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What's A Drink Among Friends

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 10:26pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Edited on on Mon Aug 7th, 2017 @ 8:24am

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: White Stag Pub, Promenade - Empok Nor
Timeline: April 6 2394, 2000 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.2000

Hadir sat and sipped his vodka and cranberry juice as he waited for his friend to arrive. He felt bad for bringing up some old bad memories when last they met but he hoped that this time things would go a little better. At the very least he owed the man a drink. Hadir's thoughts were drifting mainly to the last time that he was on the promenade of a Cardassian station. Man, things look entirely different. Well the times do change things. He thought. He saw Tyrion and his daughter coming toward him and that snapped him out of his stroll down memory lane. "Tyrion, I am glad that you could join me, and who is this lovely young lass?"

The little girl on the Betazoid's arm buried her face against her father's shoulder upon seeing the stranger. Her slightly green tinged face seemed to darken a little as tiny fists clutched the man's uniform. Tyrion stroked the girl's straight black hair and smiled. "Yes this is Danya. It may take her a few minutes, she's not used to meeting with strangers."

Hadir smiled at the little girl, "Well, Danya I am Hadir how do you do?" He looked over to Tyrion "What can I get for you and Danya?"

"I'll have a large coffee and for Danya some apple juice and a rice cracker. Though it's really very late for her and I wouldn't be surprised if she falls asleep soon."

Hadir signaled one of the servers to fill the order. "So tell me Tyrion how do you find adjusting to the Fearless and her crew? Life here at the edge is a huge change of pace for me even if it is a homecoming of sorts."

"My last assignments were very different....with the Galileo we were very much out there and with Falkirk...." he paused. "I'm glad to be away from that frozen hell. I don't mind cold but...being one of the few fleeters there made me less part of the whole you know? Being here, and feeling wanted is a welcome change." He shifted the child onto his lap as he sat down. "How is it a homecoming for you?"

Hadir sighed and thought for a moment as he pondered the question. "Bittersweet I would say... I am happy to be home, I mean what living being does not enjoy returning to their home. However, I cannot go to Cardassia Prime at least not yet. Add to all of that the cold shoulders that I not only get from other Cardassians stationed here at Empok Nor, but from certain members of the Fearless' crew."

"I'm sure they'll come around. It's the average reaction to old memories and people they don't know." Tyrion shrugged. "i get odd looks too...people are scared of telepaths despite all the ethics we have to adhere to. All the secrets we have to keep, that we're not used to keeping." He nodded towards his daughter. "She's half Orion, I'm terrified of what she'll have to endure while growing up."

"You may want to start looking into hormone suppressors now. The hormones of an Orion female can be formidable indeed. But nurture before nature I believe. I think with you and anyone else that you or deem worthy to guide her she will be fine." The server arrived and presented the drinks, Hadir then asked the server to fetch another for him.

"So, tell me what is your favorite experience with Starfleet thus far."

"My favorite? I honestly don't know....I'm not sure I have a favourite yet because all my nice memories are quickly followed by bad ones from the same situation. what about yours?"

"Come now Tyrion no war stories to share. I'm sure there are more than a few happy memories in there. One must look on the brighter side of life. For all good times there are bad times etc... Well, I will start it you wish. My favorite was back in 2385 I was serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga as the Deputy Chief of Security. Captain Timothy Jenkins was set to negotiate an agreement with the Nausicaans in order to pass through their space."

Hadir paused in his story to take a sip of his drink which had just arrived.

"Now I am sure you know how surly the Nausicaans can be. I was assigned as the Captain's bodyguard. At the height of the negotiation I noticed a twitch in the eye of the Nausicaan ambassador's bodyguard. I decided that I had to act then and there and lunged at the Nausicaan. As I did a hidden assassin waiting for the right moment took his shot and the phaser blast hit me in the shoulder, although the blast was meant for the Captain. I managed to pin the Nausicaan down. It all happened so quick that the Captain and the Nausicaan Ambassador had no idea what was occurring. The Captain asked for an explanation and all I could say was sorry for ruining your negotiation while laughing. "

Hadir laughed boisterously for a moment when the story had finished. "Come now Tyrion, your turn. I am sure the little one would like to hear a tale of her daddy's daring doo."

"Well..." Tyrion hesitated. "There was that one time where I placed filters in the air ducts in my and my roommate's quarters, back on the Galileo..." He smiled at the memory. "There was a tribble infestation and my roommate was allergic to fur. So...I got him a naked rat. my roommate thought it was a little weird and so we kind of dared each other to shave our heads bald."

