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Two Minds Are Better Than One

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 9:00pm by Crewman Miriam Harrington
Edited on on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 1:51pm

Mission: Episode 1 - New Faces, Old Foes
Location: USS Fearless, Deck 2
Timeline: February 6 2394, 1400 hrs
Tags: 71101.1400

Despite the fact that engineering and the science labs were on the same deck, Miriam was embarrassed to admit that she had never visited the latter before. In fact, the Fearless was made of of only four decks but she'd spent the majority of her time either in her quarters or in engineering. So as she strolled by the messhall and into the science lab, it felt a bit like being on another ship. She saw a young, female officer in the science teal color and strode up to her.

"Excuse me, ma'am, can I have a moment of your time please?"

At the sound of the doors opening Sylvina had looked up from her PADD to an unknown, yet familiar person. Realizing that she was from engineering Sylvina put the PADD in her hand down and turned to face them. "Yes, of course. I'm Sylvina." she replied reaching out her hand in greeting "What can I do for you?"

Miriam shook hands. "Ma'am, I am crewman Miriam Harrington. I don't think we've really met before, which is weird because we're such a small ship. I sometimes do manage to get lost though. Anyways, I'm here because I have an ongoing problem and despite my best efforts, I can't figure it out." She paused. "And it is driving me crazy. Have you heard about the intermittent power fluctuations we have been experiencing?"

Remembering the issues she had experienced upon first arriving Sylvinas brow creased slightly as she replied "I am aware, we had difficulties regulating the temperature here in the lab when we first boarded. Ameen assisted in getting it under control, but had mentioned it not being the first time he had "fixed" it. I've kept an eye on everything here since. Have we continued to be affected throughout the ship?"

Miriam's face flushed. "Well, not throughout the ship and certainly not often. Maybe every coulple of days we see this power issue. I'm just a little... interested in figuring out whats going on. It isn't like," she gave a half-hearted laugh. "I'm up in the middle of the night thinking about this or bothering my roomate... But I've run every engineering based scan, analysis and theory I can come up with and I'm looking for a new angle. I thought maybe it could be something with the bio-gel circuits and you might help me examine that."

Sylvinas eyes widened with realization as she turned to reach for her PADD "Of Course!" Sylvina had already darted away to fetch some equipment when she realized Miriam probably had no idea what she was doing. Shaking her head she faced the woman again "I will help you, I can't believe none of us thought of this sooner. Great work crewman, let me gather some equipment."

Sylvina returned only minutes later, a black case in hand. Looking back she called out "Edoardo, I'll be back shortly, reach me if you need anything." Facing Miriam she gave a smile, "Shall we?"

Miriam was relieved that the science officer hadn't discounted her out of hand. She smiled. "That's great! I know just the place to take you. The last power fluctuation happened on deck three, near the computer core. I've isolated the nearest bio-gel pack and we can look at it." Miriam said and then turned and led the way out of the science labs. "We can just take the jeffries tubes, the bio-gel pack is actually inside one." She walked a hundred meters down the corridor and then paused. With a practiced maneuver, she hooked a panel and pulled it off, revealing a ladder the stretched both up and down. "Follow me!" The descent was short and they were soon crawling up the jeffries tube. The grate below them rasped against Miriam's hands but she was used to it. She wondered how the Lieutenant was holding up. Eventually they reached the bio-gel pack and Miriam moved past it and then turned so that she could see what the science officer was going to do.

Sylvina had followed Mariam closely, tucking the case into her uniform to free her hands as she went through areas of the ship she hadn't been through, but was able to keep up fairly easily. Finally arriving she was greatful for her daily training, it would have quite a feat without it. Removing the case from her uniform Sylvina opening it up to remove the piece of equipment she had only used when she was taught its use. Removing the pieces she needed, she mouthed the steps to herself. Removing the outer panel she exposed the bio-gel pack, doing a quick scan her brow arched as she noticed an anomaly. "Hmm.. I'm going to directly connect to it to get a better reading". She spoke mainly to herself, but aloud to allow Miriam to hear her and understand what she was doing. Hooking up the necessary pieces, she removed her PADD from the other side of her uniform. She ran a more in depth scan, quickly going over what she was picking up as it popped up on her PADD. "What in the.." Sylvina muttered.

Sylvina continued to look over her results with frustration. She had unhooked everything an placed it back in the case. Looking to Miriam she released a dejected sigh. "My scans are picking up an anomaly, But I don't know what it is." She tucked her tools back into her uniform, to make the trip back. "It's one step forward, but it is of no help as it stands. I sent all of the results to your PADD. I'm sorry, I couldn't be of More help."

Miriam smiled. "Anything that gets us a little closer to solving the problem will help me retain my sanity. Thanks for taking the time to come," she gestured around the cramped jeffries tube. "Down here with me. Might not be the best first impression now that I think about it."

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Lieutenant Sylvina Bara
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