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No Names?

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 8:52pm by Lieutenant Kae'el th'Zirnov MD
Edited on on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 1:49pm

Mission: Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes
Timeline: February 5 2394, 2230 hrs
Tags: 71099.2230

Kae'el was dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a white, rather snug fitting, tee shirt, when he walked into The Broken Earring on board the station, his white hair, still damp from the realshower he had just taken, clung to his head. The lounge was fairly crowded, for it being just 22:30, so it was easy to find a seat at the end of the bar. He ordered a drink he had first heard about at the Academy, a mojito.

"Make it two," came a voice from behind him.

It belonged to Jonas, also freshly showed and sporting a tightly fitted maroon tee. Tight black pants and black shoes completed the simple but enticing look. He had spent the day becoming more acquainted with Empok Nor than the Fearless; settling into permanent quarters, re-doing some of his transfer paperwork, following up on personal errands. In fact, he'd barely met any of his new crew. PaDDs containing photos and biographies of the senior staff sat untouched on a desk in his new quarters. It had all been too much, and since at this hour introductions could wait, what better way to relax than to have a drink with a hot guy. A drink, and maybe some company - no strings attached.

"Mind if I join you, handsome?" Jonas asked, leaning against the bar and pressing himself lightly against the stunning Andorian before him.

Kae'el had noticed the pinkskin out of the corner of his eyes when he was approaching the bar, had noticed he was attractive, but not paid much attention to him, until he was spoken too. He turned then to face the stranger, his right antennae curling forward. He hadn't really come to the bar to do anything other than having a drink and passing the time, but he couldn't resist at least flirting, even if it turned out to be just flirting. "Of course, you can," he said, "just know, compliments will you get you... well I won't tell you quite yet where they will get you, but you're pretty cute yourself."

The mojitos had arrived and Jonas held up one for a toast. "Here's to finding out."

Kae'el clinked his glass against the other man's a slow smile playing at his lips.

Jonas drank deeply, emptying a third of the glass. It served the dual purpose of being very refreshing and giving him the courage to ask, "So tell me, Andy, just what do you do? Oh, and I'm Hugh, by the way. And I don't really care, just make it something fun." No names, no consequences, and apparently no taste - Andy the Andorian and Hugh the Human? Subtle.

~So, this is how it is going to be,~ he thought to himself. He'd not really played a game like this before, but he was willing to.

"Well," he said I'm an artist, would you like me to draw you?"

"Maybe," Jonas grinned, enjoying that the hot stranger had picked up what he'd laid down and gotten into character. "It might take some time though. You know, to find my good side."

"Oh, I hope it takes hours. I like to take my time. You wouldn't mind trying different poses would you?"

"Not at all, I'm pretty flexible," Jonas teased. "All that Starfleet training." Oops. "Damn, I can't even play my own game, can I? Oh, well. Jonas Flynn. For real." He extended a hand in greeting.

"Kae'el th'Zirnov," the Andorian doctor replied, "I'm Starfleet too, I must confess. But, I'm still willing to play our little game if you are."

"Alright, alright," Jonas chuckled, taking a more measured sip of his mojito. "Ok, I'm Hugh, right? Retired velocity player, just passing through on my way to judge a tournament. You ever play velocity, Andy?"

"Oh, I've played lots of games, not bad at it really,"Kae'el responded both antennae curling forward, "but I'm always up for new experiences Hugh, could you show me how to play?"

Jonas nodded towards Kae'el's glass. "Finish your drink, and we'll find someplace to play."

Kae'el swallowed the last of his drink and sat it on the table."I'm ready when you are, and not to sound old school and lame, but your place or mine?"

An hour and a half later the pair were embracing on the floor of a holosuite configured as a Velocity court. The equipment brought with them lay unused just inside the door, and Jonas was savoring a lingering kiss with 'Andy'. After several minutes, he came up for air.

"So, um, not to pry, but I just have to ask - Starfleet Medical or Engineering? Sorry, it's just you're really good with hands. I can only imagine you engage in... delicate work."

Kae'el smiled at the compliment, "You were pretty good with your hands and all the other parts of the body too. I happen to be a doctor, I don't think that any sane Captain would want me near Engineering. What about you what is your position? Your Starfleet position that is.

"Command by way of Medical," Jonas sighed, rolling onto his back and resting his head on his arms. "Started out as a counselor. Ended up, at least for now, as an Executive Officer. Just met my new CO today. Which, speaking of..."

Flynn sat up and pulled on his shirt. "If you'll forgive me, I have a lot to do tomorrow, er, I guess, today. Should probably try to get some shut eye." He reached over to gently caress the Andorian's arm. "Thanks for the great match," he laughed, acknowledging the unused

"Well," Kae'el responded, as he rolled off of the floor and began searching for his clothes, "I'd say anytime, but I doubt we'll see each other again, so I'll just say thanks. I had fun too. And I'm actually counseling as well. So, I guess, we have more than just great sex in common."

Jonas nodded affirmatively, found his pants, and waved good-bye.

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