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Working arrangements

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che


Sara sat, dog-tired at what she now classified as 'her' desk in the corner of the Fearless' Science Lab - though it still resembled a junk yard at the moment with boxes and equipment pushed to one side, open wall conduits and an even an open entry to a small Jeffries Tube in the wall that she hadn't even known existed until she'd checked the power-routing and AI nodal points.

"Er... record a Personal Log record, Sara O'Donnel-Che, SCO USS Fearless..." Sara muttered to her PaDD (as the main Science console was still re-booting after a full AI diagnostic that afternoon). "So far so WTF I can report" she said with a tired chuckle. "Finally we have the sensor array and resonance scanner checked and recalibrated with the download links to the Fearless' AI... a brand new system, all prim proper and business-like so not too bad". She smiled when she remembered the tri-d long-range astrophysics array coming on-line, a beautiful three-dimensional holographic representation of the surrounding star systems hanging in the air above the console.

"Only problem now is getting all this sh*t back into place by 6am tomorrow... Or whenever the Fearless is due to launch on it's maiden shake-down cruise... Which should be an experience and a half!" she said, pushing a loose strand of dark hair away from her face. She rubbed her jaw as she settled her thoughts for a moment.

"Hadn't considered the realities of serving on a Defiant-class... Now it's really hitting home" Sara mused. "Not sure if I like the idea of bunking up... I haven't even checked who my roommate is as yet so we'll wait and see... Jury's out on that one as they used to say"

Sara looked around wondering where to start tidying up this mess.

"Sara O'Donnel-Che signing off..."


LT Sara O'Donnel-Che
USS Fearless
Personal Log #1


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