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Settling In...

Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 6:46pm by Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye & Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che
Edited on on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 8:43am

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Officers Quarters, Deck 1, USS Fearless
Timeline: April 7 2394, 2330 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.2330

===Science Lab,USS Fearless===

Sara swiped the PaDD screen clear having checked her notes and read through the ship's expected rotation and plans for tomorrow. She looked around the Science Lab - her own little domain on the Fearless - and, finally, it appeared as if it was just about up and ready to run. There were a few more tweaks and system diagnostics to run through though they could wait until tomorrow.

Something nudged her ankle and, looking down, she saw her grey Persian cat, China, looking up with what she expected was an arched and critical gaze. "Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you, baby" she muttered and stroked the feline behind the ears. "Better get you... and me settled in" she mused and, picking up the cat and a shoulder bag, made her way to her quarters on Deck 1... Sh*t I'm rooming with someone! Sara suddenly remembered slapping her forehead. "Let's go and find out who?" she muttered to the cat.

===Officer Quarters, Deck1 ===

As sara approached her new quarters China lept impulsively to the deck and the cat quickly snaked in through the quickly opening door (as Sara had set her collar ID tag to let her roam around some of the non-essential areas of the Fearless)...

Tyrion was just sticking a few pictures to the wall inside the confines of the bottom bunk. A small case lay open on the bed revealing some personal items. He looked up when something hopped onto the bed and he smiled. "Hello there gorgeous," he spoke, reaching to scratch the cat behind the ear. "Who might you be?"

Sara leant against the door-frame as she looked in to see LT JG Faye, she absent-mindedly brushed a loose strand of hair away from her eyes, it seemed, at least, that China was making a new friends.

"Her name's China, a pure bred grey Persian... and a little primadona" Sara said. "I hope you don't mind animals? Though I wouldn't worry too much as she seems to spend about 22 hours a day sleeping and the rest grooming herself. She's a short hair peke-face and she doesn't moult or loose her hair so you don't have to worry about cat hair all over your uniform" she explained with a smile.

Tyrion looked up and smiled brightly. "I don't mind at all. My last roommate had a naked rat and my last partner had a very big furry dog. I'm not at all concerned about fur." He continued to crawl his fingers through the audibly purring creature's fur. "She's gorgeous."

"What are your views on sharing? I mean how do you feel about cohabiting?" Sara asked after a moment. "To be honest I hadn't even considered the possibility of sharing quarters, even though I obviously knew that space would be at a premium on a Defiant Class vessel"

"I have no qualms about cohabitation, to be truthful I think it makes things a little less lonely. If you're worried about privacy though, i'm sure we can arrange something like a screen or ill just make myself scarce." Here, the Betazoid gave her a somewhat sheepish smile. "Though....while I can appreciate female beauty, I'm afraid I look more at the male spectrum of any species."

"Not a problem with me" Sara replied with a shrug of her broad shoulders. "I'm single and expect to stay that way for the foreseeable future" she added. Sara knew that some people had some antiquated notions to same sex relationships though, in her view, they should have stayed in the twentieth century not the twenty fourth.

"I've got a collection of old fashioned books and various volumes on my personal reader PaDD" she nodded in the direction of her belongings she'd dumped on her bunk. "You're welcome to browse... Though it's mostly boring technical journals and scientific papers though I do have some fiction classics saved on the PaDD and an antique, if somewhat dog-eared, collection of Asimov of short-stories in paperback format"

"If I have time I will," Tyrion answered, "though I'll probably stuck in my office most of the time."

"I don't have loads of 'stuff' as such just a few things I've collected if you don't mind me taking up some of the shelf-space" Sara added as she looked at her meagre collection of worldly goods. Two holdalls and a shoulder-bag, not too much to show for a life in service. "I'm not over tidy though I will make an effort"

"I don't have much either, take all the shelf space you need so long as I have a small corner to put up a picture of my daughter." he pointed up to one of the shelves which sported a single framed picture of a tiny -clearly hybrid- girl with shiny black hair, almost black eyes and a green-hued skin. "As far as tidy goes, we could put a little schedule together or divide the room in half and each sees to their own half. it worked well for me and my roommate on a prior assignment."

Tyrion chuckled. "And he was ├╝ber tidy..where I'm not really. Or wasn't I suppose. if we do this together we can keep it spic and span enough, right?"

Sara nodded as she walked in, attempting to clear her gear away though felt dog-tired.

"If you don't mind... Tyrion" Sara added struggling to remember the LT's first name after a long day of work and numerous introductions. "I'm going to get a shower and then crash. I'll sort my stuff out in the morning if that's okay with you?"

"That's fine." he pointed up. "Top bunk's all yours ma'am." After all he'd already claimed the bottom bunk.

The cat China yawned expansively, her short tail sweeping back and forth. Sara yawned as if mimicking her cat and then looked sheepishly at her new room-mate. "Yeah.. quick shower and bunk down in order".

"I'll watch this beauty while you do," Tyrion promised, continuing to crawl the feline behind the ears. "You like that don't you," he purred at the cat, "you like all this attention hm?"

Sara looked at Tyrion with China and, it seemed the cat was in good hands. In a fatigue fug she tried to sort some things off her bed before. I'll have to sort that in the morning she thought to herself with a total lack of conviction.

"Think I'll forego the shower 'til morning... Night'" Sara waved to her new roommate and clambered into her bunk... She was probably asleep before her head hit the pillow.

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