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Oh, For the love of....

Posted on Sun Aug 13th, 2017 @ 3:23am by Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister & Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon
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Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Fearless bridge
Timeline: April 6 2394, 0745 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.0745

The bridge was nearly empty when Wintrow stepped onto it. He had never been on a Defiant class vessel before, but it had him realize that compared to the others, this vessel was very tiny indeed. The Sarek had been relatively sizeable, the Galileo had been small but compared to those, the Fearless was really tiny. Of course none of the vessels compared in any way to the size the Falkirk had, but bases far outclassed ships anyways.

The boy shuddered at the memory of Falkirk. Though he had loved being a marine and had learned a great deal, his heart still lay with the fleet. And with constantly getting grounded for no good reason thanks to his extensive medical records, he felt he was better off with Fleet anyway.

He ran his hand across the flight console, another shudder passing through his thin frame as he remembered the last time he'd been allowed to fly a starship. It had been his very first time, and it had turned into quite the drama. Yet here....perhaps this was a new chance?

"Don't get too excited there, Curls." Ingrid said from the starboard bridge entrance near the back of the room. She leaned casually against the open door with her arms folded under her chest. She observed the boy with a look that somehow managed to conveyed suspicion, pity, and amusement. "I wouldn't want you to cry too hard when I say no."

Wintrow jumped, literally at the sound of her voice and whirled around, his eyes wide. "What?" he managed to squeak out before he caught hold of himself. He drew in a few steadying breaths, then managed a small smile. "I'm a pilot ma'am," he finally blurted out, "well...going to be when I graduate. I'm still learning."

"I can see that." she said with a thin smile, standing up and walking slowly and casually toward the man standing next to the helm, her arms still pressed under her chest. "I'm a pilot." she said simply, stopping in front of him, slightly too close for someone who'd just met him and looked him in the eyes. In her beautiful eyes was steel and something wild. "Well, THE pilot, that is." Her smile widened but her eyes stayed hard and focused.

Involuntarily, Wintrow took a step back, his hand resting on the console as he broke the stare by looking away. Some way to meet your boss, he thought as he fought to recompose himself. "Ma'am," he murmured, looking up and offering an uncertain smile, "Cadet junior grade Wintrow Paragon ma'am. I'm here to learn fly a starship..."

Ingrid nodded and her smile grew to be rather genuine, yet still full of sarcasm. "There we go." she said with satisfaction. "I'll tell you when you're a pilot, Curls." she said, placing one lightly tattooed hand on the younger man's shoulder. Her touch was gentle and casual; quite feminine. She was very confusing sometimes.

"So, before you got here, you were on a tour at a marine base, huh?" she asked. Her demeanor had completely changed and now she seemed perfectly friendly, if not harmless.

"Yes ma'am, and im fully qualified to fly shuttles and Razors." He frowned at her use of a nickname and unconsciously he tried to flatten his unruly hair. "My name is Wintrow ma'am," he added softly as he flinched at her sudden touch.

"I heard you the first time." she said with a nonchalant nod. She moved her hand back to her side and then up to the back of the conn chair. "I was aboard a Marine Base for a while too." she said, then she tapped the back of the seat. "Sit."

Wintrow sat instantly, resting both hands on the console as he let his eyes travel across the surface. His face took on a somewhat anxious look, really hoping that this time he wasn't going to be thrown in the deep end with flying a starship. "I had switched to the marine track but discovered that way I'm really more at home as a Starfleet officer," he confessed. "Their CMO grounded me for no reason at all, and I was utterly miserable. If I can't fly then what's the point in being here, when that's what I love to do?"

"They keep telling me being in Starfleet is about the greater good and blah blah blah..." she said, stepping beside him and inputting a series of commands into the console with quick and well-trained fingers. "This is flight training simulation 13. You'll be flying through a crystal maze."

On the viewscreen, a simulation of a strange crystalline object appeared in space before them. There were many openings with tunnels that were too tight for even a Defiant class ship to fly through with comfort.

Ingrid, crossed her arms under her chest. "Find the other ship using sensors. If you lose it, you fail. If you crash the ship, you fail."

