NCC - 75001
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Stardate 70085.7

Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2017 @ 10:28pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Aurangzeb Ameen

"Crewman Aurangzeb Ameen's Personal Log, Stardate 70085.7

"Over the last month, the
Fearless has been put through its paces with, both, ship and crew regularly tested to ascertain benchmark productivity. Regiment has offered structure, with a considerable amount of focus placed on improving the operating efficiency within all departments. I'm pleased to report the engineering department has performed extraordinarily well, or so we noncoms have been told by our superiors.

"This fact, however, has done little to dispel Lieutenant Yid's persistent strive for absolute perfection. 'Workhorse' hardly beings to describe the chief's passion for his chosen trade; with an unmatched enthusiasm, the lieutenant has made certain each member on his team has remained steadfastly focused on the task at hand, with a near constant push for continued improvement toward excellence. I've learned a tremendous amount from the chief during our brief time working together and find that my initial judgment of the man was preemptive and, well, frankly unfair. I've developed a deep respect for the lieutenant and revel in the fact that he's
unofficially taken me on as his apprentice.

"Although we've been run ragged, the senior staff has made it a point to ensure downtime, allowing for the opportunity to build friendships that continue to blossom. Harrington, Park, and--most especially--Kae'el have made living and working in tight quarters all the more bearable; they've kept me sane and grounded.

"It's been a month since we left Deep Space 9 and I haven't yet heard from Dara after numerous attempts to communicate with him. My heart aches with concern, especially when I see the worry etched across the faces of my mother and father. They've reached out to task force command on a number of occasions, yet have been placated each time, told that 'The
Gallant is on a classified mission of the utmost importance and cannot break communication silence.' Although this does little to assuage my overwhelming worry, I must trust that my beloved brother is well and safe and that I'll hear his voice soon enough.

"Aside from this, the
Fearless is scheduled to arrive at Empok Nor this morning. Computer, end log."


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