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New Venues

Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2017 @ 10:16pm by Michael Taggart & Lieutenant JG Firestorm To Ennien
Edited on on Sun Aug 20th, 2017 @ 7:20pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Empok Nor, White Star cafe
Timeline: April 7 2394, 1300 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.1300

Firestorm's ears lay flat against his head as he walked around Empok Nor's promenade. His long tail lashed anxiously as he walked. He wasn't used to such a busy place as this, having served mostly on small starships before suddenly being reassigned as assistant chief medical officer. This was a big leap for him and he wasn't even sure if he would be readily accepted into the role. There were only few of his people in Starfleet, most choosing not to even leave the homeworld Sivao.

Various scents caught his nose and his ears flicked in surprise, his mouth watering. Food! Yes, he needed food, perhaps that'd calm his nerves. "White Stag," he murmured as he read a nearby sign, then followed his nose as he stepped inside.

Mickey had been cleaning his bar and in the few days since he set up shop he had developed a few steady customers. However, few of them had been Starfleet. Starfleet officers is where the real money was. But more importantly that is what I want to create, a home away from home for them.Mickey thought.

As he was lost in revelry in walked a, for want of a better description, man sized house cat in a Starfleet uniform. I was told that I would meet interesting people out here Mickey thought. He wave the officer over to the bar. "Good afternoon, my friend. I be Michael Taggart, but me friends call me Mickey, and this be the White Stag yer home away from home. What canna do yer for?" Mickey said extending a hand to the officer.

Firestorm nearly jumped out of his skin, his hackles raised and his tail became twice as thick. His pupils narrowed but he just managed to keep his claws sheathed. his ears flattened back against his head as he relaxed. "Food?" he queried, "do you have meat? And milk?"

"Aye, we do Leftenant. Is there a particular cut of meat ye would like, and how do ye want it cooked? Would you like to try the specialty of the house, tis meat... I didn't mean ta scare ya laddy, I jus greet everyone when they walk through the door. Have a seat lad..." Mickey said with a smile. This may be a weird looking officer, but a customer was a customer and that meant family as far as Taggart was concerned. He placed a beer mug filled with milk in front of Firestorm as the officer sat on a bar stool.

"Why do you call me that?" Firestorm asked in return as he allowed himself to be led to a seat and folded his paws around the mug, his tail lashing and gently tapping against the floor. "My name is Firestorm to-Ennien. It is my Name, it is what I choose to be called." His ears flicked. "Meat oh yes...uhm...underdone? Red meat but not raw...I don't know what kind though. Anything will do as long as it's red."

"Leftenant? I called ye that because that is what ye are." He pointed at the man's collar. "Yer rank, might I call ye Firestorm fer short." Mickey said as he set to preparing the food. A few moments later he laid a plate in front of Firestorm along with silverware. On the plate was a bloody rare steak, a piece of haggis, some vegetables and potatoes. "Now there yer go eat up... Ye look tired an haggard if ye don mind me sayin so. Is there anything you wan to talk about an get off yer chest."

"Haggissss?" Firestorm sniffed at the food, his whiskers twitching. "You must call me Firestorm," he then insisted, "it is my Name." The way he said it, it was indicative of a rite of passage. The feline looked down at his chest, raking his paws through his fur. "There's nothing on my chest?".

"Tis but a turn of phrase Firestorm. Something off yer chest means do you need to talk bout anythin. I'm a barkeep, very often I give better advice than counselors." Mickey said with a smile. "As for Hagis das a delicacy from my homeland. Tis seasoned meat stuffed into the stomach of a sheep. Enjoy..?' He added as he refilled the glass of milk.

"I do like meat," Firestorm answered, his ears perking up even as his tail coiled up tight like a corkscrew. He picked up the refilled glass of milk and purred. "And milk," he added. "I'm one of the doctors here on the station. Assistant chief..."

"Glad to meet ye... Forgive me fer asking but where are you from? I have lived on Earth me entire life before coming to the station. I dennae meet many people from other species." Mickey had to rush off for a moment after he asked the question. Another customer had sought his attention. However, he returned to the doctor in short order.

Watching the man rush off, Firestorm took the time to savour the dish he'd been served. It was odd, but not unsavoury at all. "My home is Sivao," he answered while cleaning his whiskers, "though I've found I get mistaken for a Caitian a lot....even though we do look very different." He moved his tail to demonstrate. "Caitians do not possess a tail as agile as mine." The tail snaked forward to wrap itself around the bartender's wrist. "This is how we say hello."

"Glad to make yer acquaintance." Mickey said as he shook the end of the tail as if it were the man's hand. "What do you like to do fer fun? I like to keep up and all of me customers favorites, foods, drinks, and activities." Mickey added.

"I take care of my pet, that's currently my main hobby." As if on cue, a miniature version of the Sivaoan hopped onto the counter. "This is Copper..."

Mickey was now horribly confused if I didn't love the stuff I would swear off Scotch for the rest of my life. He couldn't believe what he was seeing a cat, petting a cat. Now he had seen it all... "Hello Copper, what a cute cat." He said petting the feline. "Would Copper like some milk as well?"

"I should think so," Firestorm purred, visibly pleased by the effect the similarly coloured house cat had on his patron. "It was quite a coincidence when I found Copper. She was still a kitten when I got her about a year or so ago. Still had blue eyes. Like it was meant to be, I think?"

Mickey produced a small saucer of milk for the little cat. "I should think so." Mickey added. "Are ye stationed on the station or on one of the ships that calls the place home?"

"Here, on Empok Nor. I'm done wandering space for a while now I hope." Firestorm watched his little pet charge at the milk and held a piece of the haggis out to her. "And you? What brings you here?"

"Me Pub, I have always wanted to own a pub so ere I am. In the short time that I have been here I have realized that I love it here. I love all the different people and getting to know them and the planet that they came from. Got any good stories from you home planet that you want to share." Mickey said as he began to clean the bar.

The feline shook his head. "No, not right now but perhaps sometime..." He seemed to smirk. "Around a campfire?"

Mickey looked at his new friend and smiled. "You got it, you name the time and the holosuite and I'll be dere," he then chuckled.

"That's" Firestorm queried, not quite certain how this would be named. Could one date but not be involved? This was something he might have to ask his boss.

Mickey walked away down the bar to serve other customers as he thought Nice fellow, a little strange, but like a cat he grows on you He then returned to being the jovial host welcome all newcomers to the White Stag.

A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Junior Grade Firestorm to Ennien
Asst. Chief Medical Officer, Empok Nor

Played By LTJG Tyrion Faye

Michael "Mickey" Taggart
Owner & Bartender, White Stag Pub, Empok Nor

Played By CMDR Hadir Prenar


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