Tyrion ran his hand through his hair and cast the Cardassian a sheepish grin. "I felt really awkward for a few weeks, but hey, I did follow through and so did my roommate. It got us a few laughs."

"Well, you with a bald head that must have been a sight. I had someone play a slight practical joke on me involving the environmental controls. Due to Cardassian physiology if the temperature goes below or above certain figures the color of our skin can change. Let us just say it was rather inconvenient. So may I ask about the little lasses mother. Who is the lucky lady?" Hadir chuckled and gave a wink to Danya when he mentioned her.

"Well practical jokes are something entirely else, and I won't really engage in those. You never know how someone might perceive them right." he bit his lip as he considered the question. "I don't know. I don't know who her mother is I uh,.." His cheeks flushed scarlet here. "I've never been with a woman.."

Hadir could tell that his question made Tyrion rather uncomfortable, so he rushed to change the subject. "I have been curious and if this is too forward please let me know. How does it feel being a Betazoid? I mean feeling everyone's emotions and hearing their thoughts all the time. It must be exhausting." Hadir said as he sipped his new glass of Kanar.

Tyrion looked up and nodded. "Extremely," he answered, "though I had to learn young to block it out. And I left Betazed when I was seventeen, getting away from a bossy mother and sisters, and all those people prying into your thoughts. I went to Earth and just pretended to be Human. I denied my heritage for so long, it got easy to just block everything out. I got more trouble with really reading someone. I can do it, but I don't really want to."

The little one began to doze in her daddy's lap so Hadir lowered his voice a smidge. "What would you like to know about me my friend I am an open book."

"not so open," Tyrion chuckled, "I can't get a read on you no matter how hard I try. What made you join starfleet? Why immerse yourself among people who clearly don't want you here?"

"You cannot read me because I was trained at a very young age to block out my mind. All Cardassians are you will have a hard time reading any Cardassian. I joined Starfleet because I believe in what Starfleet stands for. After seeing so much back stabbing and political scheming during my time spent during the Dominion War. Your last statement dear Tyrion is mostly incorrect. I have experienced acceptance from most of Starfleet for most of my career. So I would not say I am not wanted. However, I am sure there are certain officers who wish to serve with me. I believe that I will become friends with those officers or not. But if they are true Starfleet officers than they will follow my command should they find themselves under it. I am also out to prove something for every person who tells me Cardassians are evil and should be locked up I will show five that they are not all like that and I will befriend them. There are evil Cardassians, just as there are evil humans, just as there are evil Betazoids, etc... Evil is a factor of life and I am it's opposite." Hadir's voice grew more impassioned as he spoke. It seemed that this was something he felt strongly about.

"I don't consider any species as evil per sé, it's the groups that ruin it for the rest. Much like back in the 21st century, with all those wars going on between religions. It was one group who set the picture for the rest and because of those groups, people though the rest was just as bad as them. But once you get to know them you realize that there are those that are much different than the painted picture. similarly, in that same era, being in a same gender relationship was considered to be wrong. People thought that such individuals were ill and needed to be cured." Tyrion frowned at the idea of being considered diseased.

"Indeed, and in those examples that you made it took individuals to stand up and say we are all not the same, not like what is believed etc. I plan on being one of those people for Cardassians, like Leget Damar. A man I had the pleasure to serve under."

Tyrion nodded. "Lamar is legendary," he admitted. "I saw a hybrid Cardassian girl on the manifest. I hope she too can and will be proud of who she is." He shifted Danya on his lap, making her comfortable as she slept. "Perhaps she can be a role model to other prejudiced hybrids."

"Indeed Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che she is the Chief Science Officer and was at the staff meeting yesterday. I do hope you are right, I am desirous for the crew to bond like a family. But only time will tell for that."

The two exchanged war stories and drank for many hours as the young girl slept in her daddy's arms. They began to build a friendship that only two men who have seen too much and done too much can build. Hadir found the man to be wise beyond his years, perhaps that was because of the empathy behind the other man's Betazoid eyes. Tyrion's was an old soul and Hadir found himself thinking as the time went on that he rather enjoyed this trait.

The two men met as aquaintences and crewmates but when the time came for the little one to be put to bed they parted as close friends.

A Joint Post By:

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Fearless

Danya Faye

Played by LTJG Tyrion Faye


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