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Posted on Mon Jul 24th, 2017 @ 4:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak & Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon
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Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Engineering
Timeline: April 6 2394, 1300 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.1300

A tiny ship as this, surely engineering wouldn't be too hard to find on this tin can? Wintrow sighed as he took the same turn yet again, very sure that he'd walked the full circumference of the ship a few times by now. He was a pilot, how in heaven's name could he get lost! Finaly, after feeling he'd been walking for hours after leaving the ship's medical bay, he walked into engineering.

He needed to get his maintenance classes sorted. if he was to fly this tin can, he wanted to know how to perform the most important maintenance tasks too. Far more sure about this meeting, than he was meeting the doctor or even the captain, the young cadet walked up to the nearest person he encountered. "Excuse me, I'm looking for uhm..." He peered at his PADD. "Lieutenant Commander Seeyak?"

Crewman Miriam Harrington laughed. "I am certainly not him," she said, smiling. "Cadet, a quick lesson. If you want to talk to the chief of engineering, he's usually either in some cramped corner of the ship or in his office." She pointed to the small office where the Commander Seeyak could be seen pacing back and forth while looking at a PADD. Miriam leaned in a little closer and whispered. "He doesn't bite."

Following her gaze, the boy managed a smile. "I've heard that before and I've learned that some people actually do bite too." Drawing a deep breath, he gave her a final smile before beelining to the office. "Commander Seeyak?" he queried carefully, dearly hoping the woman wasn't playing him.

Seeyak looked up. "Actually, cadet, it is Commander Yid. Bajorans put their family names first." He said the sentence in a way that indicated he'd been saying it his whole life. "Now, what can I do for you?" He smiled, remembering how his own senior cruise had gone. The academy was one thing but being out in the fleet was entirely different and he'd been much older than this young cadet.

"Uhm..." Momentarily flustered at the name correction - and seriously how could he have missed the nose ridges? - Wintrow failed to answer properly. "Uhm," he repeated, "I like to learn to maintain what I fly sir..."

Seeyak's eyebrows went up. "A pilot who wants to do something besides damage my ship? Amazing!" He moved around his desk, small as it was, and slid into his seat. He dropped the PADD onto the desk where it clattered to a stop just short of falling to the floor. He motioned for the cadet to sit down. "What's your name, cadet and when did you arrive on the Fearless?"

Shoving the PADD onto the desk to save it from its precarious position, Wintrow eased himself into the other chair. "Cadet Senor Wintrow Paragon sir, I'm a pilot. I arrived earlier today but had others to report into first." He offered his own PADD which contained his service record. "It's my belief that, if we're ever stranded somewhere, I should at least be able to do basic repairs to my own craft sir...and to me a Defiant is no different. Even a ship as small as this can get stranded somewhere."

"Are you saying that I am negligent in my duties, cadet?" Seeyak said. He let the moment hang for a spell, watching the effect his words had on the young man. "Just kidding Wintrow. I find it refreshing that you want to know how to fix things after you crash my ship into stuff." Seeyak picked up the PADD and read through its contents. The cadet was a bright one, but almost all cadets were, and he did have a gap in his knowledge base. "Do you have any thoughts on where you would like to start?"

"I don't intend to crash anything sir," the boy muttered before his enthusiasm returned somewhat. " support isn't unimportant to know something about," he added thoughtfully, "or shield control? I mean fixing the defensive systems might be a priority even over engines at times right?"

Outside the office someone dropped a spanner and a short stream of curses filled the air. Seeyak acted like he hadn't heard. "Yes, those are both pretty important. I think we should start with examining the EPS grid. As you know, the EPS grid is the main conduit of power to all the systems on the ship. It flows from the warp core, through the plasma injection manifold and out into the ship via the EPS grid network. I happen to have an unruly EPS tap not far away and you can assist me in repairing it. What do you say?"

Wintrow blinked in surprise. "Right now?" he asked, not having expected to be dragged along right away. Yet he nodded eagerly, what was the point in doing nothing anyway? The young pilot was rather busy with something than sitting idle. Sitting idle only allowed him to let his thoughts wander into memories that were no longer relevant or desired. "How does an EPS tap get unruly sir?"

Seeyak smiled and stood. He was moving to the doorway as he spoke. "Generally, they get unruly when you forget to visit them and say nice things. Come on. Let's go crawl through some jeffries tubes and get dirty."

Both eyebrows shot up as Wintrow gave the man a long and serious stare. "Visit and say nice things?" he shook his head in wonder; this was going to be an interesting assignment. His stare turned into an honest grin soon enough though at the mention of getting dirty. "I don't mind getting smudged at all sir...if I'm not needing a clean uniform at the end of a shift, then I feel I have done something not quite right."

Seeyak laughed. "I like you, cadet. Are you sure you don't want to switch to engineering? I can train you properly before you head back to the academy for graduation." He lead the way to an access panel on the far side of engineering. "This EPS tap is important because we are shifting the deuterium tanks and it has to be shunted. Come on." He crawled into the tube, humming softly to himself.

