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Hearts and Brains Are Nothing Without Intelligence

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 5:05pm by Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Edited on on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 9:02am

Mission: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless
Location: The Vault - USS Fearless
Timeline: April 8 2394 2000 HRS
Tags: SD 71268.2000

When Hadir had made an inquiry of the computer as to the whereabouts of Lieutenant JG Faye the computer's curt response had been that he was aboard the Fearless. Hadir had taken that to mean that he was in the Vault which the computer was programmed not to tell him.

Hadir briskly walked down to the the Vault, the center of Intelligence aboard the Fearless. When he arrived he placed his hand on the scanner.

=/\= Commander Hadir Prenar Executive Officer identity confirmed =/\=

Hadir walked in and found Tyrion sitting at his desk. "Good evening Lieutenant Faye how goes the Intelligence world this evening?"

Tyrion frowned then held up his PADD. "Could be better. Engineering has been having me run diagnostics on my computers and manually compare settings to make sure there are no faults in the system. Why?"

"We are to set out on our first mission in the morning. Is Intel ready to go or are you having difficulties with the new equipment? Specifically difficulties that will delay our departure." Hadir stated.

"These bloody diagnostics are delaying that's what and so far I've not found fault with anything. As far as I'm concerned Intel is ready. I'll keep the diagnostics running but I don't think anything is wrong, especially since my systems are not connected to the main computer."

Hadir smiled, "Lieutenant that is just it. Yid wants you to run diagnostics on your independent computer systems to make sure that there are no bugs or issues. He asked you to do it as he does not security access for the Intel system. Hell, only you and the Captain have that clearance. That being said, if your department is up and running, would you be able to have someone accomplish something for me. I would like you to assign an analyst to looking into any comm traffic in this sector. Specifically I am looking for coded traffic, or covert operations, as well as any piracy or general mischief." Prenar took a seat in front of the spook's desk.

"I don't have any analysts for this kind of work," Tyrion answered plainly, "something this sensitive, I won't trust anyone with. I will do it myself. Are you looking for anything specific? In terms of location or origin?"

"Both if you could manage, as this is an Intel project. Keep anything you feel not pertinent to my request classified and only share what you feel needs to be shared. I basically want to know if we can see what we are getting into before we get out there. Any information found should be shared with myself or the Captain. In terms of the diagonstics just forward those results to Yid." Hadir was all business here in the dim lighting of the Vault.

The Betazoid nodded though he had a feeling there was more to the request the Cardassian was sharing with him. "I will make note of any and all conversations I pick up and will forward those that seem out of the ordinary," he noted, "as well as anything regarding ship traffic."

"Excellent, ship traffic is exceptionally important. We are the only Defiant class out here. Which makes us the tanks... We need to know if pirates are sneaking under our noses so that we can cut them off before exceptional damage is done. Do you have any questions Lieutenant?" Hadir said flatly. He felt bad talking to his new friend in this manner, but business was business.

"Tanks indeed," Tyrion muttered, "is there anything specific I'm also looking for? Are you expecting any specific outcome from my reports?"

"Indeed, I am expecting that if there is anything out there you will find it before it becomes a major issue for the sector. This way we can cut them off at the pass, as they used to say on Earth. This first assignment is more like listening to chatter and ciphering out what is pertinent to our general mission in this sector and what is two men talking about lunch..."

"Do you have any profiles that I can compare them to?" Tyrion pressed, "that way we won't mistake a cruiser for a pirate."

"Yes I will make sure that some chatter from the CDF is forwarded to the Vault for comparison. Well, if there are no other questions I need to get some sleep, it has been a long day checking in with everyone. Tomorrow we launch..."

Tyrion nodded. "that sounds like good advice sir." He stifled a yawn. "Now that you mentioned sleep....I better tuck in too."

"Evening, Lieutenant..." With that Hadir left the vault making sure to log himself out of the security systems. He had was off to his quarters to change for what he hoped would be a nice dinner with Ingrid.

Leaving his diagnostics to run, Tyrion exited the Vault, locked it down, and headed back to his own quarters. Just kicking off his boots, he climbed into bed and instantly fell asleep. He didn't even notice whether his roommate was home or not.

A Joint Post By:

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer, USS Fearless

Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Fearless


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