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How Does That Make You Feel?

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2017 @ 4:12pm by Captain Santiago Vela
Edited on on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 1:48pm

Mission: Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes
Location: Bolian Java Cafe
Timeline: February 5 2394, 0930
Tags: 71099.0930

Stepping onto the Promenade, Jonas took in his surroundings and let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. He carried a small duffel, the contents of which were two additional uniforms, some night clothes, toiletries, and a tattered copy of 'Salem's Lot - a horror novel by an ancient earth novelist named Stephen King. the book had been read more times than Jonas could recall; it was one of his favorites, and often helped him pass the time when traveling. He'd tried a holo-novel version of the story, but it paled in comparison to its print counterpart. The thought struck a nerve, as this wasn't a usual reassignment. He was due to replace an officer that was very close to her captain, the result of some kind of political posturing from what he'd heard, and he hoped desperately that he would not be seen as a poor imitation.

The Captain, a Commander Vela, to be precise. This was who Jonas was about to meet, at the Bolian coffee shop located somewhere in his immediate vicinity. He wasn't sure whether or not this unconventional location for their introduction was a good thing or bad; regardless, it would be a change of pace from the standard report-to-ready-room routine. Closing his eyes to limit his sensory input, he was able to make out the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed caffeine. Following his nose (but remembering to open his eyes so he wouldn't look ridiculous) the Lieutenant Commander headed forward and off to his left.

Santiago had finally found something worth leaving the ship for. The Bolian Coffee shop had fresh coffee. Nothing served was replicated and Santiago was in heaven. He was walking along the promenade on his way home from a meeting in ops and decided a short walk on the promenade was warranted and the smell drove him in. The owner was a Bolian woman named Enawin Saff, and she had the same obsession with the caffeine.

He sat there sipping a fresh cup of Kona Coffee beans grown in Hawaii back on Earth. As he noticed the Lieutenant Commander enter the establishment. Santiago gave a smile to Enawin and turned to greet his new crew member.

Jonas spotted his new CO and dropped his duffel to the floor. "Commander Vela?" A formal salute quickly turned into an offered hand. "Jonas Flynn. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

Santiago took his hand as he set his mug on a table, "Nice to meet you, would you like some coffee Enawin here flies in fresh beans from most of the Alpha Quadrant. She has a Risa Blend that I recommend. If you'll join me?"

"Sure," Jonas replied, taking a seat and turning to the Bolian barista. "I'll try the Risa Blend, extra cream, no sugar."

Enawin nodded and left to retrieve the drink.

Leaning back in his chair, Jonas folded his hands in his lap. "So, Commander, where would you like to start? I'm afraid I've only been given the most basic information about the Fearless and her mission, and I'm aware you probably have several questions for me." He had several questions himself, but figured it was best not to bombard Vela all at once.

"Well Commander," Santiago smiled, "I'm going to level with you, since the launch of our little ship we've run into red tape on every level. I feel I might have stepped on someone's toes up the ladder. Since taking command I've lost a Task Force Commander, Two Task Group Commanders, got reassigned to a new Task Force and had multiple roster changes to include yours," Santiago paused and sipped his coffee.

"Honestly looking at your resume I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition to our crew. Although you may not receive the warmest welcome." Santiago said sternly, "The crew had gotten comfortable with their previous XO and she will be on station were they live. Just too close to home."

"I see." Jonas' coffee arrived and he thanked Enawin. He tasted it tentatively and then drank deeply, considering his next words as he enjoyed Vela's recommendation. "I'm certainly sorry to hear of the disruption to your command. I'll do my best to make this transition as seamless as possible. I can certainly understand some initial resistance from the crew; fortunately, I have some background in interpersonal relations and conflict resolution." He cracked a smile with that last bit, before lifting his cup to add, "Excellent suggestion by the way."

"Thank you," said Santiago, "I have very, few loves and wants in life a good cup of coffee is on the top of the list." Santiago frowned, "I'll send you a full listing of our mission. We are on station for a group of VIPs from the Detapa Council arriving through the week. It seems the upper brass wants to make sure they feel safe with a Defiant guarding their borders. As soon as they are gone we'll depart for a tour of the sector. If any of the crew gives you any trouble let me know. Although I'm sure you can handle them. They are a good crew." Santiago stopped to take another sip of his coffee. "Now do you have any questions for me?"

There were any number of operational questions Jonas could ask, but as he relaxed with the coffee he felt there would be time for that later, and most of the information could be gleaned from reports and meeting with department heads. Instead, he wanted to use this time to get a better feel for the man he was serving under. "So tell me, Commander - what do you like to do for fun?"

"Honestly," replied Santiago, "I'm a history buff when I'm not reading the ancient history of some ancient culture. I try to relive them in a holodeck. I haven't had much free time lately, spent the last two months getting the ship ready and correcting all the minor issues from the shakedown. I feel like we are finally ready."

"That's good to hear," Jonas remarked. "On both fronts, actually. But that does remind me... my predecessor, Commander Jax? She was also your Chief Operations Officer, wasn't she? Do we have a replacement for that position yet? I'm afraid anything to do with Ops or Engineering are my weak spots. I can manage a station if needed, but anything beyond basic... well, just not my forte, you know?"

"We don't have a replacement yet," Santiago sad sighing, "but, Dara trained her department well I'm sure they can handle Operations until we do. For you I think better we have a counselor on ship but perhaps you can gauge the morale of the crew for me," Santiago smiled, "Let me know where the crew stands."

"Will do," Jonas confirmed, glad that his particular skill set would be useful to his captain after all. "Now, about those historical holo-programs..."

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