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Posted on Wed Aug 16th, 2017 @ 11:40am by Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon & Cadet Junior Grade Cibu Ara
Edited on on Sun Aug 20th, 2017 @ 6:56pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Crew Quarters 302
Timeline: April 7, 2394, 0015 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.0015

Ara arrived at her quarters. She had just finished her shift and had decided to skip dinner and just head back to her quarters. Oddly enough, even though she had been onboard for three days now, she hadn't seen her roommate at all. There were signs of his existence, but they just hadn't crossed paths. Maybe we're on opposite duty shifts. She thought as she grabbed a PADD and started the record of her day, a requirement from her advisor.

Wintrow too had noticed he had a roommate, but from the personal items that were neatly put away he couldn't really make out who she really was. All he knew was female but that was it. He had put his small gerbil cage out of the way so no-one could ever trip over them and the two remaining rodents were quite happily running in their little wheel. Wintrow walked in just as Ara had sat down to record her log. He was whistling softly, then stopped mid-tone as he spotted her. "Oh...hello," he greeted, the waited politely for her to finish.

Ara looked up from the PADD at the whistling. She glanced up at the sound, and then back at the PADD. She then realized that he had spoken.

"Hello. I'm Cibu Ara, I go by Ara." She pointed at the earring that would have given away the fact that she was Bajoran. If my nose ridges didn't also give that away. She thought, now feeling a little foolish.

Nodding, as he clearly had noticed the tell-tale ridges on her nose, Wintrow approached and held out his hand in greeting. "I'm Wintrow Paragon," he introduced himself, while steeling himself for the physical contact, "most call me Win though..." He smiled. "I'm a pilot, and you?"

Ara grabbed his hand, a little too vigorously by his face. She withdrew her hand with an apologetic look.

"I'm with Sec/Tac. Although I'm not sure about it. Mom and Dad are both officers, so Starfleet is in the blood as they say." By the Prophets, I'm talking a lot. She trailed off and looked at his shoes.

He followed her gaze and wondered if something was wrong with his shoes. "There's no shame in being unsure about your path," he offered, "and there's no reason you have to be Starfleet if you feel it's not for you. My dad was a diplomat...i just want fly."

Ara shook her head,

"It's not that I don't want to be in Starfleet, I just don't know what I want to do in Starfleet." She chuckled. Three years in and she still hadn't figured that out.

"I've always wanted to explore. When I was a kid we parked the Flint off of a super nova in progress. It was awesome to see everyone simultaneously running around collecting data, and also stopping at random windows to just watch."

"Sounds to me like you're in the wrong track," Wintrow commented with a smile, "from what you just said, I think you'd prefer science more than security?"

Ara laughed again,

"Oh no, I'm terrible at Science."

"Are you? I'm doing a minor in engineering, and Hollister has me practice stuff on the El-Cid. She wants me to improve my scores, while Yid has me crawl through tubes practicing fine motor skills." He grinned. "Sometimes, I do feel like a child in a candystore here, I do love the crawling around."

She was glad that her fellow cadet was enjoying the assignment thus far, she felt like she was just barely holding it together. She glanced down at the PADD in front of her. Her report was due in a few minutes.

"Sorry, I should finish this." She said as she gestured to the PADD.

"I think your hamsters are hungry, they were squeaking when I came in."

Wintrow grinned at her. "They're Gerbils....and don't worry I won't let them run free. But feel free to pick them up on occasion, they love to be held." He gestured towards her PADD. "Go ahead, we can talk more later. In the morning I mean."

A Joint Mission Post By:

Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon (PNPC)
Flight Control Officer, USS Fearless

Played By LTJG Tyrion Faye

Cadet Junior Grade Cibu Ara
Security Crewman, USS Fearless

Played By LTCMDR Lee Abernathy


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