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A Burden Shared

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 10:14am by Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye & Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak & Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy & Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che
Edited on on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 3:09pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: April 6 2394, 0800 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.0800

Seeyak rubbed his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. It had been a long night, to say the least. They'd successfully shifted all of the deuterium tanks and flushed and calibrated the plasma manifold. He was really impressed with the engineering staff, especially Lieutenant Corrine and Petty Officer Ameen. They had been everywhere, prodding and encouraging the rest of the team. Seeyak had, of course, been right in the thick of it as well.

Now they had to check the rest of the ship's systems and he didn't know if he was up to the task. No choice though he thought. He opened his eyes, scanned the message on the PAAD one more time and sighed. He was asking for help, something that did not come easily. Hopefully the officers he'd invited to meet would respond quickly.

Lee approached main Engineering. He had recieved a call from Lieutenant Yid regarding a meeting in Engineering, but the details had been a little scarce. As the doors slid open to the flurry of activity he saw Yid sitting staring at a PADD. The man looked beyond tired, and Lee was glad that he wasn't an Engineer.

"Long day Seeyak?"

He nodded. "Long days to be honest. But the good news is that the ship is now less likely to blow up than it was when I arrived. The bad news is there's more work to do, thanks to the problems that are coming in. I can't understand how this ship was released from the shipyards in the state its in," Seeyak said.

Given their rocky start before, Tyrion wondered why he'd been summoned. Still, the man well out-ranked him and so he considered the summons equal to orders to report. "What's going on?" he asked as he walked into engineering.

Seeyak wearily nodded at the junior officer. "Thank you for coming, Lieutenant. I'll explain once the entire group is here but it has to do with the captain's request during the staff meeting."

Sara walked in, a mug of coffee in hand though she wan't sure a constant diet of coffee and not much else was a good thing? No doubt the CMO would agree she thought as she nodded to Seeyak, Lee and Tyrion. She still felt tired though, it seems, her room-mate Lt JG Faye was an early riser as the room had been empty and noticeably tidy when she had eventually crawled out of her bunk. I probably look a sight! Sara considered as her dark hair was tied back in a still-damp braid following her morning shower.

"Morning gentlemen" Sara said raising her steaming mug of coffee in mock salute. Sara had caught Yid's message on her console when she'd checked it out that morning. In preparation she'd taken the time to download the Fearless' schematics and power grid layout from the yard's database onto a PaDD along with a copy of the ship's so-called 'Red Book'... The day-to-day Construction Log and snag-list from the Yard's records. An old trick she'd learnt from her time on Luna at Copernicus' Yards.

Seeyak smiled. "Good morning Lieutenant O'Donnel-Che," he said. "That's a lot of last name. Do you have a nickname I can use?" Only one more left and we can get this show on the road Seeyak thought.

"Sara or Che is fine with me..." Sara replied with a smile as, for the first time in a long time, she seemed to be settling in. "I've got the Fearless' schematics and construction snag-list on here" she tapped the PaDD. "So we can check through their logs and any problems the Yard noted during construction" she added as she sipped her coffee.

"How bad is it Yid?" Lee knew that the yard had done a shoddy job, but the ship had seemed pretty well put together as far as he could tell.

Tyrion openly stared as the woman, towell and all, walked in. Couldn't she at least have taken the time to just rub it dry? He shook his head as he sighed. "Who are we waiting on?" he asked bluntly.

Sara looked over, eyebrow arched. "Didn't know this was invitation only? Thought we were all ready to go? Anyone else can play catch up when they get here" she said with her usual lack of patience.

"Sorry," Yid said. "We are still missing one person but he can jump in. To answer Lee's question, it is bad. If we weren't needed so badly out here, I would probably tell the captain to point us in the direction of the nearest shipyard. But since that isn't an option, I've asked you all here to help. You each have some knowledge or experience that can help. I'd like you to pick an area of your specialty and begin repairs. I'll get my crew to you when possible and I will personally be rotating around to each of you to answer questions or offer suggestions. What do you think?"

"Repairs on what," Tyrion asked, "I still have no idea what exactly is going on..."

"I'm ready" Sara said tapping her PADD with the diagnostic and schematics data. "Just let me know where you wan me and what you require" she added as she looked around. Hope it's not transporters... cause I know naught! Sara thought to herself a bit glumly. Though she knew a lot of ships systems and knew the scientific basis of transporters themselves, the actual transporter technology was something she left too the spanner-heads of the Engineering department.

"Sir...I know how to get into any kind of computer system, but I'm no engineer," Tyrion reminded the CEO, "I can help getting people back into their systems, but I don't know how to repair any. job is to hinder communications, and steal information. Not provide it."

Yid nodded as Lieutenant Faye spoke. "I understand that you might not be an expert on fixing things but you know how they are supposed to look before you break them or break into them. I need people who can triage these systems. Find what is not up to standard and do what you can. If it is really bad, contact me and we will work together to get it fixed. Specifically, Lieutenant Faye, I am looking for systems that did not get setup correctly when the ship came out of the docks." He picked up a stack of PADDS and began to distribute them. "Each of these correlates to your area of expertise. Lets start digging through things. Better that we find something not quite right now than when we are in the line of fire."

Lee took the PADD and started looking over the systems. The list was extensive. He quickly started to organize the list to what he considered the most important systems first.

"Damn Yid, they really left us up a creek here didn't they?" Lee said.

"This is going to take some time," the Betazoid CIO commented dryly, "and I'll need to look at every system, physically and compare what I see and register to this list here.. Like I said, I'm no engineer."

Yid laughed. "Yes, they really did. I want you know I appreciate the help. I'll be right there with you. Lets get to it."

Sara nodded as she sipped her luke-warm coffee and checked her PaDD "to do" list and then turned to Yid.

"Ok I'll get on with it" she said pushing a hand through her still damp hair. "Let me know if you need an urgent hand with anything else on coms" she continued as she walked away.

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Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy
Second Officer, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che
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Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Fearless


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