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Resistance is Required

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak
Edited on on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 1:50pm

Mission: Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: February 6 2394, 0900 hrs
Tags: 71101.0900

Yid leaned over the engineering console, his face rapt with attention as the data scrolled by. He actually had two data feeds going, one vertical and one horizontal. He'd resorted to his favorite past-time when bored, chasing the elusive energy drains that continued to plague the ship. He worried about the meeting with the captain in a few days. He'd want an update and as of right now all Seeyak could say would be "Well, sir, I don't know anything." After which, he'd be reassigned to a garbage scow. The EPS tap on deck three... there was something there. It niggled at his thoughts. He felt like he was looking right at the answer... and then he was distracted by footsteps on the metal flooring. He looked up and frowned. The still unfamiliar face of the new XO, Commander Flynn, hove into view.

Seeyak stood up. "Is there something I can help you with, sir?"

"There is, Lieutenant," Jonas practically beamed, happy to finally have some face time with the illusive Chief Engineer. "If you have the time, I've been trying to acclimate myself with the ship. She might not be big, but there's a lot going on, and I was hoping you could show me around Main Engineering."

Seeyak's face fell into what he thought of as his stone face. He used it whenever he was trying to keep control over his emotions. Or when he was making bombs to kill Cardassians years ago. "Sir, it would be my pleasure to instruct you on how engineering works. I am aware that you previously served as a counselor and that might have left your knowledge of ship's engineering systems below where it needs to be. Please, let me give you the tour."

And there it was, exactly what Commander Vela had warned him about. There were several ways Jonas could choose to respond to the blatant disrespect, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. A strongly worded reply could certainly put the Lieutenant in his place, and such an approach had been known to win some confrontationally minded crewmen over. But that just wasn't him. He much preferred to keep things civil... if pointed.

"Very astute of you, Mr. Yid," Jonas began. "If you know these engines half as well as you know the personnel files of incoming crew, it seems we won't have anything to worry about down here. However, I do ask that you indulge me, and as I'm sure your noted from your readings, I am familiar with basic engineering principles. I have, after all, managed to serve as an Executive Officer for two years prior to this assignment. So please, do not feel as if you need to talk down for my benefit. I'll be sure to ask questions if I don't understand something."

Seeyak smirked. So soft. This one wouldn't have lasted a minute in the war "Very good, sir. Lets start with the warp drive," he said, leading his way to them. "As you may know, the Fearless has a unique power supply/ consumption problem that requres constant attention. With the help of my staff, I've managed to get our output manamgement to 103%. I've also completely re-written the EPS network's flow stability matrix, which is going to be a big help. Lets go over here and I'll show you the cloaking device" Seeyak said. Despite his dislike of the XO, he couldn't help but fall into a friendly teacher mode. Talking about the engines and the rest of engineering simply made him happy. He ended the tour in a nearby cargo hold. A massive machine was in parts that were scattered all over the room.

"Oh," Seeyak said. "My apologies sir, I forgot this was still in pieces. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Jonas regarded the parts surrounding them. "Is this a portable multi-phasic shield generator?"

Seeyak shook his head. "No, sir, although I could understand that. We used a good portion of parts from one of those. We are in the prototype stage of building an armored AV suite. As you know, we don't have marines onboard and so this could help even out the balance if we need extra power."

"Good idea," Jonas nodded. "Given our mission profile, it seems we'll be headed for more conflict than I'd like. Still, there's always hope diplomacy can prevail... but it's nice to know you've got some surprises in store for those who feel otherwise." He stepped back to survey the whole room again. "Have you seen a lot of combat, Lieutenant?"

Seeyak's face froze. He thought about those days long ago. "Yes, sir. I have seen enough combat for two lifetimes. The Cardassians didn't care if they were shooting children, women or men. So I fought." He looked at him with a steady gaze. "And you? Have you faced combat?"

"Not really," Jonas answered, feeling deeply for what the man must have went through but keeping his tone conversational. "Best I can claim are a few skirmishes, actually. Half of those before my Starfleet career, to be honest. I've usually been able to talk myself out of most tough spots." He winced inwardly at his last comment, knowing there was no way to talk oneself out of an Occupation. Score one for sensitivity from the former counselor.

Seeyak nodded. "Would that diplomacy solved everything," he said and then pointed to the prototype. "But when it doesn't, its best to have surprises in store, right sir? Especially when the enemy is stronger than you. Is there anything else I can show you?" Some of the grimness had left his face but his heart was still heavy with the weight of the past. He shrugged it off mentally.

Jonas looked around. "Not at the moment, Lieutenant. Thanks for your time." He extended a hand to the Bajoran.

Looking down at the extended hand, Seeyak paused for a second. Maybe not as bad as I thought? he asked himself and then shook. "Anytime, sir."

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