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Medical Assistant

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 4:46pm by Lieutenant Angela Abernathy & Lieutenant JG Firestorm To Ennien
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Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Empok Nor - Sickbay
Timeline: April 7, 2394 - 1600 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.1600

Angela had had a slow day. Most of the calls in had been for minor injuries. She was sitting in her office wrapping up some paper work before she had to go get Scott from school.

A long coppery coloured tail poked into the office first, the Sivaoan way of asking of one could come in. Not assuming in anyway that anyone would know this means of saying hello, a feline head followed shortly after as sharp claws rapped on the doorframe. "Doctor Abernathy?" the feline queried, before making a quick grab down. Coming back up, the feline was holding a much smaller version of himself between his paws. "I'm Doctor Firestorm.... Firestorm to-Ennien...but people should call me Firestorm..." The feline seemed a bit nervous, his ears twitching constantly.

Angela stood to greet the feline. She had never worked with a Sivaoan before.

"Welcome to Empok Nor Doctor Firestorm." She did not extend her hand, not knowing if Siovaoan's greeted anyone this way.

"I'm guessing you came in on the Pike? She was due in yesterday wasn't she?"

Firestorm nodded. "I did. I've never been on a station like this many sounds, so many people." Knowing the Human custom was to shake hands, Firestorm offered his own paw, carefully keeping his claws sheathed. "I should probably tell you...I'm not a surgeon, I cannot assist with surgery." Which was obvious given there was no way he could wear a sterile suit with so much fur and his long tail.

His whiskers twitched slightly as his quivering tail snaked forward and wrapped lightly around the woman's wrist, tightening briefly before letting go again. "Customary Sivaoan greeting," Firestorm seemed to smile, his tail now coiling into a very tight corkscrew. A note he was happier than he was before.

Angela smiled at the tail wrapped around her wrist. She tried very hard to push the word "cute" out of her head.

"As to surgery, thankfully, I have had to do none so far, and there is a Cardassian nurse here who is well equipped to assist if need be. If I may ask, what is your specialty? I haven't had time to go over your file. I only saw the transfer orders this morning."

"I haven't specialized, I want to learn as much a I can so I can be of the best of use." Firestorm pulled his tail back, "but my preference lies with general practice. See as diverse a patient base as I can and help anyone that I can help." He tilted his head a fraction. "What is yours?"

Angela nodded. She had enjoyed general practice for a while. Her residency had been with an alien pathologist, and he had hooked her. Although she hadn't done much with it in a few years.

"I actually specialize in alien diseases on human physiology, and vice versa. I did my residency on Vulcan with a Vulcan pathologist, Doctor T'vor. He may not have had emotions but he thouroughly hooked me on the subject."

"One doesn't have to be emotional about one's enthusiasm," Firestorm agreed, "as long as one is practical and does one's best." A purr all across his speech seemed to indicate he was sort of smiling, something which was difficult to see beyond the position of his ears and his tail. "When would you like me to start? Oh!" His ears perked up. "Do I see you for the boarding physical or uhm...a vet...." His tail drooped. "I need a vet anyway to have my pet cat checked out..."

Angela tried not to smile, she was able to keep her voice in check.

"Of course you don't need to see a vet. Between computer records and a little bit of a helping hand, I am sure that we can get you checked out, and your cat too."

"And guinea-pigging?" Firestorm seemed to chuckle. "As long as you don't treat me as a pet it's all good ma'am. I don't like people just randomly petting my fur as if I'm a curiosity."

Angela looked a little horrified at the thought. She could see how a child might make that mistake, but to treat any life form with anything less than the utmost respect, that was a problem.

"That sounds horrible." She said as she reached for a tricorder. She started up a basic scan.

"How long have you been in Starfleet, Firestorm?"

"Including my time at Stafleet Medical, over a decade," the feline responded, holding perfectly still except for the occasional twitch from his long tail. "See, for medical purposes I don't mind someone touching my fur...or if I feel it might give someone in pain some comfort but just random people, no." he seemed to grin once more. "How about you? How long have you been in Starfleet?"

Angela continued the scans. Although the feline anatomy was a little outside of her understanding, there was nothing that was standing out as a problem. She used the scans to cover her thinking about her career.

"Hmm, I think its been almost twenty five years now." Remembering her career inevitably ran to remembering the years that she and Lee had been separated. It was the quickest way to darken her mood.

She glanced over at Firestorm.

"My apologies, I don't really like to remember my history. Too many rough patches." She quirked a smile and grabbed a PADD to record the information she had gathered.

"You and your cat are apparently in perfect health."

The little cat purred, and the big cat echoed it. "You seem to recall something bad...I apologize for making something bad resurface ma'am. Everyone has their rough patches....I suppose." He watched as Copper hopped down onto the deck. "All I have is Copper for the moment, my family are all on Sivao and as far as I know there are no other Sivaoans assigned in this area."

Angela finished logging the physical and turned to Firestorm.

"Well, I hope that you find camaraderie here. I'll take a look at the duty roster and get you a schedule for clinic hours in the next day or so."

The door chime rang through sickbay.

"Perfect timing. Thank you for coming by, I'll be in touch soon for the schedule."

She glanced into the waiting area. It was one of the Bajorans stationed here, who was expecting her first child in the next few months. She had been in sickbay for every little pain or new sensation since she had gotten pregnant.

Angela turned to Firestorm,

"First time mother, she is very nervous about the whole thing."

Firestorm nodded in understanding. "I wouldn't mind seeing her, or learning more about alien pregnancies. No doubt I'll be seeing families too?"

Angela smiled at the initiative,

"Of course, Let me introduce you."

A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Angela Abernathy
Chief Medical Officer
Empok Nor

Played by Lee Abernathy

Lieutenant JG Firestorm to-Ennien
Empok Nor

Played by Tyrion Faye


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