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It's been a long time

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 1:01am by Commander Hadir Prenar & Ensign Harrison Hester
Edited on on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 1:44am

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Executive Officer's Office - USS Fearless & Mess Hall - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 6, 2394 1400 hrs
Tags: SD 71263.1400

Hadir had just finished reading over a status report from Lt Commander Yid, as well as looking over the last of the crew transfers. When a voice from his past rang out.

"Beg your pardon, Commander Prenar. The computer told me you were in your office."

Hadir turned to face the junior officer that approached him. He knew that face, and he knew that voice. He smiled broadly he was glad to see the man back in action. "Harrison is that you?? It's been quite sometime. What brings you to the Fearless?"

Harrison saluted Commander Prenar, "I've just come aboard. I'm making the rounds introducing myself to the officers. I had heard you were promoted to commander. I'm glad to finally see it for myself."

"You gained a transfer here to our tough little vessel excellent. Once she is out and about we will have to catch up fully. I must confess however, I did not expect to see you in a uniform again. How are you my friend?" Hadir said as he began to walk from the Systems Bay.

Harrison adjusted his uniform slightly abashed "Well I've had a rough go of it these last few months. The Ticonderoga got into heavy diplomatic duty after you left. I may have an Andorian death pact against me. Hopefully she won't take it so far into space. Long story short I needed to find a new position as far from Andorian space as I could, when I happened across your name on the manifest. I understand you haven't been here long? What ever happened to the Tudor?"

"No not long at all been here about a week. The Tudor is doing well as far as I know I believe she is assigned to the Romulan sector, with their star going nova there is a lot to do out there as well. I am here because I was promoted to Commander and Captain Vela wanted a Cardassian at his right hand out here as we assist with the reconstruction. I admit that it is bitter sweet homecoming for me. Have you checked in with your chief. Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy he is a fine officer, you can learn a lot from him. He is also our Second Officer. Come let us to the Mess Hall for some coffee and catch up. That is if you have the time."

"I haven't met Lieutenant Commander Abernathy yet. I've been having trouble getting my bearings. I can't find the security office on the deck plans. Perhaps you can explain to me how ya'll make due on such a small ship in the Mess Hall."

"There is no Security Office aboard the Fearless she is a Defiant Class. So we make due. I believe that Commander Abernathy has turned a section of Cargo Bay 4 into a makeshift office. This ship is built for escort duty as such we have limited space for offices and some of the other niceties you would find on larger vessels. The Mess Hall is in fact where staff meetings are held as it is the largest room on the ship. Save the bridge.... I don't have a bridge station for the same reason..."

"Sounds cozy." Hester said as Hadir led the way towards the mess hall. "I could of sworn I saw a Brig on the way over here. Pretty small though... transporter room next to the mess hall? I'd read how compact they made these defiant class ships, but this is quite a shock from Starship."

"There is a Brig somewhere round here. Believe it or not the yards stuck us with a half built ship. However, Lt Commander Yid and his teams have been working tirelessly to get the Fearless running. They are indeed miracle workers." Hadir said.


The two walked into the mess. An enlisted man saw them walk in and snapped to attention "Officers on deck" and the few others having lunch came to attention as well. Hadir gave them a motion of at ease "As you were, ladies and gentlemen, as you were." He simply stated.

"So Harrison, what'll it be?" Hadir said with a smile. "Tell me about your doings since last we saw each other."

"I'll have a small bowl Cinnamon Triticale, cold... I haven't been up to much, mostly diplomatic detail. Something about envoys that attracts trouble. Last year we were escorting a delegation to Icor nine, when two of the physicists murdered each other. Took me a week to figure out what happened. Turns out they were both working on tachion fields. The Orion delegate had been stealing the Bolian's work for years. Of course she decided the Ticonderoga was the place to settle that score." Harrison sighed poking at his Triticale. "Any chance of investigative work on the Fearless? Starfleet was unclear about her next assignment, other then us being in Cardassian space."

Hadir had ordered up a cheeseburger and a glass of Kanar, synthahol of course. "Harrison we are tasked with keeping Cardassia Prime, and in fact this whole sector safe. This will allow Cardassia to rebuild, we are also to advise and assist the CDF whenever needed. In terms of investigative work, I am sure there will be some. Pirates, Orions, Ferengi, and any crimes that the Cardassian Constabulary can't take care of. However, those assignments will come directly from Lt Commander Abernathy. When you check in with him be sure to tell him of your interest in investigative work. How is your sister these days? Have you spoken to her?"

"Jasper started a fellowship at Starbase 515's neurological wing. She just got engaged to her long term girlfriend. Star Fleet doesn't give you much opportunity for face to face time. How about you? Meet anyone interesting? Do you still talk to Heidi from the Ticonderoga?"

"No one in the romance department if that is what you mean. At least not as of yet. However, Captain Vela has assembled a hell of a crew here on the Fearless. Everyone is rather interesting, albeit in some cases it will be tough for me here. In terms of Heidi, alas the one that got away. As you know Starfleet life can be finicky and when I was transferred that relationship fizzled as they say. I have not heard from her since my transfer. Harrison I have to say that I am glad to see you here. A familiar face can do wonders." Hadir replied.

"After that mess with the Andromedans a familiar face was all I was looking for in the galaxy. I'm very happy to be sitting under you again sir." Harrison picked up his spoon and bowl having finished his Triticale. "If you'll excuse me sir I'm off to find Lt. Commander Abernathy."

"Very well Ensign, good to see you... and welcome aboard." Hadir said as he smiled broadly.

A Joint Post By:

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless

Ensign Harrison Hester
Security Officer, USS Fearless


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