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...Is My Friend

Posted on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 9:16pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister
Edited on on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 3:41pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Mess Hall - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 7 2394, 2130 hrs
Tags: SD 71266.2130

Ingrid spent some time working out in the cargo bay and then had gone for a quick shower. Now, she'd arrived in the mess hall as ordered. The room was deserted when she'd arrived, so she walked over to the nearest table and lowered herself down into a seat. She wore a thin white cotton blouse that flowed over her torso in a style reminiscent of a roman toga. Her tattooed shoulder and much of her chest could be seen. Her arms were completely free and visible. She wore dark floral-patterned shorts and high black leather boots. She had figured casual was the way to go. She pushed the square-framed glasses she wore up from her nose; they were for style and provided no visual help.

She was still anxious and would be lying if she said she was looking forward to seeing Hadir.

Hadir had been fretting in his quarters for over two hours over what to wear as he was going to meet Ingrid for dessert in the mess hall. He must have changed his clothes at least a dozen times. Ultimately he decided to wear something unique to Earth, a pair of Denim jeans and a linen shirt that buttoned up the middle. The collar was especially tailored to allow for his neck ridges. In his hand he held a picnic basket which contained the dessert that he had prepared.

When he walked into the mess hall he saw her sitting there and his jaw dropped for two reasons. First he had not thought that she was going to show up and the second perhaps more importantly she was stunning. He gulped hard and walked in... "Evening Ingrid I took the liberty of preparing a nice picnic dessert for us." Hadir said with a smile as he spread a picnic blanket over the table that she sat at. He unloaded the rest of the basket which contained a clafoutis, a bottle of Chateau Suduiraut, plates, napkins, silverware, wineglasses, a thermos of his special blend of coffee and mugs. "What I have done here is a classical Earth dessert, from France if I am correct. I figure if we are going to chat then lets do it in style." He smiled as he poured the wine.

When Ingrid saw him wearing human clothes, it was all she could do not to burst into laughter. There was something about a Cardassian wearing jeans that was naturally comical to her. She managed to hold it in until he'd started pouring the wine. Suddenly, she burst into laughter, leaning over on the table, her white teeth showing. After several seconds, she calmed herself with several amused breaths. "Cardassian in jeans, what's the universe coming to?" she asked, not apologizing in the slightest for her laughter.

When she started to laugh, it was music to his ears. I see she took my order of smiling to heart as well. If it takes a few jibes at my expense to get her to laugh than it will be a cheap price to pay, Hadir thought. "Well, they are comfortable, I mean have you ever worn Cardassian clothes they itch." Then he let out a boisterous laugh all his own.

Hadir sipped his wine and looked at, well more accurately he drank her in. "You have body art, that is very interesting. As you are no doubt aware body art on Cardassia is not done for pleasure or augmentation or even statement. It is done as penalty. But that was the old Cardassia perhaps. What does your body art symbolize?" He smiled back at her.

"A million different meanings." she said casually. "I get them during my rebellious faze." she said with a nod, her near-constant grin almost returning to her face. Almost. Not that I ever left my rebellious phase. she thought to herself. She unintentionally changed the subject, more taken by the question that had popped up in her own mind. "Is this how you greet all the senior staff on the Fearless? With wine and sweets?"

Her gaze was quizzical and suspicious. She wished she could say she knew what a flirting Cardassian looked like, but her ex-husband rarely flirted.

"Yes, you should have seen the look on the Captain's face. He rather liked the way I looked in jeans" he said with mock indignation. "So, you had a rebellious phase, what pray-tell were you rebelling against?" He added quickly changing the subject. Hadir realized that courting this woman whether it be for love or friendship would be hard. She learned how to dodge and read conversation from a master, a Cardassian.

Her grin returned in full glory. She'd noticed his dodge and thought it clever. "I used to be daddy's little princess." she said shaking her head. "So, you can imagine the surprise with Princess Ingrid painted her body, cut her long blonde hair, and dyed it silver. I was making it very clear that I was going to live my life the way I wanted to. I wasn't going to let any men tell me what to do anymore. Then I join Starfleet so men can tell me what to do; go figure."