"I'd like to do both sir, I'm pretty sure I won't be flying all the time and so I need something to do when I'm not flying," the cadet answered without pause for thought. It was clear he knew what he wanted to do with his career. "Shifting tanks how, and why?" he asked as he got on all fours and crawled into the tight space right behind the chief. It was a good thing he wasn't claustrophobic. "What do you do for fun sir?" he asked, trying to keep up a conversation.

"Well," Seeyak said as they crawled. "The engineers at the shipyards weren't following the newest procedures and the tanks are too close to the main EPS junction. If we ever go to full impulse and fire all of our linked phasers, the EPS grid will blow and we will be left without power." He paused and looked at the cadet over his shoulder. "And that is less than ideal." He turned and continued crawling. Some of the plasma relays allowed enough light to see. "For fun, I crawl around jeffries tubes, teach young cadets and I tinker. I like to make new things. I also play basketball, an old Earth game that I learned at the academy."

They rounded a corner and their destination was in sight. Seeyak stopped next to a bulky access cover and sat down. "Ok, this is an EPS tap. Basically it is one of the plasma junctions that directs power to smaller subsections of the ship. Have any idea how to run a diagnostic on one?"

Wintrow shook his head. "I know how to maintenance shuttles and fighters sir....I don't know a whole lot about starships...and my last assignment was on a marine base. I'd be grateful for an explanation sir."

"Well, lets go over the basics of plasma energy systems. I am sure that your instructors covered this but it doesn't hurt to check," Seeyak said. He took fifteen minutes to run over the basic functions of the EPS grid in general and then the function of the plasma manifold and how the warp and impulse drives provided the power. He thought that Wintrow was tracking what he was saying so he removed the protective access panel, revealing an intricate web of plasma pathways that branched and twisted in an almost undecipherable mass. "So I'm going to run a diagnostic on this." He pulled out a tricorder and ran it slowly over the access panel opening. On the small screen, a knot of red appeared near the bottom of the web.

"And that is our problem, cadet. Now what you are going to do is use this plasmal scalpel to separate those two small branches that have fused," Seeyak said, holding old the finely pointed tool.

The boy blinked as he was handed the scalpel and shifted it to his left hand. "I'll need a little space sir," he apologized as he wiggled past the chief engineer to get to the other side for easier access. "Is there any kind of tweezers I can use to guide the scalpel so I won't cut the wires?"

"Nope," Seeyak said with a grin. "Concentrate and you'll do fine. The goal is to cut the two that are fused and that will restore the proper flow of plasma."

Holding his breath, Wintrow got down on his knees and reached forward, steading his arm with his right hand in the hope of stopping his hand from trembling. "Just separate them with the scalpel right? Not cut them right through?"

Seeyak's smile flickered. "Right. Don't cut them. Just carefully cut them away from each other. You can do it." He watched the cadet lean forward, the blade descending. I won't tell him about the potential for burns he thought, holding his breath.

Too concentrated on the task at hand, Wintrow had drowned out all sensations from the officer watching his every move. Where he was normally very sensitive to other people's feelings and moods, when he was utterly concentrated he somehow managed to just drown them (mostly) out. He drew in a deep breath, and carefully wedged the tip of the scalpel between the two fused wires. He wasn't even aware he was holding his breath as he lightly pulled the blade along the wires.

There was a slight hissing sound as the scalpel sliced cleanly through the two plasma lines. Seeyak let out his breath when he realized that neither of them were going to need to visit sickbay. It would have been a bad way to start his teaching career to cadets.

"Nice work," he said and then carefully took the scalpel back. He waited a moment and then ran the tricorder over the EPS tap. "It is amazing that a small repair like that can be so important. Plasma flow is up three percent and everything looks stable. You're officially an engineer Wintrow."

Wintrow cast the man a beaming smile as he exhaled. He reached up to wipe tiny drops of sweat from his face. "I never used a scalpel before sir," he admitted, "all I've done so far is maintenance fighters and shuttles." He breathed a sigh of relief. "I honestly don't mind getting dirty sir, greasy I mean...there was this one time when my fighter had a leak and as soon as I opened the hatch I got drenched in some kind of fluid. I'm still not sure if it was coolant or oil, but it was black as heck."

Seeyak scooted back and turned to crawl away. "Lesson number two, cadet. Always clean up after yourself. Put that access hatch back on and lets go get something to drink." He paused and looked back at Wintrow. "Good work. You can tell me about that fighter over our drink. I've never worked on them."

Nodding, the boy put the hatch back into place and secured it tightly. He waited for the CEO to start moving, then crawled afer him. "As long as it's alcohol free sir," he answered smartly, "I'm not allowed to drink otherwise.."

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Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Fearless

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Played by LTJG Tyrion Faye


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