy working with both, although I have the feeling Corrine and I will get on better than Yid. He and I had a minor disagreement when the subject of Cardassians and this ship's primary mission profile were brought up in casual conversation. Thankfully, my apologies mended the misunderstanding and Corrine was instrumental in deescalating the situation. I think it'll be important to tread carefully when the chief is concerned.

"Aside from this, I've had the opportunity to unpack and settle in. I sent a quick message to mummy and papa letting them know that I'd arrived safely onboard and was doing well. I've still not yet heard from Dara, even though I've sent several messages. Mummy assures me not to worry, but I can tell she's a bit uncertain as to what's going on as well. I hope he's okay and that the
Gallants' time near the Badlands hasn't gone awry. I'll try sending one last message before disembarking DS9. Until then, I hope he's able to reach out soon enough.

"It's time to get some sleep now, as tomorrow will be a busy day for certain. Computer, end log."


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