She told the truth, but not all of it. She hadn't said she'd made all those changes after killing her Cardassian ex-husband and using the resulting family guilt to leverage a position in her galactic crime family. She didn't happen to mention that her real last named made hardened criminals wet themselves. She spun a simple family story, the likes of which everyone wanted to believe. The best deceptions have elements of truth. Gardo taught her that, right before she used a chair leg to expose his brain. Silently, she wondered if Hadir would be trying so hard to get close to her if he knew what a murderous liar she really was.

Who does she think she is fooling? That is a half truth... But she will reveal what she has want to reveal... All in due time, he thought. "Da's little princess my arse," he said using his Scottish accent. "I don't think you will be anyone's little princess, someone's equal perhaps but not princess. Besides the scuttlebutt around the ship is that you run a tight no nonsense department. I think you will be one hell of a Captain one day. Now I want to hear all about princess Ingrid," he added with a sardonic smile.

The plates had been emptied as the two conversed. Hadir refilled the wine glasses.

Her eyebrows raised in surprised. "Captain?" she asked, smiling. "I can honestly say that no one has ever said that to me before." The thought made her chuckle. She had no place in the center seat. That place was reserved for people who embodied Starfleet values and believed in the tenants of the Federation. She had no view of herself in real leadership.

"I doubt Wintrow Paragon would agree with you. I scared and frustrated him half to death." She said. "I understand the importance of obedience. But just read my file; "Ms. Hollister is disrespectful and too familiar with the officers around her." she quoted. "Of course, that was written by a marine, so..." she said with a joking nod.

He chuckled at the thought of Paragon and the thought of a Marine dressing her down. "I spoke with Paragon he thinks you hate him. Perhaps a softer hand with cadets will help a little. As for your familiarity with officers I for one think that all officers should be familiar with each other. One big happy family in a way... On this ship especially since we will be so tightly packed when away from the station. The Captain wants some as-semblance of formality particularly on the bridge and at staff meetings, however, he also understands the need for a crew to bond."

He paused for a moment contemplating if he wanted to push the issue of her younger years. He decided to let it go, as that strategy had been working thus far. "Is there anything in particular that you would want to know about me?"

"I was perfectly nice to him." she said in response to the suggestion about Paragon. "But the engines on this ship are powerful enough to fly off of it if the pilot doesn't know what they're doing. The Cadet will take my training pace and the adorable nickname I gave him." she said, more seriously than she had planned.

Her postured changed s she leaned back casually, looking at the Commander with focused eyes."Why are you here? What is your goal here?"

He thought what she meant, here as in Starfleet, or here with her he decided to answer both. "I joined Starfleet as it seemed the next best place for me after the war. A place where I can, as I said to you, prove that not all Cardassians are cut from the same cloth, and that Cardassia as a whole can become a productive member of the galactic society." He paused a moment to ponder the next words very carefully. "If you are asking why I am here with you it is because to be blunt you intrigue me. There is something about you, something that in french would say Je ne sais pas (I don't know what). I want to get to know you better. Besides you look like you needed a friend." He added the last line with a chuckle.

"How bout you... What lands you in he fleet? Or did you join as more rebellion, you know run into a paramilitary organization where disobedience to orders is frowned upon as rebellion." He smirked at her, to let her know that that was a joke.

"I moved to Earth by myself." she began, thinking back with apparent sadness. "I got a job with local shuttle service because I missed flying but it....wasn't working for you. I really didn't know who I was and I was fighting everything trying to figure it out. I joined Starfleet because I needed a title to define myself, if I'm to be honest." she looked down, quite ashamed. "Starfleet didn't ask me who I was. They gave me a rank, a title, and a serial number, and told me what my purpose was."

She looked up at him, the smirk returning. "I'm sure Daddy's so proud." she said, not being clear about weather it was sarcasm or seriousness. She would leave that for him to figure out. "Wouldn't you like that. The rebel likes being told what to do."

He took her smirk for what it was sarcasm, he raised his glass "A toast dear Ingrid. Here is to you and me two officers of the fleet, with exceptionally proud fathers." The two clinked glasses and Hadir practically fell out of his chair from laughter.

