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The Fearless Has A Heartbeat

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 2:19pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak
Edited on on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 2:38pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: Main Engineering - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 8 2394 1700 hrs
Tags: SD 71268.1700

Now it had come time for the report that Hadir was dreading. Remember professionalism he told himself as he stepped through the doors into Main Engineering. The engine room had definitely been cleaned up since last Hadir had come there. However, it was still chaos, at least Hadir thought it was chaos. But, the more he looked the more he realized that it was controlled chaos, much like an orchestra, and there in the middle of the chaos was Lt Commander Yid, like the conductor.

"Good day to you Commander Yid, things seem to be going a lot better here than the last time that I was here. The ship is to make leave for her first mission on the morrow. That is if she can pass muster. Do you think you will have her ready? How goes the progress on the deuterium tanks and all the other incomplete systems that the shipyard left us with." Hadir said as he mustered his best command voice, tempered with just a pinch of friendliness.

Seeyak's eyes turned to the XO and he stood up a little straighter, despite the fatigue that had settled on him like a heavy blanket. "Good day to you as well, sir," Yid said. The captain had talked to him about his relationship or lack thereof, with the XO. Yid had gotten the message. "To answer your question, the deuterium tanks are shifted and settled. Thanks to the help I've received from Lieutenant O'Donnel-Che, Lieutenant Faye, Commander Abernathy and Lieutenant Hart, we've taken care of all the really problematic issues. For example, Lieutenant Faye found a fault in the main computer data transfer conduits that could have been particularly nasty had it failed while we were underway. Lieutenant O'Donnel-Che found that the atmospheric controls in the science lab were misaligned, resulting in a lower oxygen atmosphere." Yid paused and looked over at a Vulcan crewman. "Seraph, please be sure that the EPS tap leading to the secondary computer core has a level three diagnostic."

"Yes, sir," The Vulcan said and turned back to his console.

Seeyak turned back to the XO. "Apologies, sir. As for the rest, I think it will just be small items that we can correct during our regular maintenance."

"Excellent, thank you and your team for all of the hard work and dedication. You are a miracle worker, like a long line of engineers before you. If you could spare anyone, I would like to begin to rotate teams for some time off. The whole crew has been working non stop to get this ship running and with us leaving in the morning it would be nice to have some time away. That is not an order, but a request. What is an order is that you get some rest yourself, Commander." Hadir said as he smiled.

"You sound like Captain, Vela, sir. He told me the same thing. Twice. And I will. Lieutenant Corrine is a good assistant chief and she should be able to handle things when I leave. I know this looks hectic," he gestured to the engineering crew working around them both. "But its pretty standard and... a lot better than it was a few hours ago. Do you have any concerns or other items that we should be aware of? I expect we are going to be departing soon?"

Hadir smiled... "The Captain will be in mission briefings aboard the station until late in the evening which is what brings me here. We are scheduled to leave in the morning. That is if all departments are ready. I noticed when I walked in the controlled chaos. I am a fan of orchestral music, and I must say you are like a conductor in the middle of an orchestra. Perceived chaos yet immensely organized. In terms of concerns, I think so long as the engines, defensive systems, and life support are fully operational we should be fine. However, the Captain is determined not to leave without a fully operational vessel. Rest assured the Captain and I are filing a full grievance with the ship yards for this disgrace. It would of course assist our grievance if you as the Chief Engineer would lend your signature and expertise."

Seeyak's face froze. A formal grievance was a serious charge. It could lead to careers being ended. "Ah. Well," he said and rubbed the back of his neck with one hand. "I understand that some kind of accountability is necessary. I've never seen such a shoddy job on a ship leaving the yards." He thought about the web on connections between engineers. Someone in command of a ship construction was a senior officer with a lot of proteges. Seeyak was sure that if he signed off on the grievance, it was going to have repercussions. "Is there some other mechanism we could use?"

"The only other option that I can foresee is having the Captain contact the commander of the ship yard and give him a talking to as they say. However, it is my belief that will accomplish nothing. If this ship was not equipped with as competent of an engineer as yourself she would have left dock unfinished and possibly been destroyed with the loss of all hands. That perspective loss of life is not to be taken lightly in my opinion. That being said it is ultimately up to the Captain. Does the lack of attention to detail in this vessel's construction not upset you? You and your team practically built this ship now." Hadir said he was genuinely curious why the engineer was reluctant to file a grievance.

Seeyak sighed. "No it does. Engineering is like a brotherhood. I hate to see anyone lose their careers. But, you're right. This was a complete failure on someone's part. I will sign off on the grievance when you have it ready," he said. He would also check to see who the officer was and whether any of his students were stationed anywhere near Empok Nor. The last thing he needed was a "supply" problem.

"I understand the brotherhood concept, however, I believe that at times even a trust can and should be broken if it is for the greater good. I know how hard it might be to break that trust in your colleagues, and I appreciate your support in this matter. I have also been meaning to ask you, are you the type of engineer who maintains a bridge station or do you prefer to remain in engineering? I ask as I have to have the bridge rotations ready for the Captain by the morning." Hadir was happy to have his backing and he believed that this may be an olive branch of sorts. Perhaps they had achieved a common ground at least.

"I prefer to be down here, sir. Lieutenant Corrine will stand the bridge watch more than me. She needs the experience and she's more of a people person than I am. I can fix things more quickly down here. And," he said, eyeing Crewman Seraph. "I can keep an eye on everyone."

"Chief," a female voice called. "I... I think our replicators are glitching. Some kind of power fluctuation in central construct database."

"If you will excuse me, sir?" Seeyak said.

"Of course Commander, the miracle worker still has a few more miracles to achieve. Have a good evening Commander." Hadir said as he strode out and proceeded to his next meeting.

A Joint Post By:

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Fearless


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