Being a fighter pilot however had honed some of Wintrow's precision piloting skills. However piloting a larger Defiant class was something different. His face was a mixed mask of concentration and anxiousness as he focused on the maze. Knowing the controls were now tied to the simulation and not 'out there', he did his best to navigate through the maze.

He had a few narrow calls when he was navigating bends and curves and while he was doing quite well on the navigation part, using the sensors at the same time was a tricky thing. The tip of his tongue stuck out between his lips as he worked, slender fingers flying across the board. "How do I use sensors in a maze like this?" he asked, without looking up. "It just bounces back..."

"That's a good question." Ingrid said blandly. "I'm not going to answer it right now. Just accept that it's an emergency situation and you are the most capable pilot on the bridge."

As Wintrow piloted the holographic ship, they came out into a clearing with hundreds of possible paths to take and asteroid-like objects flying around fast in unpredictable patters.

"Welcome to phase-two." Ingrid said, tapping the chair with her hand. "Good luck."

"Aren't you supposed to teach me how to do this?" Wintrow muttered darkly, returning his attention to the simulation at hand. He had to remind himself that this ship was not as maneuverable as a fighter, but far more agile than the Nova class he had served on before. He set a course towards what seemed like an open path to him but kept manual controls.

He cursed under his breath at a really tight turn, seeing a red flag on the screen where one of the smaller rocks had hit the shields. The boy shook his head in annoyance. "Can i use phasers to shoot them out of my path?" he asked, while executing a twisting and looping turn.

"You can do whatever you need to do." she said, watching the screen. "Though, you may find it difficult to program weapons on fast-moving objects while flying around them and navigating."

A huge rock loomed into view onscreen headed straight for them. The sides of Ingrid's lips turned up into a slight smile. It was a smile she didn't feature, but did not apologize for. She thought on his questions about whether or not she would be teaching him and her smile widened even more.

Veering the tiny ship away towards the starboard side, Wintrow fired off a rapid burst from the port phaser array in the hope of either bursting it to smithereens or knock it away enough to steer it off course. "I'm a fighter pilot ma'am," he answered without looking up. It was clear the boy was able to concentrate on a task as well as listen to what was going on around him. auto pilot was not something he was used to so he was literally navigating by had, using controls he wasn't wholly familiar with.

The phaser blasts collided with the huge rock and smashed into a million still-large shards. Many of them came streaming toward the screen and, with a series of beeps, the simulation came to a sudden ending.

"You were a fighter pilot." she responded with a grin. "Now you're dead." Ingrid ran her tattooed hand over the console and ended simulation mode. "Good work, Curls. I'll schedule our second session soon."

Only now looking up, Wintrow had an odd expression on his face, his dark eyes sparkling intensely. "My name.." he said slowly, clearly not liking what she called him, "is Wintrow." And, he had already earned a callsign, which was listed in his service record. Why did she insist on calling him as she did?

She stood in front of the helm where he was sitting, her palms resting on the back of the console as he spoke. She observed his demeanor and looked at him for several seconds. Her face was emotionless and her eyes were cold. After some time, she finally spoke. "This program you've just run is programmed into the helm on the El Cid. Spend the next few days practicing it during your duty shifts. You're expected to improve your score next time." she said. Her expression was unreadable. One couldn't tell if she was angry, amused, or apathetic. "Is that clear, Cadet?"

Even with his empathic abilities, for some reason he couldn't get a read on how she was feeling regarding his performance. Wintrow gave her a slight nod. "Yes ma'am," he answered flatly, "My entire shift ma'am or part of it as I have other studies as well..."

"Improve your score. Take whatever time you need to do that." she said, raising her hands in a lifting motion. "Get out of my chair."

"Ma'am." The young man jumped and scooted out of the way. "Permission to see to my duties ma'am?"

"Granted." Ingrid said distractedly as she lowered herself behind the CONN gracefully. She signed into the console as the man left the bridge. I smile crept on her face; she'd always loved picking on newbies.

A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Fearless

Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon(PNPC)
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Played by LTJG Tyrion Faye


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