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Ready to Fly?

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 2:30pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister & Cadet Junior Grade Wintrow Paragon

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Shuttle Bay - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 8 2394 1400 hrs
Tags: SD 71268.1400

Hadir strolled into the shuttlebay looking for Ingrid. He was afraid to admit to himself that he was a little nervous as he had not seen her since their date, not date. He found her and Cadet Paragon working on a navigational console.

"Lieutenant Hollister, Cadet Paragon good afternoon. The Captain has tasked me with getting readiness reports from all the department heads and their teams. So, how goes the Fearless' flight capability? When do you believe that you will be ready to leave port?" Hadir said as he smiled at both of them. His look did linger a bit on Hollister, and then he caught himself this was an official report he told himself.

Ingrid removed her hand from the inside of the panel and stood up straight. She watched as Hadir as he walked and she stepped out of the shuttle to meet him.

"Hello, sir." she said, a slight smile crossing her lips. "Crewman, come here." she said over her shoulder.

"It's cadet ma'am," Wintrow called back as he hurried out. He smiled openly at the sight of the Cardassian XO.

Once he was standing next to her, she looked at him and observed. "The Commander is interested in finding out when we'll be ready to leave port." she said. "What's your opinion?"

The cadet blinked in surprise and hesitated before responding. "The ship is ready sir," he answered, "though i think flight control needs a proper overhaul as the controls don't respond as smoothly as they should." That was purely his personal observation, so it wasn't necessarily true.

Ingrid looked back at the XO. "Cadet Paragon is right." she said simply. "I've been pushing engineering to repair a sluggish thruster for a week. They say they're pretty busy; It's only a matter of time before I climb into the assembly myself...with my assistant, of course." she said, looking at the Cadet with a wink.

Wintrow visibly perked up, enthusiasm sparkling in his dark eyes at the very prospect of fixing things themselves. "Can we?" he prompted excitedly.

Ingrid forced back a giggle at the younger man's excitement and instead looked to the XO. "Can we?" she asked, with pouty lips, feigning some of the eagerness Wintrow was failing to bottle up.

Hadir was smiling at the exchange that Paragon and Hollister were having. He was rather happy that some of what he had said to both of them at least appeared to sink in. When Ingrid pouted Hadir suddenly had the urge to kiss those lips, this was of course an urge that he fought back, this was neither the time nor the place. "Well, Lt Commander Yid and his team have had their hands full for quite some time with all of the other issues that this ship is having. Lieutenant Hollister if you wouldn't mind taking your assistant here and getting that thruster repaired. The Captain wants to leave the station in the morning. So if you can get that done before then... If you need more man power let me know. Make it the priority we do not want the ship leaving without having it's thrusters operating normally." Hadir smiled broadly at the Cadet, and he gave Hollister a little wink. "...And Lieutenant, if you get it fixed soon enough, perhaps, I will make you dinner this evening."

Completely missing the subtle flirting between the two officers, Wintrow beamed with excitement. "When do we start?" he asked, quite impatiently. He wasn't far from excitedly jumping up and down like an excited puppy and it wouldn't take much more for the boyish cadet to simply fly at the XO and hug him.

"How long do you think the thruster repair will take?" Hadir asked both of them.

On this, Wintrow drew a compete blank and cast his instructor a questioning look. "I don't know sir," he confessed, hoping Hollister would have the answer.

"If we don't have to clear any red tape with Engineering, we can have it done within two hours." Ingrid answered as she looked at the nails on her left hand.

"I will inform Mr Yid that you will be working on the thurster systems. Start work immediately. When you are done, if you would like dinner will be on me on the station Lieutenant. Now it looks like you two have your work cut out for you. I will leave you to it." Hadir said as he smiled broadly to the two of them.

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Commander Hadir Prenar
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Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister
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