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The Enemy of My Enemy...

Posted on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 2:14pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister
Edited on on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 3:40pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Cockpit of the El Cid - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 7 2394, 1300 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.1300

Prenar had been following the Captain's order of checking in on each department and assisting where needed. Since Science was completed yesterday he looked at the incoming reports from the departments. Hadir noted a report from Petty Officer 2nd Class Dorik. The weapons systems on the El Cid needed re calibration. Prenar knew that Lee had his hands full with getting the Tactical team trained up so he messaged Dorik telling him that Prenar would take care of it himself.

He arrived at the Shuttle Bay to find it empty save for Lieutenant Hollister who was sitting in the pilot's seat of the El Cid working on the shuttle's controls. Hadir sighed deeply he hoped that this encounter went better than the last one that he had with Hollister.

He rapped on the shuttle's doorframe. "Good afternoon Lieutenant. How do you fare today?" Hadir said tentatively...

Upon hearing a voice, Ingrid spun around in the chair to see who had entered her space. When she saw the XO, she took a sharp breath in and followed it with a deep and manifestly annoyed sigh. "I was better a few seconds ago, Commander." she said, looking at him with a steely gaze. She thought back to the conversation she'd had with Lee and remembered her promise to be nicer to the XO. That would be more difficult than ever.

The first time she'd encountered him, she'd become afraid. He'd reminded her of her difficult and abusive relationship and she found it very hard to put those feelings aside. Now, however, those feelings were starting to mix with others. Her relationship with her ex-husband hadn't always been bad and there were some found memories that she'd fought to bury deep down. She resented the XO for bringing those up more than she was afraid.

"What do you want?" she asked, arching a perfect eyebrow at him.

He smiled at her and downcast his eyes to the floor. "Petty Officer 2nd Class Dorik stated that the El Cid's weapons needed re calibration. I have come down to take care of it." He said as he slowly sat down in the shuttle's jump seat next to her and began the procedure. "It should not take me long and then I will be out of your hair Lieutenant. Besides it will give us a chance to get to know each other a little better." Like she wants ANYTHING to do with me... he thought.

"Oh, joy of joys." she said, sarcastically as she turned back to her own console. Her hands danced back to her work as several moments past in silence. At one point, Ingrid looked up from her work to steal a subtle glance at the Cardassian man. She looked at him and, soon, her stare was much less than subtle.

As his hands danced over the tactical controls he felt her eyes upon him. He was not sure if it was a look of contempt or if perhaps she was coming around. However, he thought a bit of levity was needed. His smiled broadened and his left eyebrow rose in the Vulcan way. "See something you dislike," he said as he let out a guffaw at his own expense. His hand rose subconsciously to the left side of his face, the side that she could see, it traced the scar that was there.

Ingrid forced back a smile successfully and focused on the scar he had touched. "What happened to you?" she asked, not answering his question. "Did a Bajoran try to split your skull?"

At the sound of the question he dared to turn and face her and he did notice the corners of her mouth subtly falling back into a neutral position. She smiled, she actually smiled albeit briefly. But it's a start, he thought. His excitement caused his palms to sweat and subtly wiped them on his pants. She had him giddy like a preteen, and he had to get a hold of himself.

He laughed at her comment, "Actually no, it was a Cardassian Leget that did it." The chuckle turned into a guffaw and he went on. "During the occupation of Bajor I was 15 and my father had just been promoted to Gul of the Obsidian Order. I had just graduated from Secondary School and had been assigned as his assistant to begin my military training. As the occupation went on and I witnessed the atrocities they began to effect me. One day my father sent me down to Bajor to hand deliver a message to a Leget. When I came upon the Leget I saw him beating two Bajoran children and something within me snapped. I attacked the Leget stopping his attack and allowing the children to escape. My punishment was this scar, it was said that it was to remind me of the pain I had inflicted on a fellow Cardassian. It actually serves as a reminder of the pain that my people caused to Bajor and the galaxy at large. Immediately after that incident I abandoned my post and went into the Bajoran underground assisting where I could for a few years and losing my family in the process. But that is another tale, and there dear Lieutenant Hollister is the whole sordid tale." He smiled as he wiped the tears that welled in his eyes away quickly, for this story always brought a tear to his eye. He turned back to the console and continued his work.

