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Another Doctor's Visit

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 3:34pm by Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye & Lieutenant Anne Noelle
Edited on on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 7:08pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: April 7 2394, 1300 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.1300

Shaking his head, Tyrion closed the door of the Vault behind him. He spent the last few hours familiarizing himself with his new work space, then realized he still needed to report for his physical. "Pesky physicals," he muttered as he walked the short distance to the ship's medical facility. "Can't they just use the information from the last one?"

He was still scowling as he entered sickbay, clearly not wanting to be here in the first place.

Amie was busy looking over patient files and psych evals when a middle aged male walked in with a sour look on his face. She looked at him as it seemed he was resistant to come by. "Afternoon, who ordered you to come see me?" She asked trying to break the tension.

"My assignment," Tyrion answered curtly, handing the woman his medical record. "I've just transferred from Falkirk. Where I've recently had a physical...due to some alien attacking telepaths by means of some virus."

She looked over the charts. She didn't have time to read it in detail, but she skimmed the summary reports. "It looks like the last exam you are clear of the virus. Any lingering effects?"

The Betazoid shook his head. "No ma'am, not that I'm aware of. I've not experienced any more hallucinations, thankfully." He looked around, then nodded towards the nearest bed. "Do you want me to lay down?"

"Yes, please." She walked over by the bed as Tyrion layed down she began a basic scan. "Any new aches, pains you would like to report? Any stress your working through I should know about?"

"Just missing my daughter, I had to leave her behind on Empok Nor." Tyrion lifted himself onto the bed and settled, looking up at the ceiling for a moment. "I keep a picture of her on my desk just to remind myself who I'm doing this for now. I never imagined being a father but...she's growing on me." He smiled softly. "She was about four months old when she was literally left on my doorstep....sent to me by her real mirror universe counterpart."

"How old is she now?" She asked as she completed the scan. "You can sit up." She said as she started to look over the details on her PADD as she waited for any answer.

Sitting up, Tyrion crossed his legs and leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. "About eight months or so, I'm not entirely sure. She's half Betazoid, half Orion and from the letter that came with it, she was conceived using his DNA which was implanted in her mother. Her mother was killed shortly after her birth. I never met my counterpart, I don't know what he was like or if he still lives. but I do consider him to be honourable if he went this far to save his little girl."

She looked up from the PADD that was a very interesting story. Kind of heartbreaking. "So did he bring the kid to our Universe or did she come here alone?"

"I don't now. I found her literally left on my doorstep. I took her to sickbay and the doctors ran a DNA test. Phase variances aside, she's my daughter so I decided to do what's right." Tyrion smiled. "Once we get back to Empok Nor, I'll bring her in for a check up. Meanwhile, can we get back to mine please?"

She could tell that the child was a touchy subject. It would be something she would try to get him to talk more about later. Trust had not been developed yet to push the subject. "Well other than some of the previous issues you have in your file it looks like your fit for duty. Any questions for me?"

Tyrion thought for a moment, then nodded. "if this was my uhm...medical....then when do I report for the psychological part?"

"Well if you would like to talk about something now is a great time to bring it up. Other wise you seem fit for duty on both counts." She said with a reassuring smile.

"How does one get over two break-ups in a relatively short time?" Tyrion asked, somewhat sarcastically. "I got married and divorced within months, had a new very unplanned relationship shortly after that and then my partner was suddenly reassigned without prior warning, and he told me to not look for him and just move on."

She stood and listened to the concern. "Well you start by not looking at it as getting over the break-ups. You will never truly forget the feelings you had and how it felt when they are gone. The best way to deal with the breakups is to find something constructive that you enjoy and poor yourself into it." She paused as she had a seat in a chair to make the room feel more relaxed. "Like if you love the outdoors, or working out, or reading. Whatever brings you the most peace."

"Working out..." Tyrion chuckled. "Just enough to meet fitness requirements. I don't really have any particular hobbies, and what can one do on a tincan as this?"

"Well you don't need much room to engross yourself in a good book. Also as for the small craft, I am told we will spend quite a bit of time in ports like Empok Nor. We are not made for long exploration missions. So you will have to take advantage of our port times I know I will." She smiled at him.

"What do you do for fun?" The Betazoid asked, "do you have a family with you?"

Anne noticed the change of target he was trying to do but she played along because best way to build trust and get someone to open up is to open up yourself. "No, no family. As for what I do for fun. On a small setting like this I plan to read a ton and do some cooking in the mess. When we get a chance to be planetside or on a holo program I love to be outdoors."

"Cooking...that's something I'd like to learn." he gave her a sheepish grin. "I can't cook even if my life depends on it and I should've learned a long time ago I know but I just never saw any need. But now with a child, I need to be able to in case of emergency. I can't feed her rations now can I?"

"Well I suppose you could. It may not be very agreeable to them" She joked.

"My ex was formidable in the kitchen, but he never ever let me near it," Tyrion grumbled, "even if I wanted to help he wouldn't let me. Do you think there's someone who could teach me some basics?"

"Oh I am sure there are plenty of avenues on learning I took a cooking class once via Holodeck. When I have free time I would go and progress to the next days training. It helped me expand my ability in a kitchen." She folded her hands in front of her as they talked. For someone that didn't like Sickbay Tyrion was really opening up easily.

"A holodeck." Tyrion rolled his eyes. "Why didn't I think of that, excellent suggestion doctor, I'll look into that. So, am I good to go? All certified and fit for duty?"

"Yes. It was a pleasure to meet you. My door is always open." She said as she shook his hand and walked him to the door.

Joint post by

Lieutenant Anne Noelle
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor, USS Fearless

Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Fearless


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