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Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 12:38pm by Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister & Lieutenant Anne Noelle
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Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Crew quarters
Timeline: April 7 2394, 2000 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.2000

Ingrid let out a sharp puff of air as her head raised above the bar. She lowered herself and then lifted back up again, releasing the same intense puff of air. The pull up bar she had been using was really an observably high shelf handle. She wore grey shorts and a matching sports bra and her skin was glistening from sweat. Her many tattoos, also glowing with perspiration, seemed to flex as she used her muscles to move her fit and shapely body up and down.

She was so busy with what she was doing that she almost didn't hear the door open; if she weren't trained, she wouldn't have noticed at all.

Anne had been busy her first few days she had barely had a chance to use her quarters. She had even crashed in her office one night. When she had been in her quarters she had missed meeting her roomie. Anne figured the roomie may have as busy a schedule as she did or they just worked opposite shifts. She had just seen some more of the crew and was going back to the room to relax and get away from the medical side of things.

As she walked in the room she saw a very attractive, strong, tattooed women before her. The perspiration was glistening in the dim light provided in the room. Anne found herself trying not to stare but it was hard. She almost stepped out of the room to make sure she had the right room but than saw some of her belongings by her bunk. "Hello I am Anne Noelle." She introduced herself.

Ingrid pumped herself up and down a few more times before she released the bar and landed confidently on her feet. She turned around, her greyish hair dancing as she turned, and fixed her hard eyes on the woman who'd just arrived. She offered a smile that seemed to hide a bit of mischief as she reached one of her hands behind her head to casually scratch at her scalp. "Hey." she said simply, her smile remaining. "You must be my roomie, then."

"I am. Glad to get a chance to meet ya. I have been so busy in Sickbay I have spent most of my time there." She said as she got a good look at her gorgeous hazel eyes. They seemed very soulful. Anne found herself starting to get jealous she had a body like that.

Ingrid noticed the woman's less than subtle staring and her smile widened a bit. "You're the doc, right?" she asked as she lowered herself into a stretching position. "Specialize in cuts and bruises?"

"Cuts and bruises are more the nurses speed. I handle the flesh eating virus, or reversing death. You know more of the miracle worker." Anne joked hoping her new bunkie had a sense of humor.

"Oh, thank God." Ingrid said with a chuckle. "A roomate and a miracle worker all rolled into one." She changed positions and began to stretch her other leg. "Is this not the tiniest little ship you've ever seen?" she asked with a sigh. "I was on a marine base before this, so I'm about to lose it."

"Yeah it is tight, but I think we will get plenty of docked time at Empok Nor and other ports." She said reassuringly. "So your the pilot of this rig, huh?"

"I sure am." Ingrid said, taking time now to stretch her arms and shoulders. "And, in case you were wondering, all those bad things you've heard about flyboys is true. Welcome to hell."

Ingrid gave a free and high-pitched laugh, not apologizing for her humor. She leaned against a wall as she stretched, fixing her intense gaze on the woman across from her. She noticed her lean build and blond hair. She had blonde hair as well once, but that was a lifetime ago; so much had changed since them, so much had been taken away. For a moment, she experienced sadness and some resentment to the woman for seeming so pure and unbroken. In the next second, she hid those feelings with a mischievous smile, knowing her feelings weren't fair.

Anne tried not to be rude as she was talking and putting some of her belongings in place. She was still unpacking some. Even though she left most of her personal belongings on the station, she had brought some stuff to personalize her space. "I really haven't heard much bad a about flight officers, but then again I spend more of my time in medical you usually only see Security and Marines." She laughed.

"We avoid you guys like the plague." Ingrid said, standing up and walking over to the woman. She extended a hand. "Nice to meet ya."

"Nice to meet you as well." Anne said as she stopped what she was doing to shake hands.

As the hand shake ended, Ingrid started gathering some clothes from her own closet and shoving them in a black bag. She was in some need of a shower and she thought it best not to delay. "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other alot." she said with an unpretentious smile as she picked up the bag and headed out the door.

A Joint post By:

Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant Anne Noelle
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor, USS Fearless


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