"So why Starfleet?? I mean with all due respect you don't look like the cookie cutter officer. Why did you join up? That is if you want to tell me."

Ingrid watched as the man told his story and wiped the tears away from his eyes. Oh, good, he's a benevolent one. she thought to herself, turning back to the console and looking away from him with a frown. She was starting to think that this man may not be as bad as she'd assumed he was, which made her feel very guilty. Somehow, it made her hate him more; it was easier than apologizing.

"How many children did you kill before you came to your little 'realization'?" she asked with contempt, turning her eyes back to him, yet avoiding eye contact and the guilt that came along with it. She knew she was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. Now, all she needed was one bad thing to justify her hatred.

"Me personally, none I was 15 and in training I was but an errand boy for officers. However, I am sure that the Cardassian people killed many during that time. After that incident I never looked back to Cardassia, I lost my father and my family. I am not sure if you are aware but to Cardassians family means everything. I was alone save for he Bajoran resistance cell that I worked with. I thought that my people were doing horrible things and it must stop, and NEVER AGAIN..." He paused after the last two words perhaps putting too much emphasis upon them. He gathered himself and continued. "A few Starfleet Officers put me in touch with like minded Cardassians in the Cardassian Liberation Front and I left Bajor shortly after the Dominion War started. I have fought, yes, killed yes, but never a child and never someone who didn't deserve to die..."

He had noticed her change in demeanor and wondered what was going on in her head. She seemed to want to befriend him but refused to let herself do it. Just keep her talking, talking is good, he thought.

"I know exactly what family means to Cardassians." she said before she caught herself. She rolled her eyes, wishing she hadn't said what she'd said. She did have secrets to keep, after all; many secrets. "That..." she began, looking between him and the floor. "must have been hard to do..."

"It was indeed very hard to do, and still is. The last that I had heard was that my mother was alive on Cardassia Prime but that was back when I went into the academy. My father escaped justice, the coward, and has not been seen since. He is believed to be dead. So tell me Lieutenant how have you come to know Cardassians?"

He looked at her, he wanted to call her Ingrid, he wanted her to release whatever hatred that she had. But he could not do any of that. She would have to do that on her own terms.

She returned his glance and noticed his eyes. They were very different from Gardo's eyes. They were kind and less calculating. In his eyes was compassion; she wasn't sure how long she could pretend otherwise. She thought about her response and nearly just changed the subject, but something in her wanted to share as much as she could. No doubt, he would get very little out of her.

"" she said with difficulty, turning away from him and back to the console. "The family business often worked with Cardassians." she said carefully. "I became involved with one." she looked at Hadir, pursing her lips. "He didn't laugh the way you do. He was a hard man; very mean." She looked at him again and cleared her throat uncomfortably.

"As I have been trying to say we are all not the same. It would take a hard woman to survive a hard Carddie..." Well if she was involved with one perhaps, she would take another, better one Hadir thought, he couldn't help it. He shook the thought from his mind and continued. "Listen, I think we both judged each other a bit too quickly at first meeting. I think we should start again. What do you say Lieutenant? May I call you Ingrid?" He said boldly, he was filled with trepidation and nervousness. He felt as humans would say like a schoolboy...

His lack of confidence made her feel more comfortable. Gardo Mekk was always confident; always right. She looked at him much more passively than was her style and then nodded wordlessly.

Hadir smiled in that way that only Cardassians can where his whole face smiles and it was genuine. His green eyes twinkled at her as the chime went off from his console and the re calibration work was complete.

"There told ya it wouldn't take long. I'll get out of your hair now. But Ingrid, smile more it looks great on you . Dessert tonight in the mess hall and we will talk more. Both of those are orders." Hadir said the last sentence with a chuckle.

Ingrid watched in silence as the man closed down his console and walked out of the shuttle, I smile stretched across her face. She didn't quite know what to make of him. She hadn't been accused of not smiling enough since she was a first year cadet.

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