"You know I never fully understood why you stick jockeys loved flying so much. I cleared as a pilot in the academy I confess I was mediocre at best. But I never understood why you CONN officers love it so much."

Ingrid had shared the laughter with him after they had clinked their glasses together, then she took a long drag from the glass. "Flying is freedom for me." she said, relaxed. "I'm also really good at it. One of the best." she was clearly proud of herself.

"Maybe you'd get it if you flew something amazing. Defiant class ships are the Ferrari of Starships for a pilot. Maybe you should give it a try sometime." she said, then seeming to think. "Preferably on the holodeck."

He looked a her smiling and he realized that he was proud, proud that whatever was going on in her head he managed to get her to forget for a moment and actually laugh, Hadir felt accomplished. "I'll have to settle for a holosuite, we don't have a holodeck. Perhaps, you will have to show me a thing or two and give me lessons. As for the freedom feeling, I feel the same way when I play music. I enjoy orchestral music particularly. So I guess you are looking forward to getting the Fearless underway so you can see what this Ferrari can do. Just try not to scratch her Yid may have a heart attack."

"I'll sing at his funeral." she said, taking another sip between giggles. Her head was swimming bit, but she wasn't one to quit on that account. "You want my help in the holosuite, huh?" she asked, with a smile. "Our you going to order me again?" She'd had enough to drink that she'd forgotten how uncomfortable he had made her.

"I would like your help, but I'll order you to give me lessons if I have to. I would prefer it if you taught me willingly not begrudgingly. Since the wine is gone I have something else for you." He poured the coffee from he thermos into he mugs. "This is my own special blend of coffee, i it made from a hybrid bean of terran coffee and the Cardassian Red Leaf Tea plant. High octane, very strong stuff." He took a sip and reveled in the warmth as it went down. He felt his pale skin flush as the heat warmed the cold blooded Cardassian.

Ingird reached for the mug and took a sip of the warm liquid. She had an immediate visceral reaction, spitting up the brown brew onto her white top. "Oh, God!" she exclaimed, putting the mug back on the table. "It must be an acquired taste." she continued, grabbing napkins and dabbing at the stain with a frown. After a few seconds, she gave up and pushed the mug closer to him. "More for you."

"Indeed, I told you it was high octane stuff. This got me through all my finals weeks at the Academy. Send me your cleaning bill..." He said as he chuckled and dabbed some of the spit take off his clothes as well.

"Thank you for the desert and the wine.." she said, standing up with a grin. "...and the terrible coffee." she finished. "I should be going."

"As you wish my dear Ingrid." Hadir packed up the basket. "The least I can do in exchange for the good conversation is escort you to your quarters." He proffered his arm to her.

"No offense, Hadir.." she began, putting a tattood hand on his arm and guiding it back to his side. "..but we're senior staff. Even if we go down the hall arm in arm as friends, people will talk." she smiled. "Thank you though. Very sweet of you."

The two walked the short distance to her quarters on Deck 1. Hadir looked at her and said "Gluais faicilleach le cupan làn de ghaol agus de bheatha. Which translates from Scottish Gaelic to Go carefully with a full cup of love and life. It is a traditional way to not say goodbye." He said with a sheepish grin.

"Thrua graish fortrit toritakh. That's Nausicaan for 'may your dreams be full of many riches." She looked down the hall both ways and then turned back to him with a sad smile. "Thank you for being so kind while I was making an idiot of myself." with that, she leaned toward the much taller man and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. Then, at once, she offered another smile, stepped into her quarters, and was gone.

As the door closed Hadir was stunned, his hand rose to his cheek, this time in surprise. His cheek blushed as the warmth of her kiss settled the cold blood on his cheek. He didn't know if the kiss was a friendly gesture or a romantic overture. Either way he was overjoyed, he would have to play his cards right from this point on. This woman was not one to be trifled with and treated poorly, nor is she a woman to be treated like a queen. She is an equal, and what more could a Cardassian want, he thought as he walked down the hall to his quarters.

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Commander Hadir Prenar
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Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Fearless


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By Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 3:49pm

Oh my this made me laugh so hard. Is the ice princess warning up to the Cardassian at last? And...flying is freedom...tell Wintrow that and you make a friend because he feels exactly the same about that.