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Agree to Disagree

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 8:51pm by Captain Santiago Vela & Captain Winfield Hood & Gil Kalim
Edited on on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 1:48pm

Mission: Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes
Location: Empok Nor
Timeline: February 5 2394, 1800 hrs
Tags: 71099.1800

The conference room in Empok Nor was a tense. Elim Garak sat at one side of the table with the rest of the VIPs from the Detapa Council and Captain Hood, Gil Kalim, Commnader Vela, and Lieutenant Commander Flynn sat opposite them.

Elia Fronda from the Cardassian Science Ministry, was speaking to the continued joint exploration of the Cardassian Sector. "I have noticed that since our agreement with the federation the Cardassian Science Ministry has taken a back seat to Starfleet interest in the sector," she said. "I want assurances that moving forward we will be able to act with more autonomy and be allowed to pursue our scientific endeavors outside of Cardassian space."

They had been in the office for the better part of 3 hours and much of it was the same. Captain Hood as the ranking Starfleet officer in Cardassian Space sat and listened to demand after demand from tech to defense and now science. Winfield sighed audibly, "Councilor Fronda I will see to it that our scientific research and exploration efforts don't interfere with the goals of the Cardassian Science Ministry. As to research outside of Cardassia there is nothing in the agreement stopping Cardassia from exploring our preforming scientific studies outside of Cardassian Space."

"Come now Captian," interrupted Garak, "every ship that leaves Cardassian Space has been ordered to dock at Empok Nor for a full inspection. We have had our hands tied for over five years now. All we ask is for a modicum of independence."

"I understand Garak," Winfield was visibly tired from the meeting. "Look I was an Lieutenant when the agreement was signed between Starfleet and the Cardassian Union. I agree that perhaps it's time for a change, but I believe we'll have to be subtle about this and I can't guarantee everything you want will be made all at once. We have to pace this thing."

As the Captain finished his statement the screens in the conference room changed and a face appeared on them. It was none other then Marrat now adorned in the military drab of the old Cardassian Military, "Good Afternoon," said Marrat, "I can't say how pleasant it is to see Elim Garak, head of the Detapa Council, begging for scraps from the Federation. I warned you that making this agreement would make us weak." Marrat adjusted himself in his seat. "I apologize for my interruption of your little meeting, but as I wasn't invited and all of you have assembled, I felt this would be a good opportunity to voice my own concerns."

"Marrat you have no business here," Garak almost spat out. "Captain end the communcation please."

"Don't be so hasty, Elim," replied Marrat, "I am a prominent business man in the Cardassian Union. One of the most prominent, even though I don't like to brag and I have a grievance to make with this congregation."

Everyone in the room adjusted in their seats uncomfortably, "I have been trying to tell the Council that with the downsizing of the Cardassian military we have not been safe for years. Constant raids on my mining operations have caused me to hire on outside help from the remnants of the Dominion and while I have fared well enough. My purse is suffering. I come before you to tell you that I will be offering my protective services to fellow business owners throughout the Cardassian Sector. As I know longer have ties to the Cardassian Union I wanted to make it clear that my Private Security Service is not a build up of Cardassian Military."

"I don't suggest you test the resolve of the Cardassian Defense Force and Federation," said Garak, "the Cardassian Union doesn't take kind to private militias in there sector."

"Councilor Garak, I highly doubt you or your Starfleet friends will fire upon my business enterprise and I'm sure you would lose what little support you have left amongst the Cardassian people if you ordered the CDF to fire upon my ships. Let alone I'm better armed and I have the best of your former military working for me," Marrat paused and rubbed his chin. "No, I've thought this through you won't want a war with me. I'll let you run your little government and I'll become rich protecting our space and reassuring all of the systems that Cardassia can be as strong as it's always been. Perhaps next time you'll invite me to your little meetings."

Marrat ended the communication and the room sat in silence for a second.

"Captain, I trust that you won't hold the actions of that lunatic against us," Garak said, "I will however request a favor from you. I see you have the Commander of the Fearless here."

"Yes Commander Vela and his crew have taken up residence here as they've been assigned to the sector," replied Winfield.

"Well Commander Vela you've been quiet during this meeting," Garak smiled, "I would like to ask for you to take your ship, a Defiant Class if I'm not mistaken and take a tour of our sector and if you happen upon the forces of Mr. Marrat perhaps you can bring us back some information regarding his company strength."

Santiago didn't like being put in this position. He was told to attend this meeting to show the Cardassians that Starfleet meant to protect them and now he felt he was being thrown into the fire. "Well to be honest I was planning on taking a tour of the sector anyways, but Councilor I will not endanger my crew on a foolish mission. If Marrat isn't bluffing he will have a considerable force even more than the Fearless can handle."

Jonas raised an eyebrow but stayed silent. Vela was being forced into this assignment whether he wanted it or not, and the pair hadn't worked together long enough for the XO to risk accidentally undermining his commander if he spoke up.

"Garak I understand Commander the Cardassian Union would be grateful for any and all information you could provide about the State of the Union," Garak responded, "with that I must take my leave as we will have a lot to discuss with the rest of the Council."

Elim and the rest of the Councilors stood and left the room in what seemed like a funeral procession. "What do you think about what just have Sir?" Santiago asked Winfield.

Winfield sat for a second and thought, "Well Santiago I can't say I disagree with Garak. We need to know what we are facing."

"I understand Sir," Santiago stood. "I'll have the ship ready right away." He looked over at Jonas, "Do you have anything to add Commander Flynn?"

"I think this is just the tip of an extremely intricate and hazardous iceberg, sir," Jonas commented. "But we have a good ship and an honest intent to explore and patrol, which includes getting to know the natives of this sector. Including Marrat." The XO smirked, drawing on his counseling experience. "Marrat is secure in his position of power, or at least he believes he is. If we encounter him, he will likely be inclined to engage in some insincere hospitality in order to show he has nothing to fear. Especially if we approach any encounter as presumed allies."

"I agree," said Santiago. "We'll have to be careful. It seems like a Recon mission but we can't go looking into Marrat operation head on. It has to seem like none of our plans have changed," Santiago's hand rubbed his chin. "We'll depart in a couple of days and continue our plans to tour the Cardassian sector. We'll fly the Starfleet flag and make sure everything is proceeding as expected. If we happen to run across Marrat and his operation well wouldn't that be fortunate."

"Captain Hood," said Garak, "I think I like your Commander Vela. I'll be following your progress Commander."

A Joint Post By:

Commander Santiago
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flynn
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