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Flighty Flyboy

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 9:37am by Captain Santiago Vela & Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: April 6 2394, 0900 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.0900

Relieved that his meeting with his direct supervisor was over, now Wintrow faced what he considered to be one of the hardest tasks ever: reporting to the CO. How were they going to react to having a relatively experienced cadet on board? Wintrow didn't consider himself a prodigy by a long shot, but he did consider himself good at what he loved to do: fly.

With trembling hand, and taking deep breaths to calm his frayed nerves, he pressed the chime to the captain's ready room.

Santiago had just finished grinding fresh coffee beans. Grown in Hawaii Santiago had been partial to the Kona blend against his parents wishes who preferred a more traditional Colombian blend. The smell of the beans as they ground always prepared Santiago for the rest of the day. The chime to his office took him out of his ritual. "Come in," he said placing the coffee grounds into a small coffee machine he had installed in his office. Something about fresh coffee made everything about the day better.

A dark haired young man walked in though if one looked closely, one could see he was actually naturally blonde. His eyes were too dark for someone fully Human though they had a green blue sparkle to them when they caught light. The hand holding the PADD shook slightly as he approached the desk. "C-cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon reporting for duty sir," the boy blurted out, his accent heavy through his nervousness.

"Welcome to the Fearless, please have a seat. When they told me they'd be sending a cadet I was skeptical. Then they told me it was in flight control, I was even more confused. A Defiant Class ship is one of the fasted most maneuverable ships that the federation has. You don't put someone with little experience in the drivers seat." Santiago paused waiting for his words to sink in with the Cadet.

Wintrow paled a little at those words. Surely he wasn't going to be thrown off straight away for not knowing how to pilot a starship? Or would that incident on Galileo haunt him forever?

"But, after talking to a few of your instructors they tell me you are the one they would trust leading a fighter wing into combat and some of the instructors are trusted friends. So I look forward to what you got to show." Santiago new that most pilots need to be challenged to shine. "You think you are up for it?"

The boy breathed a sigh of relief and some colour returned to his pale features. "Yes sir," he managed, "I love to fly sir, there's nothing I'd rather be doing than fly. And with a little help, I'm certain there's nothing I can't fly sir. I...I've been flying for a few years now, I started with Razors when I was seventeen."

"Well your Chief is a special person," said Santiago, "make sure you follow her orders explicitly. I hear she has a habit of getting physical with her crew when they put themselves or the crew at risk." Santiago poured himself a cup of the coffee. "Would you like some Cadet? There really is nothing like a cup of fresh coffee."

"Ph-physical?" The boy's eyes widened as he nodded. "Y-yes please.." Perhaps the caffeine might help steady his already frayed nerves.

Santiago smiled pouring another hot mug of coffee, "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about because you'll follow orders. Right?" Santiago like messing with the young ones. Especially when they were still cadets. He handed the young man a hot mug. "Sorry all I have in my office is sugar I could replicate some cream if you like."

"Black is fine sir," the boy answered, visibly trying to relax, "and yes I follow orders." He folded slender fingers around the mug as if to avour the warmth it offered. "Though I'm not quite sure what to do here sir, this ship doesn't have any fighters does it? And my last attempt at flying a starship..." he bit his lower lip as shame coloured his cheeks. "...I'm sure that tale goes around. The boy who bashed a Nova into another ship..."

"Wait what? You think we don't have fighters? The Fearless is more a fighter than a starship. She's one of the most maneuverable ships in the fleet. Is there any question why I would want a natural fighter pilot at the helm?" Santiago sat taking a sip of fresh coffee with his eyes closed fully taking in the aroma. "As far as crashing the ship goes. That's not an option here Cadet. I'm sure your Chief, the Chief of Engineering and our Chief of the Boat have enough instruction to ensure that doesn't happen." Santiago smiled.

"Uhm...." Wintrow hesitated. "My last instructor didn't even tell me what to do to be honest. The one on Galileo....he told me to fly when I'd never flown a starship before and it was chaos, we were in the middle of a battle and then..." He shook his head. "I hope never to have that happen again sir. I know I'm a good pilot..."

"You don't need to worry about that Cadet," Santiago smiled. "You won't have the helm until you are ready and I trust Lieutenant Hollister to make sure you are ready before she gives you her chair. That being said. If you have any issues my door is always open."

Santiago stood up and walked towards the door.

Wintrow stood as well and followed. "Thank you sir...I best head to sickbay now i think, for my physical?"

"Sounds like you have a plan so I'll leave you to it. Welcome to the Fearless Cadet."

A Joint Post By:

Captain Santiago Vela
Commanding Officer, USS Fearless

Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon(PNPC)
Flight Control Officer

Played by LTJG Tyrion Faye


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